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How to Play .bup Files Properly?
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[Resolved] Can I Play BUP Files on Windows?

Author by Vita

Updated on Jan 19, 2022

Follow this post to learn how to properly play BUP files on Windows computers. Meanwhile, we suggest converting an entire Video_TS folder including BUP files to a digital video for convenient playback. To this end, a fantastic DVD converter is indispensable:

Why Do Many People Fail to Play BUP Files on PC?

Many people tried to play .bup files on computers but ended up with failture. To make the .bup files more understandable and find the root cause, it’s necessary to introduce the structure of the DVD-video disc. A DVD-video disc usually contains two folders: The Audio_TS folder and the Video_TS folder. Since an Audio_TS folder is mainly for DVD audio disc so we only focus on the Video_TS folder, which contains all information and data files making up a DVD video. And there are three types of files in a Video_TS folder:

What is a BUP FileWhat is a BUP File

VOB: Contain all actual video and audio data.

IFO: Information files store the navigation and configuration information of a DVD video.

BUP: Backup files of IFO files and they can be accessible when the IFO files are damaged.

Apparently, directly opening BUP files isn’t an appropriate way to play DVD video files. If you have found some .bup file players from the Internet, it’s quite possible that they are inflated or actually help you play DVD videos in an indirect way. So how to correctly play BUP files? Here are the solutions!

Method 1: How to Play BUP Files with a Windows DVD Player?

The right way is putting all the IFO, BUP and VOB files into a Video_TS folder and play IFO files connected with actual data files. Many media players have DVD playback features, for instance, Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, Blaze DVD, and Pot Player. Select an option to open the VIDEO_TS.IFO file to play DVD video.

It should be noted that Windows 10/11 doesn’t have a default option to play DVDs but it provides a new DVD Player, which costs $14.99. If you’re a Windows 10/11 user, you can either turn to other DVD media players or use a DVD Ripper to convert the Video_TS folder to MP4 or other formats.

Method 2: How to Play BUP Files by Converting a Video_TS Folder to Video File?

This method requires a good DVD ripper capable of extracting the main title from a Video_TS folder and convert it to digital video. Moreover, some Video_TS folders may contain encryption like CSS, it can be better if the DVD ripper supports DVD copy protection removal. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is powerful enough to deal with the task. It offers 300+ output format and device profiles, allows users to import DVD disc, ISO image as well as DVD folder, and can handle types of copy protection. Now, Free downloadFree download this program and follow the simple steps.

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More than a BUP File Player
WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro
  • 1. Make a 1:1 intact digital copy (VIDEO_TS or ISO) with all content.
  • 2. Bypass/remove all DVD encryption like region code, CSS, etc.
  • 3. Convert DVD to MP4 and 500+ presets with GPU Acceleration.
  • 4. 5-minutes to fast digitize DVD to MPEG-2 MPG format.
  • 5. Simply compress 8 GB DVD to 1-2 GB digital video file.
  • 6. Adding Hard, soft and forced subtitles is allowed as well.
  • 7. Modify output video parameters like bitrate, aspect ratio, etc.
  • 8. Support homemade/recorded/commercial DVD & ISO & Video_TS.
Download Free Download
Download Free Download
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Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista Windows, 100% Clean!

Convert a Video_TS Folder Containing BUP to Video File

Choose DVD Folder Button

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on PC.

Step 1. Add Video_TS Folder into the Software

After the installation, open DVD Ripper Pro. On the main window, click on DVD Folder and select the Video_TS folder into the program. The software will quickly load the source from the folder and select the main title. If it’s an encrypted folder, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro will also remove the copy protection in a blink.

MP4 under the Video Tab

Step 2. Choose an Output Format

Head to the output format icon on the right side, click it to open a full list of 500+ prests where you can choose from a wide range of video/audio formats and devices. MP4 profile under Video category is highly recommended for the best compatibility with most hardware and software.

Click Run to Start the Process

Step 3. Start the Conversion

Click on the three dots icon on the bottom to choose a place for saving the output file. After all settings, click on Run to initialize the process.

Importance: WonderFox doesn’t advocate any illegal duplication and distribution. Please refer to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before ripping a copy-protected DVD.

In Summary

BUP files are the backup of the information file in a DVD, thus you can’t directly play BUP files and there is no workable .bup file player supporting the playback. Instead, playing IFO files in the same Video_TS folder using a DVD player should work or you can use DVD ripper to convert the whole Video_TS folder to a digital video and play it more handily. Download this flexible software and start to build your digital DVD library.

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