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Rip DVD(Disc, ISO, Folder) / Bypass Copy Protection (CSS, Region COde, RCE, Disney X-project DRM)

Useful tips for access all DVD encryption technologies, including DVD CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, Disney X-project DRM. Besides, it is being continuously updated so as to handle all your DVD backup requirements for any new protected DVDs.

What Does Ripping a CD Mean?
As many kinds of digital music services and platforms are readily available for users to purchase and listen to songs on portable devices.

How to Overpass and Play Japan DVD Region Movies in US?
How to play Japan DVD region movies without Japanese DVD players? To purchase a new DVD player in region 2 will cost you a lot and make it troublesome to reconnect DVD players with TVs.

Remove Region Code for USA DVD Disk and Play On Various Portable Devices
DVD region-code prevents us from playing DVD videos from USA when we are in other region-code nations. Besides the region-code protection...

[Resolved] Can I Play BUP Files on Windows?
Follow this post to learn how to properly play BUP files on Windows computers. Meanwhile, we suggest converting a Video_TS folder including with BUP files to a digital video for playing.

MTS Video Editor – Trim, Crop, Rotate, Add Effect and Watermark to MTS Videos
Have you ever want a quite easy-operating MTS video editor? Now, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can be your best choice.

[After Effect MKV] How to Import MKV to After Effect CC/CS4/CS5/CS6 for Proper Video Editing
Does Adobe After Effects support MKV import? Whatever the AE version, the answer is negative.

[Tutorial] Convert MKV Movie or MKS to SRT Subtitles with Two Free and Easy Approaches
On this page, you’ll learn how to convert Matroska subtitles/MKS subtitles file to SRT, so as to take the advantage of the versatility and wide range compatibility of the later.

How to Implement Efficient Plex HEVC Playback with the Least Quality Loss
If some problems occur during your Plex HEVC playback, this page might be helpful. The reasons that Plex failed to play HEVC videos vary.

[How to] Fix DaVinci Resolve Can't Import MKV, MP4, AVI, etc. Issue and Convert Videos to DaVinci Best Parameter Setting
Can't import video to DaVinci Resolve? Videos in unpopular formats, especially many MKVs, some MP4s, AVIs, and those you captured by devices like MiniDV might not be supported by DaVinci Resolve.

Top 5 Sites to Download Subtitles for TV Series
Subtitles are important when we watch some foreign movies or TV shows. So where can we download subtitles for these foreign videos?

[Unconventional Solution] How to Cut Video in VLC Media Player?
Can VLC cut video? Actually, VLC doesn't natively offer the ability for video cutting. Nevertheless, the recording feature can make up for this deficiency.

[5 Zero-based Tutorials] How to Make a Looped Video on Different Platforms
A looped video means the video content will be played in an infinite loop, that is, to repeat the video playback. Yes, it behaves as the infinite GIF.

3 Free ConvertXToDVD Alternatives that Shouldn’t Be Missed Out
ConvertXToDVD is one of few DVD authoring programs that allows people to convert/edit video, create menu and burn to DVD disk to watch on any DVD player.

How to Play IFO Files on a Computer
Here discusses how to play IFO files on computers with step-by-step guides. By means of the methods below, you’re able to play a movie using a single IFO file at one go.

[Windows & Linux Tutorial] How to Use FFmpeg to Rip DVD to MP4, MKV, MOV, WebM, etc.
Aside from Linux, FFmpeg is now also available for Windows users. And if you are a Windows user and happen to have some DVDs in hand you prefer to rip, that would be pretty good news.

Top 6 Free CD Burners for Various Operating Systems
Have no idea on the top free CD burners? Fortunately, there are top 6 acclaimed burners for you to choose from.

Perfect Solution - How to Edit VOB Files in Windows Movie Maker?
A friend asked me the other day, why he couldn't add VOB video to Windows (Live) Movie Maker for editing.

How to Burn a DVD in Windows 7 – Data DVD and DVD Video
You can take advantage of Windows 7 built-in DVD burning feature and Windows DVD maker to burn a DVD, without the need of installing third-party applications.

