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Two Options on How to Convert MPEG to MOV

Author by Cooper

Update on April 23, 2020

Many MPEG videos cannot be played on MOV players. Why? How can I convert MPEG to MOV and play them with MOV players smoothly? Please bring these questions and the confusion in your heart, and find the answers in the text with me. A professional MPEG to MOV converter will guide you:

MPEG is well-known as a video codec, but a video format. However, the names of some videos do end with .mpeg, which means they are MPEG videos. MPEG include three main encoders for different usages. You should know that one of the parts is used for broadcasting videos for TV channels, i.e MPEG 2 video, which can be well supported by most media players. As a successor of MPEG-2, MPEG-4 is widely used for streaming videos on the Internet, encoding DVDs, transporting video calls, and also broadcasting TV channels. MPEG-4 can also be well played on most MOV players. But when coming to MPEG 1 video (Usually named as MPEG video), due to the niche encoding standard, many players do not support it and fail to open it. Thus, you need to convert the MPEG video to other formats so as to smoothly play them on your MOV video players.

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How to Convert MPEG to MOV Using Desktop Converter

To fast convert MPEG to MOV, a professional video converter is necessary. Here, I will recommend you to use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to process this conversion. Benefiting from its GPU acceleration technique and lightning conversion mode, the MPEG to MOV conversion can be finished with up to 50x higher speed than online converters. Now, check the following simple tutorial to learn the specified steps.

Import MPEG videos

Step 1. Import MPEG Videos

Free downloadFree download, install and launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Click Converter to enter the conversion module. In the new window, click Add Files to import MPEG videos. Alternatively, you can drag and drop video files therein.

Choose the right output format

Step 2. Choose the Right Output Format

Click the output format button on the right side of the Converter module. In the slide-out dialog, click MOV under the Video tab. Optionally, as soon as you import videos, you will find some editing tools under each imported video, such as video cropping tool, video rotating tool and the like, which help you process basic editing on your videos.

Start Conversion

Step 3. Start MPEG to MOV Conversion

After you have imported videos, please pay attention to the inverted triangle on the bottom of the Converter module. Click it to nominate the storing path you want to keep the output videos. Finally, click the blue Run button to start converting MPEG to MOV videos.

How to Convert MPEG to MOV Using Online Converter

In addition to desktop professional converters, you can find many convenient online converters, which require no installations. If you do not want to install any third-party software, these online converters may be better suitable for you. Among various online converters, I recommend you convert MPEG to MOV using Convertfiles, which is one of the best online converters and without upsetting advertisements.

MPEG file to MOV onlineMPEG file to MOV online

Step 1. Upload Video Files into Convertfiles

Visit the online converter via its official site:

Click the Browse button at the center of the converter page to choose MPEG video files you want to convert. You are limited to upload one file each conversion. But what sounds great is the online converter allows you to paste URL and convert it to MOV. After you have selected video files, click Convert.

You are required to agree with the privacy policy for your first time here, please remember to check it for your privacy.

Step 2. Download MOV Videos

After a long uploading and conversion time, the converter will lead you to a new download page automatically. In the new page, click the blue-lined button to download the converted MOV videos.


To be honest, if you want to convert MPEG files in dozens of Mb, or smaller, I recommend the online converter. But if you want to convert videos in a large size, the desktop method can provide you a better experience and faster speed. Using desktop converters can save you lots of time in uploading videos, and you will never encounter uploading issues caused by bad network connection.

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HOW to Convert DVD to MOV

The Best DVD Ripper

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Do you keep any DVD discs and want to play them in MOV players without a DVD Driver burner? WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is such an assistant. By taking advantage of it, you can easily grab videos from homemade and copyright protected DVD discs. Incidentally, keeping DVDs in digital videos works more efficiently than discs.

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