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How to Fix Google Drive MP4 Playback Issue on PC & Smartphone?

Author by Blues

Updated on Aug 11, 2023

If you have some MP4 videos stored on your devices, such as computer, iPhone, iPad or Android phone, and Google Drive is also installed on these devices, you might want to upload these videos to Google Drive to save the storage space of your device and watch these MP4 videos on the online storage platform. However, how to achieve the Google Drive MP4 playback task? Keep reading this article and you can try this video converter to help you convert video/audio files to formats supported by any social platform:

Can Google Drive Play MP4 Videos?

Like most online storage services, Google Drive is a cloud storage service that allows you to store your media files, such as videos, audio, images, documents and so forth in a single account. Google Drive offers 15GB free storage space per account, you can store around 10 HD movies or other video clips from your iPhone or Android phone so as to save the storage space of the device.

Nevertheless, how to watch videos on Google Drive? What if you encounter an issue of Google Drive not playing mp4? It's very simple. This article is divided into three parts - iPhone, Android phone and computer, I will lead you to explore the methods for Google Drive MP4 playback.

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Part One - Google Drive MP4 Videos Playback on iPhone

Play MP4 in Google Drive on iPhonePlay MP4 in Google Drive on iPhone

This part is about how to play MP4 video in Google Drive on iPhone. You need to make sure Google Drive application is installed on your iPhone, if not, please go to the App Store to download it.

Step 1. Log onto or create your personal Google Drive account.

Step 2. You should upload the MP4 video from your iPhone to Google Drive account so that Google Drive can play MP4. Touch the Plus icon on the bottom-right of the interface, and tap the Upload button to upload the MP4 video to Google Drive. Wait for some time till the video finishes uploading.

Step 3. Tap the search button on the top to locate the Video category, then all the videos will be listed. Find the MP4 video you want to play and tap it.

Part Two - How to Play MP4 on Google Drive for Android Phone?

how to watch videos on Google Drive of Android phonehow to watch videos on Google Drive of Android phone

Let's move to the second part. The operation steps on Android are a little bit different from the iPhone. Read carefully.

Step 1. Make sure your Android phone has installed Google Drive and to keep your Google Drive account in a healthy and working state.

Step 2. Tap the Plus icon to upload the MP4 video from your Android phone. Wi-Fi has a higher priority when uploading videos to Google Drive on Android.

Step 3. After uploading the MP4 video to Google Drive, the video will be stored on a folder named " My Drive ". Then tap the search box to select the Videos category under " File types ", then all the uploaded videos will be shown in a single place. Lastly, choose an MP4 video for Google Drive MP4 playback.

Part Three - How to Watch Videos on Google Drive for PC?

Watch videos on Google Drive on web interfaceWatch videos on Google Drive on web interface

Apart from mobile phones, Google Drive is also available on computer as a standalone app and you can visit the Google Drive web interface on a browser as well. It's up to you which way you would like to choose. Next, I will take the web interface as an example to show you how to watch videos on Google Drive for PC.

Step 1. Open the browser on your computer and log onto the Google Drive webpage ( with your Google account.

Step 2. Hit the New button on the top-left of the webpage, and then select the Files upload option to upload the MP4 video you want to play from a local folder.

Step 3. Now, click the search field and choose the Videos tab, or type the command " type:video " into the search field and all the uploaded videos will be listed in the same place. You only need to double click a video you want to play and the video will be played in a new playback window.

Related Information about Google Drive Not Playing MP4

In case of Google Drive not playing MP4 videos suddenly, here I have listed several possible reasons and corresponding solutions to help you deal with Google Drive not playing videos not only MP4. If you are interested in, you can move on.

1. Poor Network Connection: Check out your network connection on your device in system settings, and try to switch the data connection to the Wi-Fi connection.

2. Updated Application Version: Get into the app store to upgrade your Google Drive to the latest version and play the video again.

3. Outdated Browser Version: If you are playing videos online, the video playback failure might be caused by the outdated browser version. Try to upgrade the old version to a new one.

4. Clear the Caches or Cookies: The bulky caches & history cookies may cause these similar issues at times, such as YouTube videos not playing, Facebook videos not playing and so on. You can clear the caches or cookies of Google Drive app from system settings.

5. Power Saving Mode: Occasionally, the power saving mode will end up with some operations such as playing videos. In this way, you can try to turn off this function.


These are how to play MP4 in Google Drive on iPhone, Android phone and PC, if you want to play other types of videos/audio, these methods will also work out. Please let us know if you like this post and remember to share it with your friends.

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