2019 Top 3 Free Windows 10 Blu-ray Players
It's well-known that we need to play high definition discs on Windows 10 with the help of Blu-ray optical drive and Windows 10 Blu-ray players.

How to Back Up DVDs: Digitize DVD Movies and Create 1:1 Flawless Copies
Because of inappropriate storage, abrupt fall, and other controllable or uncontrollable factors, some optical discs in our DVD movie collection may be damaged and even lead to “the end of life”.

Does Ripping a DVD Damage It and How to Copy DVDs Properly?
While more people like to rip their DVD discs for playback on portable devices or backup intentions now and various DVD ripping tools are available for easily ripping a DVD.

[Help Document] How to Burn DivX to DVD with Ease and High-efficiency
cently, a few people have discussed in the forum whether there is a good way to burn DivX to DVD, myself included.

How to Copy a Homemade DVD on Your Computer for Digitization and Burning
One day when you go through the drawers in your room, you may find an old DVD disc made by yourself before, which contains videos of your family’s birthday parties, weddings, trips or other memorable moments.

Three Ways to Play DVD in Windows 8
Microsoft removed the native DVD playback support in Windows 8. So if you try to play DVD in Windows 8 as you did in the older versions, you will find that it doesn't work. Don’t worry! Here we have selected several good solutions for you to solve this problem.

How to Convert MP4 to ISO at Ease – 2 Handy Freeware Recommended
If you have a bunch of MP4 video files and want to convert them to ISO image for DVD burning later in order to watch them on the DVD player.

How to Rip CD with Audacity
Audacity is a functional audio editor and it supports a wide range of audio file formats. Some people want to extract audio tracks from an audio CD for editing

Completely Free Method of How to Rip CD with VLC
VLC is a powerful and versatile media player that supports to rip CD with VLC in addition to playing videos, DVDs and CDs.

How to Play UK DVDs in US
DVDs released in the US and the UK use different region codes and DVD video formats, which are the main reasons people fail to play a UK DVD in the US.

The Simplest Method of How to Convert ISO to WMV
It has been an old topic to convert a DVD ISO image file to a more compatible video format. This article will tell you the easiest way to convert ISO to WMV to play well on Windows Media Player.

How to Solve the Issue of XMedia Recode DVD to Digital Videos
XMedia Recode can convert unprotected DVDs or DVD files to any supported output file. But a lot of people have all sorts of problems converting XMedia Recode DVD to digital video.

Resolved! How to Rip VIDEO_TS to MPG in a Free yet Simple Way
VIDEO_TS stands for Video Transport System and it is a directory structure for a DVD movie. The VIDEO_TS Folder contains information regarding backup files (.BUP), video object (.VOB) and information files (.IFO)...

How to Decrypt/bypass Any Sony Copy Protection including ARccOS
Perhaps you have some Sony DVDs and you can’t seem to directly play or copy them like what you do with normal DVDs, the root cause could be the Sony Copy Protection standing in the way.

DVD Won't Play – Here Are Remedies to Repair Such Issues
My DVD won’t play anyhow. What is to blame for the issue that DVD will not play and how to figure it out? In this article, we have provided with you the common and effective methods.

How to Convert ISO to MPEG Free While Keeping Good Quality
A DVD ISO image is an archive file containing entire contents of a DVD disc. For playing a DVD ISO image, some people choose to use a specific ISO player or mount ISO files to a virtual DVD drive.

Easy & Free Way to Convert and Burn FLV to DVD
If you download some funny clips on YouTube, Hulu, Metacafe, and other video-sharing websites in the past, you can find that most of the videos are in a .flv format.

Libdvdcss Windows – How to Install Libdvdcss on Windows 10/8.1/8/7……
Content Scramble System (CSS) is a common DRM and encryption system applied to commercial DVD movies.

The Simplest Method of How to Convert ISO to H264
It is well known that most players and video editing software do not support DVD ISO image files. Do you have a large number of ISO files but no way to play and edit them?

[Tutorials] How to Copy DVD to DVD Correctly on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 etc.
To back-up your DVD movies, the most solid method is to rip DVD contents to digital files. But perhaps you are more of a disk person looking for another way to prevent possible data loss from old DVD disk scratch, to copy DVD to blank DVD is a good solution.

