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How to Install Fusion on Kodi 19 & Kodi 18?

Author by Vita

Updated on July 11, 2023

Fusion offers loads of third-party add-ons and tools which can be installed on Kodi to stream movies, videos, music, and other media contents. Here we will walk you through how to install Fusion on Kodi firstly so you can install these add-ons with no effort. Read on!

Kodi Fusion - An Effortless Way to Access More Addons on Kodi 

Update: Fusion is currently unavailable.

One striking point distinguishing Kodi from other media players is that it allows you to install hundreds of plug-ins from a wide selection of repositories provided by Kodi itself, and also from external sources. Fusion addon for Kodi is such a good source where one can access multiple repositories and download add-ons for streaming media content and tools. It works like an app store in which a slew of add-ons and tools for different usages can be easily found and installed. Of course, it requires a bit of work to install Fusion on Kodi, which wouldn't be hard if you carefully follow the steps below:

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How to Install Fusion on Kodi?

To install Fusion on Kodi, enable the installation of addon from unknown sources first.

Step 1. Run Kodi and click Settings (the gear-shaped icon) on the top left of the main interface.

Open the Settings Panel

Step 2. Select System on the lower right corner.

Head to the System Menu

Step 3. Select Add-ons from the left column and enable Unknown Sources.

Enable Unknown Sources

Step 4. A warning pop-up appears. Select Yes so that you can install add-ons from unofficial sources. Of course, Fusion is a well-tested and reliable add-on.

Select Yes

Step 5. Go back to the previous interface and select File Manager.

Select File Manager

Step 6. Click Add Source. An Add file source window will pop up. If not, click and press Enter on your keyboard.

Add Source

Step 7. Select None on the new dialog.

The Add File Source Window

Step 8. Copy and paste into the box, then click OK.

Enter the Path and Select OK

Step 9. Click the box under the Enter a name for this media source option and type the name according to your preferences but it's better to fill in a relevant name, such as Fusion. Then select OK.   

Name the Media Source

Step 10. Now the Kodi Fusion installer is ready. If you want to install add-ons from Fusion, then back to the main interface and select Add-ons.

Go to the Add-ons Menu

Step 11. Head to the packing box icon on the top left corner.

Open the Add-on Browser

Step 12. Select the Install from zip file option on the new window.

Install from Zip File

Step 13. Locate and select Fusion.

Fusion in the List

Step 14. After opening Fusion, you can see there are three options:

begin-here: There you can install Indigo addon that contains a full suite of diagnostic and repair tools.

kodi-repos: This category includes many kinds of repositories.

kodi-scripts: There are script modules for Kodi – Meta handler, ResolveURL, and URL resolver.
Here we elaborate on how to install Indigo on Kodi. Let's move to the next step.

Three Categories in Fusion

Step 15. Open begin-here, select x.x.x here represent different versions of Indigo.

Install Indigo

Step 16. A notification will pop up from the top right corner of the screen when the download process is finished. Go to the main window, select Add-ons > Program Add-ons where you can find and use the Indigo add-on.

Indigo under Program Add-ons

It's also easy to install other add-ons and repositories from Fusion on Kodi. You can explore more tools and services suitable for you from Fusion now. Up to this point, we have explained the whole Kodi Fusion installation procedure. If this article helps you in some ways, please share it with more friends.

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