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How to Implement Efficient Plex HEVC Playback with the Least Quality Loss
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How to Implement Efficient Plex HEVC Playback with the Least Quality Loss

Author by Oswald

Updated on Feb 17, 2023

Have you come across the Plex HEVC playback issue? This page can be helpful to you. The reasons that Plex failed to play HEVC videos vary. I've summarized some of those in the following and provided the corresponding solutions.
You're recommended to free download the HEVC to Plex converter here in advance and follow the content below to fix the Plex HEVC video playback issue easily.

Q1: "I've been using Plex for a while now, but I've hit a bit of a snag. My library was always in x264, however recently I started converting it all to x265 (HEVC). The problem is that Plex apps, such as on my Galaxy phone, and even my gaming PC, refuse to play in x265. All of these devices are well capable of playing x265, and even play them flawlessly when I physically put the copy on to the device and play it through an x265 capable media player. I've set all of them to Direct Play but they are still being transcoded to x264, which given that my server is only a dual core, makes buffering quite laggy. I've even paid for the Plex Pass on my tablet because I read about the N&I Plex Media Player, which supposedly has native support for x265. Even if I open Plex on my tablet, beam it to my TV that's running Plex for Opera, it still transcodes. I am at an absolute loss as to why this is happening and it's making my TV watching very painful."

Q2: "Really need help. Plex wont play HEVC h.265 .mkv remux files from my pc to plex app via roku stick+? When I try to play the file on my LG oled tv in another room on Roku stick+ plex app, it says video is unavailable, please check server. File is there, plays on my PC??? What am I doing wrong, is this not supported yet?"

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Plex hardware requirement cite from www.servermania.comPlex hardware requirement cite from

A: Firstly, here's you can check out the hardware requirement of Plex Media Server, insufficient hardware might lead to time-consuming processing/decoding, and sometimes playback failures. Additionally, setting a streaming quality value lower than the content's bitrate will also result in slow video transcoding conducted by Plex.

Minimum specs:

· No transcoding - Intel Atom 1.2GHz

· Single 720p transcode - Intel Core i3 3.0 GHz

· Single 1080p transcode - Intel Core i5 3.0GHz

· Single 4K transcode - Intel Core i7 3.2GHz

Supported Video Formats for Plex Direct Play Supported Video Formats for Plex Direct Play

Secondly, sure, Plex can play HEVC videos. Off-spec videos, however, especially those with high quality and high bitrate, may or may not be automatically transcoded on Plex, and we of course want to avoid that redundant process if yes. But HEVC is already a high coding-efficiency formats, thus lowering the video bitrate naturally brings about noticeable quality loss.

HEVC (H.265) offers from 25% to 50% better data compression at the same level of video quality, or substantially improved video quality at the same bit rate, but also makes the video harder to be decoded, and the support Plex has shown to it is not so satisfactory. Now, here's a good program come to the rescue to make you smoothly play H.265 video on Plex.

The Easiest Plex HEVC Solution:

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Prois a highly recommended video converter program that can optimize your videos' coding so as to best fit Plex direct playback. You don't need to learn about indigestible video coding theory; just follow the tutorial below to apply the best parameters, then take a click on the ready-made profile, and the program will do the rest. In addition, this video processing program also enables you to edit videos by cutting, merging, etc., compress videos with high-quality preserved, download and record videos, and so forth.

Now, free downloadfree download this all-in-one application and follow the steps to fix PLEX H.265 video playback issue.

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How to Convert HEVC to Plex Video Type with HD Video Converter Factory

Convert the unsupported HEVC videos

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Load the Unsupported HEVC Videos into the Program

Launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Select “Converter” module to enter the converter section. Click “Add Files” to add the unsupported H.265(x265) videos into the program, then customize the destination path at the “Output folder” box underneath.

Convert HEVC to H264

Plan A. If Quality loss is Acceptable

The best move in that case it to convert x265 videos to H.264+AAC MP4. Click on the output format section on the right side > locate the “Video” category > Click on the MP4 profile within > Click “Run” to start the conversion.

Downscale HEVC quality

Plan B. Unnoticeable Quality Loss is Acceptable

1. Slide the “Quick Setting” bar in the main workplace to quick downscale HEVC videos.

2. Click the “Parameter settings” button, adjust bitrate: roughly from 3000kbps to 6000kbps according to your video quality. Or slide the Bitrate Quick setting bar to quick adjust bitrate.

Click “OK” to save changes in the current window and hit “Run” from the main workplace to start the conversion.

Tips: There's a possible bug when Plex direct playing HEVC+AAC video in MP4 container, adopting H.264/AVC+AC3 is a good choice here but not out there. (H.264+AAC MP4 is the best video format in video compatibility.)

At last...

May you can benefit from this article and solve your HEVC Plex playback issue. If you have other video & audio playback issues, you can also give this application a try!

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Enrich Plex Library with DVD Videos

Enrich Plex Library with DVD Videos

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

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· Convert DVD video to MP4, WMV, AVI, Plex, Kodi, Roku and 300+ formats and devices

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