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Convert video

Convert Video, HD Video, Audio to any Format and Hot Devices

These useful tips will help you convet any media files includes AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, MKV, M4V, FLV, SWF, VOB, MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC and over 100 hot devices iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Andorid cell phone (Samung, HTC, Sony, Blackberry, Nokia).

FFmpeg Tutorial 101 - FFmpeg MKV to MP4 Conversion
Many desktop and online converters encode multimedia files with certain encoder and prevent users from modifying encoder.

How to Trim & Cut Video in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
As you know, Adobe Premiere, an industry-leading video editing tool acknowledged by video editing enthusiasts and filmmakers, is one of the indispensable programs for special-effects production and post-editing in many movies and TV shows.

[Already Verified] How to Fix VLC Zoom Video Not Working
The VLC Media Player is not just as simple as it looks. In addition to basic video/audio decoding, it also has many hidden features that people have overlooked, such as interactive zoom.

[How to] Fix “After Effects MOV File Damaged Unsupported” Issue
Some Adobe After Effects users might have trouble editing MOV videos, since After Effects won’t open some of your .mov videos, instead it will pop up a dialog saying “After effects error, this MOV file is damaged or unsupported”.

Practical Solutions to Codec Unavailable PowerPoint Errors on Windows
This post shows you all-round solutions to the codec unavailable PowerPoint error, all of which are workable and have helped many people solve the problem.

Top 8 Free Online Voice Recorder without Plug-in, Registration and Subscription Required
What if you want to record sound or background music while surfing the web for entertainment? It's common practice to go back to your desktop...

Top 13 Totally Free Video Capture Software without Watermark, Registration and Length Limit
When speaking of video capture software, some big names, such as Camtasia, Bandicam, FlashBack, Screencast-O-Matic, etc.

[2 Practical Methods]--How to Make a Video with Pictures Easily
Nowadays people like to record life with photos. Your phone, computer, or iPad may have stored hundreds or thousands of photos.

5 Websites to Join Videos Online Easily of 2020
Now, the number of video joiners has been growing rapidly on the market. Facing the numerous online video merger tools, you must struggle to make the right choice for yourself because you have no clear idea about the pros and cons of those joiners.

Windows Movie Maker Rotate Videos: Simple Steps to Rotate Videos Permanently in Windows
Windows Movie Maker is a favored choice to create and edit videos for many Windows users though it’s officially discontinued.

PowerPoint Screen Recording – How to Record Screen in PowerPoint
Recording screen actually is not as difficult as you imagine. You even don’t need to ask a third-party program for help from the Internet.

Detailed Tutorial: How to Make a Music Video for Beginners
Hey! Welcome to this post on how to make a music video ! This article is mainly created for beginners to make an amateur music video, and it was divided into three parts, which will tell you some footage you need to prepare for making music videos and list the corresponding

How to Convert Video to Widescreen 16:9 Resolution?
When it comes to 16:9 aspect ratio, it’s presumably not unfamiliar to everyone. In better accordance with people's visual habits, it has become a leading HD standard, which is often seen on the most electronic digital products.

Troubleshooting on Kodi MKV Playback Issues
Can Kodi Play MKV? The answer is positive, but the file type is restricted. I’ll explain on this page why can’t you play MKV correctly on Kodi and provide you with an easy yet overall Kodi MKV solution.

Legitimate and Credible Method to Convert MLT to MP4
A file format with .mlt extension may be unfamiliar to most people, definitely, I was at a loss when I received a request for technical assistance from a customer.

2 Free and Easy Methods to Fix “PowerPoint Cannot Insert a Video from the Selected File” Issue
In the century of videos, a PowerPoint presentation with vivid videos as side dishes does seem a cut above than the old-school ones, it’s not just more impressive and more digestible as well.

Four Simple Ways to Merge Subtitles with Videos
Subtitle is a good approach for foreign-language speakers and hearing-impaired people to get deeper understandings of movies or other types of video content.

3 Fabulous Streaming Audio Recorders You Shouldn't Miss Out
Still looking for the most suitable tool to record streaming audio? Don’t worry, this post summaries 3 fabulous streaming audio recorders in detail. You can definitely find your favorite one.

