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The 7 Best Beginner Yoga DVDs – Improve Both the Body and Mind Fitness

Author by Vita

Updated on Aug 31, 2023

Here is the list of the 7 best beginner Yoga DVDs for people who start learning Yoga at home. Besides, if you have collected a package of fitness DVDs and want to copy videos from them to handily follow the exercise videos in your office or outdoor, you can try this tool:

Yoga is a gentle yet much beneficial discipline mainly involving in breathing techniques, meditation, and postures, which can help us strengthen the harmony between the body and spirit, and thereby, improve health from the inside out. Regular Yoga practices are useful for one to promote flexibility, reduce weight, increase muscle strength, relieve stress, calm the mind. To get started with Yoga, besides going to the gym to get professional instruction, we can also follow Yoga videos or DVDs to learn from them at less cost. Well-directed and effective Yoga content is very important, yet if you don’t know where to start, you can try the following 7 great Yoga DVDs for beginners.

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Review of the 7 Best Yoga DVDs for Beginners 

Beginners Yoga DVDBeginners Yoga DVD

1. Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners

Rodeny Yee’s Yoga for Beginners is a well-remarked Beginner Yoga DVD. It contains 2 full-length Yoga workouts – a 20-minute morning workout for getting refreshed and energetic to set for a new day, and a 15-minute evening workout to help you relax and make your fatigue melt away. And before the two workouts, beginners can follow the 40-minute pose training session, in which Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman teach all basic Yoga poses in detail and tell the secrets to beginners on how to get around the common mistakes during doing Yoga. Moreover, the Audio Selection option allows beginners to choose from full guidance and pose only instruction. It’s a perfect option for people who want to step into the world of Yoga.

Top Yoga DVDTop Yoga DVD

2. Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners sold by Body Wisdom is the top-selling Yoga DVDs in the US and Canada, which includes 8 Yoga video routines ranging from 10 to 60 minutes and focusing on helping people to promote flexibility, become healthier, shape the body, build inner strengths and more. All routines are led by the notable Yoga instructor Barbara Benagh on the beautiful and placid Half-Moon Bay, Antigua. You can additionally enjoy tranquility when you take Yoga practice. The Yoga DVD is comprehensive with tailored content for different people. And the outstanding Yoga instructor will guide you to set off to the Yoga journey in a great and easy way.

Yoga DVD Review of Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond Yoga DVD Review of Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond

3. Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond

Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond is designed to help beginners stretch and strengthen the body, stamina as well as flexibility and let us body, soul and mind in harmony. It offers two complete practices – The 30-minute AM: Energizing Flow and The 30-minute PM: Relaxing Flow. It’s easy to know what we can benefit from the two workouts from their names. With the combination of them, we’re able to boost our energies every morning and relieve stress after work or study. The workouts are filmed poolside in beautiful, sunny Miami, Florida, and people don’t need to have Yoga experiences to learn them and still have the option to advance. Take Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond into your daily exercise routines and you will gain an unexpected bonus.

Best Yoga DVD for Beginners Over 50Best Yoga DVD for Beginners Over 50

4. Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Mid-life

The Yoga DVD is suitable for middle-aged people who want to exercise the body and emotional wellbeing. There are three workouts for specified periods of each day. An 18-minute Morning Practice to energize the body and become vigorous, a 19-minute Mid-day Relief from Desk & Computer Work to give relief to the body, and a 29-minute Relaxing Evening Practice to help one get better sleep and be relax. Moreover, it includes three niche targeting practices to separately improve balance, core strength and flexibility, and a series of relaxation workouts. The Yoga DVD is easy to follow and covers a wide selection of gentle poses. It’s an ultimate Yoga DVD for people over 40.

Best at Home Yoga DVDBest at Home Yoga DVD

5. Jane Fonda: AM/PM Yoga For Beginners

This beginner Yoga DVD consists of three AM Yoga workouts and two PM Yoga workouts that are useful to improve your core strength and boost your energy so that you can get ready to the day, unwind and make your entire body relax after a day. Besides, it has extra 5-minute exercises to improve your balance. AM/PM Yoga for Beginners is well-liked by seniors and the exercise intensity is just proper for them. The excellent instructor, Jane Fonda, will patiently guide you through each posture in an inspiring and comforting way. Even if you never had experience in doing Yoga before or think you are not flexible enough to try it, you will get in love with this practice by starting with AM/PM Yoga for Beginners.

Yoga for Weight Loss DVDs Yoga for Weight Loss DVDs

6. Yoga for Beginners DVD Deluxe Set

Yoga for Beginners DVD Deluxe Set includes three Yoga DVD discs – Yoga for stress relief DVD, AM/PM for beginners DVD, Essential Yoga for inflexible people DVD, involving in all aspects a beginner needs to get started with Yoga. With informative 40+ routines (15-60 mins) in the three Yoga DVDs for beginners, you’re able to enhance both the body and mind, and benefit a lot, like building strength, losing weight, improving flexibility, relieving stress, and so forth. This set of Yoga DVDs collects the most comprehensive Yoga practicing content. You can give the beginner Yoga DVD a spin.

Top Rated Yoga DVDsTop Rated Yoga DVDs

7. Yoga for Beginners: A Complete Program with 9 Practices

It’s a 2 DVDs set including 9 Yoga practices and 2 relaxations, around 270-minute instruction. Beginners are able to increase flexibility and strength, improve balance, relieve fatigue and stress, and achieve many other physical and mental benefits with the Yoga practices. The poses are taught detailedly and slowly, so users are able to follow the pace with ease. Meanwhile, it offers modifications for people who are less flexible. Accompanied by the soft music and scene of the beautiful Glacier National Park, one can enter the gentle and peaceful atmosphere and gain harmony between the body and mind.

In Summary

The benefits of Yoga are beyond the mat. Regular Yoga disciplines contribute to one’s body and mental fitness. Fitness buffs around the world are fond of this exercise. Now, you can choose from the 7 best beginner Yoga DVDs and do Yoga at home.

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