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Facebook Video Editor - How to Edit Videos for Facebook?

Author by Blues

Jan 22, 2020

In order to make people post more fascinating videos on social platforms, many software makers have released a number of video editors. However, people can't find a powerful yet easy-to-use one. If you also encountered this issue, this recommended Facebook video editor would be your Mr. Right, and it is applicable to Twitter, Instagram video as well:

Videos can convey much more information because there are many potential elements within videos, and it is easy to be taken in by people. Moreover, many social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram allows users to upload their videos to share with the public. Whether you have a professional Facebook editor for making a beautiful video? If not, this article will recommend a video editor for Facebook and show you how to edit Facebook video and upload videos on Facebook.

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How to Edit Facebook Video with the Facebook Video Editor?

Supposed that you want to make a stunning Facebook video, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is worth downloading on your PC. This program enables you to edit videos according to your preferences. Additionally, it supports 500 + digital formats and devices fast conversion feature, you can change the videos to the format supported by Facebook so as to upload the videos to Facebook. Next, let's learn how to edit Facebook videos.

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Use the Basic Edit Functions to Edit Facebook Videos

Trim Videos

Before starting editing Facebook videos, please free downloadfree download and install the editor on PC.

1. Trim Videos

Launch the Facebook video editor, enter the Converter area and input your video into the software. Next, click the scissors-shaped icon to enter the trim interface, drag the sliders below the playback window or customize the start and end time in the time box to determine the video clips duration. Lastly, hit the green Trim button to create multiple video clips and press Ok.

Rotate Videos

2. Rotate Videos

Run the video editor for Facebook to choose the Converter option and import the video. Then, click on the Rotate button below the inputted video to be ready to rotate the video. Here are four options for rotating the video: clockwise and anticlockwise rotate by 90 degree, flip horizontally and vertically. After finishing, press the Ok button.

Crop Videos

3. Crop Videos

After running the Facebook video editing software, click into the Converter module. Then, add your Facebook video into the program, and select the Crop area. There are two choices you can choose in the crop interface : Free Aspect Ratio & Fixed Aspect Ratio. Alternatively, you can also use the Fine Tuning selection on the right side of the interface to change the aspect ratio personally. In addition to that, this module provides a setting for the crop area resolution, you can choose to keep the original resolution or customize the resolution as you like.

Add Video Effects

4. Add Video Effects

Aside from the basic edits, you can change the look of your Facebook video, too. Import the video and select the Effect option, there are many video effects you can use. For example, grayscale, blur, sharpen, pencilling, old film and so on. After that, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of the video you like. Finally, press the Ok.

Add Watermark

5. Add Watermark

If you want to make your video has proprietary, you can add the text or logo to the video. Input the video into the converter and get into the Watermark area. You can add text watermark to your Facebook video or logo watermark there. Of course, you can adjust the watermark opacity or rotate the watermark to any degree.

Tips: After editing the video, you can use this editor to change the video format for uploading to Facebook. Click the Output Format button on the right hand of the interface, and then choose the MP4 as the output format because the MP4 is the most common format that is easy to be supported by Facebook. At last, nominate the save path and press the Run button to start converting.

At last...

We have introduced the basic edit features of Facebook video editor one by one. You can upload your stunning videos to Facebook from now on. If you find your Facebook video file size is too large to post on Facebook, you can resize the video by using the compression function of this tool.

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