The Best Twitter Video Compressor: Four Practicable Ways to Compress Video for Twitter
The number of people who use Twitter to share their daily life is growing rapidly in modern society.

Top 5 Video Editors for Chromebook in 2019 - Free and Paid Plans
The ubiquity of intriguing videos has brought video editing to be a major demand for every one of us, including beginners.

[Verified on Premiere Pro 14.0] Fix Adobe Premiere MKV Import Issue
Have trouble editing your MKV movies with Adobe Premiere because you can’t even import them into the video editor in the first place? That usually boils down to video format incompatibility.

[SUB IDX to SRT Tutorial] Two Free, Simple and Effective Methods to Convert VobSub to SRT
Having some VobSub subtitle files in hand but failed to add them to your movie; receiving an irregular subtitle display during movie playback and whatnots?

[Fixed] 3 Flexible Solutions to Windows Media Player Subtitles Not Working
Last weekend, my neighbor Nelson knocked on my door asking for help. He downloaded a series of documentaries in Spanish.

An Effective Way to Solve PS3 MP4 Playback Error and Play MP4 on PS3
PS3 offers the capability of storing and viewing personal videos yet sometimes you may be annoyed by playback failures.

Three Well-Tested Ways to Cut GIFs
There are many online and desktop cutters for GIFs, but which is the best one? In order to cut GIFs at will, I will introduce 3 GIF cutters and the corresponding pros and cons of them in this article for you to refer to.

How to Convert Video to MP3 Effortlessly?
For playing music in videos separately, many people, including you and me, would like to find some solutions to extract the audio tracks from those videos.

4 Recommended MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker Programs for Different Platforms
The limited choices of ringtones coming with your smartphone are far from enough for you. How to make your loved music, homemade audio or any other sounds into the ringtones/notifications/alert tones?

Three Tried and True Methods for You to Remove Logo from Video
Before sharing a video with friends or uploading it to social media pages, you may like to remove the unpleasant logo embedded into the video.

[MP4 to M4R] Make a Custom iPhone Ringtone from an MP4 Video
Fed up with your default set of iPhone ringtones? Imagine that when the machine-made and monotonous melody is ringing, everyone whips out their cell phones and lowers their heads.

[Review] Top 5 M4V Players for Playing M4V Smoothly on Windows
M4V videos are divided into two types, the DRM-ed and DRM-free files. Regardless of protected M4V file, are you looking for a good M4V player to play the unencrypted M4V video on Windows?

Online and Desktop Solutions for Converting JPG to MP4
Nowadays, with the help of powerful desktop and online converters, we can easily convert anything to MP4, including various videos in different formats, separate audio track files and even images.

2 Practical Methods to Compress QuickTime Video in a Breeze
Some digital cameras or DV take video in QuickTime Movie format, which is very clear in HD resolution but with a very large file size.

MPEG to iMovie: How to Convert and Import MPEG Files to iMovie?
When you import some MPEG video files to iMovie for editing, you may have discovered one or two MPEG files cannot be imported smoothly.

The Simple Way to Convert Reddit Video to GIF – 100% Effective
Here comes an easy Reddit video & GIF downloader. With it, you’re able to convert Reddit video to GIF easily on your PC. And it also works for Reddit GIFs.

How to Convert XviD to AVI with the Same Quality Preserved
If you have several XviD video files and want to fix the incompatibility issues on multiple devices which only play AVI format smoothly

4K Video Downscaling -- How to Convert 4K to 2K Using a Simple Method
The vision experience of 4K Ultra HD is definitely fantastic, however, the size of which is also colossal if you often watch a 4K movie in your smartphone or laptop…

How to Convert Portrait Video to Landscape with 2 Simple Methods
When watching video shot vertically on your computer, you may encounter issues that a large part of black bar is occupying both left and right sides of the screen.

Two Good Ways to Make a GIF from Photos
It’s never a tough task to make a GIF from photos once you get the right tool. And in this post, we will show you such two good methods for completing the job.

