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[MP3 to M4B] How to Create an M4B Audiobook from a Collection of MP3 Files?

Author by Kevincy

Updated on Jan 26, 2024

Speaking of audiobooks, you'll naturally think of Amazon Audible, Scribd, Rakuten OverDrive and other subscription-based audiobook services. However, those purchased audiobooks are respectively DRM-protected in different proprietary audio format extensions, which are very inconvenient for editing and usage. In this post, you'll learn how to convert scattered MP3s to M4B audiobooks that support chapters and bookmarks.

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Q: I have a collection of .mp3 files that I would like to combine them together. I'm on a Win10 machine. How can I make an audiobook (.m4b) that is bookmarkable with chapters from these .mp3s? Please help.

A: Compared with the universal audio format MP3 favored by most players and devices, M4B is usually used in Apple devices for audiobook that contains metadata including chapter markers, cover images, and hyperlinks. Moreover, M4B is bookmarkable so that you can resume the playback from the point you left off last time. Now come back to the topic, detailed instructions of converting MP3 to M4B audiobook are provided in the following paragraphs.

How to Simply Organize MP3 to Audiobook Using iTunes?

MP3 to Audiobook iTunesMP3 to Audiobook iTunes

As you know, MP3 files will be imported in the Music section by default. Actually, you're able to move the MP3 list to Audiobook section in iTunes without converting MP3 to M4B.

Step 1. Launch iTunes, go to File menu > Add File/Folder to Library to import your MP3 files. Alternatively, just drag and drop them into iTunes.

Step 2. Select all imported MP3 files via holding down the Ctrl key for multiple selection. Right click the mouse and choose "Get Info", click "Edit Items" on the prompted dialog box.

Step 3. On the popup window, go to the Options tab, switch media kind from Music to Audiobook and click OK. Then the MP3 list will be moved to the Audiobook section of iTunes. They'll show up as audiobooks now.

Note: In fact, this method saves yourself the trouble of converting them to M4B format, but doesn't change the MP3 files themselves. To create an M4B audiobook that supports chapters and bookmarking from a list of MP3 files, just keep reading.

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How to Create an M4B Audiobook with Chapters from a Collection of MP3 Files on Windows?

To convert MP3 to audiobook with chapters, first of all, make sure you have the 3 programs installed on your computer to avoid any error message. No worries, all of them are totally free.

iTunes for Windows:

QuickTime for Windows:

AAC Audiobook Creator:

(Install Audiobook Binder for Mac: Please find this tool in ISO > App Store

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Part One - Convert MP3 Files to AAC M4A Format in iTunes

MP3 to M4B ConverterMP3 to M4B Converter

Step 1. Launch iTunes, import your MP3 files.

Step 2. Go to the Edit menu > Preferences > General tab, click on the Import Settings button, select AAC Encoder in Import Using section and click on OK. Under the Advanced tab, specify the destination folder where you want to save the converted files. Then click OK and go back to main interface.

Step 3. Select all MP3 files, go to File menu > Convert AAC Version. After a while for MP3 to M4A conversion, you'll get the AAC M4A copies in the destination folder. Now, go to Part Two.

Note: iTunes can be used as a simple AAC converter, alternatively, you can also get it done with some free audio converters.

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Part Two - Create M4B Audiobook with Chapters in AAC Audiobook Creator

How to Convert MP3 to AudiobookHow to Convert MP3 to Audiobook

Step 1. Run AAC Audiobook Creator, click on the Toggle Project Type button on toolbar.

Step 2. Click on the green "+" icon (Add files to collection) to import the converted M4A files.

Step 3. Customize the audiobook data book name, album name, artist, file name, sources (output folder), cover and other metadata as you wish.

Step 4. Hit the Start button on toolbar to start M4B audiobook compilation. It may take some time based on the file amount and duration, just be patient. After done, it will prompt the Finished message.

Step 5. Now this M4B audiobook can be directly imported to iTunes Audiobook section. It also supports chapters and bookmarks on your other Apple devices.

Note: if there is an error message "UExecRegistryScript() error...", please go to the official manual and learn more:

At last...

A large number of free audiobooks can be downloaded in chapters in MP3 format online. With the instructions above, you're supposed to figure out how to make your own multi-chapter M4B audiobook with a series of MP3 files. Now start to make your first audiobook and enjoy chapter navigation and bookmarking freely.

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