The Video Shorteners - How to Shorten a Video Arbitrarily
Sometimes you may worry that a long video will occupy too much space and want to cut some unnecessary parts in order to shorten the video.

Compress Video in PowerPoint with Ease and Efficiency
Large size videos in PowerPoint may make the presentation play a little bit slower. Compressing videos can help you crack this problem.

How to Remove Black Bars from Video with Ease and Efficiency
When we huddle together to watch a movie on Friday night to kick off our happy weekend, it’s really a buzzkill to see the black bars surrounding the movie content.

How to Convert PNG to MP4 via Online and Desktop Converters
Many people would like to deal with formats conversion between different types of files. And the conversion between image and video is also common, for instance, PNG to MP4.

Recommended 3 Excellent MOV Cutters - How to Cut MOV Video Files at Ease
Are you searching for an easy-to-use tool to cut MOV video files? In this article, I will show you 3 practical and simple MOV cutters to help you finish the job in a breeze even if you have little video editing experience.

2 Different Ways to Convert WMV to GIF with High Quality
Do you want to convert part of a WMV video to GIF? Check out this article and here are two methods to convert WMV to GIF to make GIF animation.

3 Reliable Online GIF to WebM Converters – Convert GIFs to WebM Videos with Ease
How to Convert GIF to WebM? Maybe have you tried VLC or some other online converters to deal with the question?

2019 Top 3 Open Source Video Converters for Windows, Mac, Linux
There must have been many different video converters on the market, including free and paid versions. These video converters always boast various exaggerated functions, which make you have difficulty selecting the best one for you.

How to Fix Audacity MP4 Import Failure?
You may have tried to open MP4 in Audacity yet failed. Only a frustrating error message popped up promoting you that Audacity can’t deal with this type of file.

How to Record Webcam with VLC Media Player
Are you still vexed that you can’t find a reliable tool to record webcam videos? Actually, VLC Media Player can help you out, which is not only for playing videos.

How to Do a Voice Over to a Video with Ease?
Be worried about complicated steps of adding voiceover to videos? This is the reason why I am here. Here is the best solution on how to do a voice over to a video.

2 Acclaimed Methods to Convert GIF to MOV
In this article, I am going to talk about how to convert GIF to MOV. If you are facing GIF uploading issues when uploading GIFs to Instagram or similar sites on your Apple devices

[ Completely Workable ] How to Solve the PS3 AVI Playback Issue?
As a famous home video game console, PS3 supports playing games, watching videos, shopping online, and doing other entertainment activities.

Windows Media Player Compress Videos – How to Reduce Video File Size Effortlessly
“I try to compress some large videos in Windows Media Player for freeing up storage space on my computer yet I can’t find any button to carry the task out.

How to Send Large Video on Messenger with 3 Easy Ways
Facebook Messenger has the size restriction for video-sending. Therefore, what can you do when you want to send a video that is beyond the max video size limitation on Facebook Messenger?

How to Convert MPEG4 to MP4 with Easy and High-efficiency Methods
Recently, I have discussed the difference between MPEG4 and MP4 with my workmates. I have learned a lot about it and the reason why we need to convert MPEG4 to MP4.

2 Reliable and Easy Methods to Edit MKV Metadata
Metadata contains important information for sorting and organizing our video and audio files. Even the data is behind the screen, we can also edit it with the help of metadata editors.

How to Add a Picture to a Video
In this post, we will tell you two simple methods of how to add a picture to a video. If you want to add a picture watermark to a video or cover the unnecessary section in a video using images, read the details.

2 Online GIF Combiners - Simply and Efficiently Combine GIFs without Software Installed
Sometimes, there may be a thought “how to combine two GIF files” that comes to your mind. If you have no idea about this, follow me.

[Solved!] How to Play WMV on Android Devices?
Android is gradually becoming mature nowadays, and the number of people who are fond of using Android devices is increasing rapidly.

Samsung Video Editors - How to Edit Videos Recorded by Galaxy Devices [ PC & Mobile ]
Nowadays, the number of people who are fond of editing videos is increasing speedily, including you and me.

How to Insert GIF into PowerPoint for Easy Description of Complicated Stuff
How to insert GIF into PowerPoint? Adding an animated GIF to a PowerPoint slide is just as you insert any other pictures and here elaborate the detailed steps.

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Download YouTube Video

Download & Convert Online Video

Download and convert YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Liveleak, Metacafe videos.

3 Ways about How to Send Large Files
We all know that file download and transfer speed will be influenced by its size. If the size of a file is too big, the transmission and download process will take you much time.

The 8 Best Sites Like Fmovies of All Time
Here is a list of the 8 best sites like Fmovies. Meanwhile, we assemble 100% workable Fmovies mirror sites at the last part.

The Most Comprehensive 3D Movies Download Methods in 2020
Now, 3D movies are getting surprisingly popular and more and more spectators are fond of going to the cinema to watch this type of movie...

2 Workable Methods to Download TS Videos
There are many video-sharing sites that uploading and sharing videos in several parts of TS clips, which makes it hard to download the entire video. You may have tried to download all the TS clips.

How to Fix Google Drive MP4 Playback Issue on PC & Smartphone?
If you have some MP4 videos stored on your devices, such as computer, iPhone, iPad or Android phone, and Google Drive is also installed on these devices...

Fitness Workout Videos Free Download from 3 Sites
Nowadays, many people spend their working days at their desks, and long hours of work brings fatigue. At this time, proper exercise can alleviate fatigue.

[100% Work] How to Download Streaming Video Divided into Parts in XHR Format
There are many online and desktop downloaders that help us to download streaming videos from the popular video-streaming sites.

Top 5 Pandora Alternatives for Music Sharing in 2020
I trust the Pandora music streaming website is a leader among music sharing sites, and it has been gathering many reputations since it was published.

Two Free PC HD Movies Download Ways to Save the Full HD Movies on PC
Nowadays, in order to play full HD movies on devices smoothly, more and more people would like to download this type of movies on smartphones, tablets, or personal computers for playback.

2020 Top 10 Websites to Watch the Latest Telugu Movies Online
Ranking 4th among the languages with the highest number of native speakers in India and also being USA's fastest-growing language, Telugu is swiftly enlarging its popularity – and so are Telugu movies.

[ Overall Solution ] Instagram Videos Not Playing on Mobile Devices? How to Fix the Problem?
Most of the time, it's easy to play videos on Instagram. But some people have complained that there is a problem of Instagram videos not playing on smartphones or tablets at times and can't find a practicable method to solve it.

The Top 11 Mixtape Websites to Upload Works and Get Mixtape Downloads
We have handpicked 11 great mixtape websites and compiles this post. If you’re looking for good mixtape sites for publishing mixtapes to get more hits or just trying to find good mixtape downloads

[Resolved] How to Upload Video from Facebook to YouTube?
In recent years, Facebook Watch/Video is moving fast. Its ambition to overtake YouTube as the No. 1 video-sharing platform is not just tongue-in-cheek.

[ 100% Workable! ] How to Download Movies on iPad for Viewing Offline?
iPad is a favorable mobile device for watching movies and the exterior becomes thinner and lighter to carry so that many persons like using it to watch TV shows and movies, play games.

The Top 12 Websites to Download Free Stock Videos
High-quality and suitable videos will certainly help you attract more viewers and potential customers while stock videos are quite useful for creating video and film projects.

Best 12 Football Streaming Sites to Watch Live Events Online of 2020
Football streaming sites make it easy for football fanatics to enjoy and get into the spirit of favorite football matches though you can’t watch these matches on the spot.

[2020 Review] Watch Music Videos Online on Top 5 MV Sites
Music videos tell us the story behind the music and provide us further understanding about the music.

URL to Video Converter: How to Convert URL to Video with Ease
Now, many people like watching movies, TV shows, and all types of videos online, but they often encounter the video playback lagging issue due to the network speed.

Top 6 MP3 Search Engines – Download Your Favorite MP3 Music Efficiently
If you tend to look for something over the internet, just Google it! This would be a matter of common sense for almost everyone, and it certainly applies to searching for MP3 music.

How to Download GIFs from Facebook on Computer and Mobile Devices
Some so-called Facebook GIF downloaders will only end up giving you bundled software or directing you to irrelevant pages.

2020 Top 5 SoundCloud Alternatives
SoundCloud has gathered much popularity among the public since it was started in 2007.It contains many types of free and paid songs and enables users to have right to selectively download free music from this site.

How to Upload HD Videos to YouTube with Original Quality
Maybe you’re experiencing that the HD videos uploaded to YouTube are shown in poor quality, such as 360P.

Free and Effortless Approach on How to Upload PowerPoint to YouTube (with or without audio)
If you’d like the idea to share your PowerPoint presentation (with or without audio) on YouTube, I can tell you it’s doable and actually quite easy.

Step-by-Step: How to Download Facebook Live Videos of Your Own and Someone Else's?
Lots of people prefer to download videos from social platforms like Facebook and Instagram when they are attracted by some fascinating live videos shared by artists during looking through these websites.

Still Working Free Sites for Nollywood Movies Download
It’s hard to find a site for Nollywood movies download. So are there any still working sites we can download Nollywood movies from? Read on, there are 4 available sites for you. Check them out.

A Handy Method to Record and Download Livestream Video
Now, live streaming has evolved into a trend. Various types of live streaming site are emerging one after another, and among which.

How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram among 16 Seconds to 2 Hours
Instagram is one of the most popular social sharing sites around the world. You can easily upload videos shorter than 15 seconds

Free Download Songs for Your Exercise Activities on Running MP3 Download Websites
Nowadays, a number of people like enjoying music when they are running as certain types of music will make exercise become more efficient.

[SUB to SRT] – Free Convert .sub Files to .srt with Two Simple Methods
SUB subtitle files, with .sub as the file extension, are image-based subtitles ripped from DVD/Blu-ray discs and are not perfectly supported on certain devices.

How to Add Watermark to YouTube Video with 2 Easy Methods
If you are on the way of being a YouTuber or vlogger, you definitely need to know the skill of adding a watermark on YouTube.

JioSaavn Downloader - Download JioSaavn Music without Any Desktop Software Installed
Compared with other music-shared sites, the JioSaavn.com only allows to stream music online rather than downloading songs directly.

Convert YouTube to MP3 on ListenToYouTube and the Best ListenToYouTube Alternatives
If you’re trying to extract audio from a YouTube video, there are types of YouTube video converters for your selection and ListenToYouTube is certainly many people’s preferred option.

How to Download Mixer Past Streams/VODs with Free 2 Mixer Downloaders
Mixer is the alternative interactive streaming service to the popular Twitch. Likewise, for your favorite streamers, you can check their previous streams.

2019 Top 5 4K Movie Torrents Download Sites You Need
4K movies are well-known for their high resolution of 3840 * 2160 usually, and many people own a 4K TV and like to play 4K videos online.

[Well-Verified] How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software
For easily downloading videos from YouTube, one can freely search for YouTube downloaders on the Internet.

How to Post a Video on Reddit On PC and Mobile?
Reddit provides us with lots of useful and funny content, including images, links and videos. But if we want to upload our video to Reddit, how can we make it?

2 Recommended Methods for AMV Download
There are so many websites for watching AMV videos, however, most of which do not provide video downloading function.

How to Download HD Videos from YouTube for Extremely High-definition Enjoyment?
HD videos provide us with a better viewing experience and we can view them online as soon as we connect to the Internet.

Gorgeous Streaming Video Downloader - Download Streaming Video Easily
When watching live streaming videos, if you are interrupted by unforeseen things, you may miss some of the great content as there is no pause function offered.

2 Free & Effortless Methods for Shiva Cartoon Download
Shiva is one of the highest rated cartoon TV shows for kids in Indian. Many families want to download the whole season in some ways, but it is difficult to find a way for free Shiva cartoon download.

Multifunctional YouTube Video Capture Software - Capture YouTube Videos in a 100% Working Way
When you find some interesting videos from YouTube, you may want to save them in series in order to prevent them from deleting by the author or getting invalid for some reasons.

How to Post a GIF on Instagram to Share with the Public?
Nowadays, Instagram plays an important role in social networking sites. It allows people to post their favorite videos or images (including GIFs) to share with other people.

YouTube to Google Drive - Practicable Ways to Save YouTube Videos to Google Drive No Costs
YouTube has been popular with the public as a video-hosting website that contains various videos.

How to Download Long YouTube Videos Quickly
If you are seeking for a suitable program or site to download long YouTube videos quickly, you cannot miss this article.

Top 5 Live Streaming Sites for Different Streaming Items
As an original live streaming video lover, I’m used to watching real-time programs and sports on TV.

3 Best and Effortless Approaches to Download House Music to Save on Your Devices
If you’re a house music fan and crazy about this genre of music, you may get interested in how to collect and save more house music.

Easy-to-operate Audio Extractors - How to Extract Audio from Video Online
If you just want to listen to the audio within video files, for example, listen to music or TED talks on the go, it’s a good choice to extract audio from videos.

How to Convert YouTube to M4R for Making Ringtone for iPhones
Attracted by the background music of a YouTube video and want to set it as your personalized iPhone ringtone?

How to Edit a YouTube Video That Is Not Yours
Nowadays there spring out multiple excellent video editors in the market to help edit your videos. But do you know how to edit someone else’s video on YouTube?

Rotate Video Instagram - 2 Easy and Reliable Approaches to Rotate Videos for Instagram
As an Instagram user, I also have got confused with the wrong orientation video on Instagram. But thanks to the top but simple rotator, I have solved how to rotate video Instagram.

4 Reliable Sites for 4K Sample Video Download with Ease
With the growing popularity of 4K, many people are seeking for 4K sample video download sites and the corresponding download methods.

[Solved!] Can I Record YouTube with Audacity? How to Do It?
Many Audacity users don’t know how to record YouTube with Audacity, if you are one of them, then you can gain the detailed steps in this article and an easier alternative – Free HD Video Converter Factory.

Handy Bulk YouTube Downloaders to Save YouTube Videos/Channels/Playlists
How to download YouTube videos in bulk? This post shares two good ways with you for saving YouTube videos, channels as well as playlists ...

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Convert Apple Video

Convert DVD and Video to Apple Devices

Over 100 tips help you convert DVD and video to iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPhone mini, iPad 2, Apple TV, etc.

Top 5 Video Editors for Chromebook in 2019 - Free and Paid Plans
The ubiquity of intriguing videos has brought video editing to be a major demand for every one of us, including beginners.

How to Get Songs from SoundCloud and Import to iTunes Library?
Would you like to download SoundCloud songs and import to your personal iTunes? This essay summarized three different approaches for converting SoundCloud to iTunes.

Top 6 Video Rotator Apps for Android and iOS
Do you need some video rotator apps for your Android phones or iPhone? Today, I have picked out the top 6 rotate/flip videos apps for Android and iOS smartphones.

How to Play MP4 on iPhone 11/X/8/7/6/SE/5
As we all know, MP4 is a popular video format in that not only can it shrink the size of video files, but it can also decrease the quality-loss into lowest.

How to Convert Videos to Apple TV Easily with an Apple TV Converter?
Nowadays, many people who have a big screen TV like Apple TV would like to play their videos on Apple TV, but some videos are not playable.

[100% Working] 3 Troubleshooting Tips to Solve Apple TV AVI Playback Issue
AVI is a video container format that can wrap a variety of codecs making itself so popular that I believe everyone has some AVI videos in their movie inventory.

[Solved!] How to Play FLAC on Android without Any Restrictions?
FLAC is popular with most people for its high quality, so many people are fond of playing FLAC on their mobile devices on the move.

A Quick and Convenient Approach to Solve the Xbox 360 MKV Files Playback Issue
When you play MKV files on Xbox 360, you must have faced the situation, where Xbox 360 cannot play MKV files correctly.

2 Online and Desktop Free iPhone Ringtone Converters
A unique and beautiful ringtone can make you feel comfortable. Want to make your own ringtone but don't know how to make it?

Two Easy Ways to Play AVI on iPhone
Nowadays, many iPhone users encounter the iPhone AVI playback issues. And as we all known, AVI is not supported by iPhone, so how can we play AVI on iPhone?

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