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3 Ways about How to Send Large Files

Author by Blues

Updated on July 11, 2022

We all know that file download and transfer speed will be influenced by the file size. If the size of a file is too big, the transmission and download process will take you much time. Additionally, there are many platforms and email services with size limits on the uploaded file. Therefore, if you want to share a big interesting video with your friends, what should you do? Read this short post, you will receive some useful tips to solve the problem about how to send large files. Before starting, you can install the video compressor to reduce large video file size:

You might encounter a predicament that when you finish recording an interesting video, or collecting some beautiful images and intend to share them with your friends via emails or other platforms, you are told that the file is too large to attach or upload. Oh my god! What a terrible feeling it is! Don't worry about it, this article will help you. In the following article, we are going to talk about 3 tips on how to send large files to your friends. You can choose one method you are interested in to send media files without a hitch.

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Method 1. How to Transfer Large Files via Email?

Send Large Files via EmailSend Large Files via Email

Email provides a function of transferring files for people by attaching the files to the email, but generally speaking, email has the maximum file size like 25MB or 20MB, if your files exceed the maximum attachment limits, you need to upload your files to social platforms or online storage services, such as Google Drive to get a shareable link so as to paste the URL into the email and inform your friends to find and view the large files. Here will take Google Drive and Gmail as an example and show you how to send large video files through email.

Step 1. Log onto your Google Drive account and upload the large file you want to share to Google Drive.

Step 2. Open the file and hit the three dots icon on the top-right of the new window, then click the Share button to get the shareable link to copy it.

Step 3. Log onto or create your Gmail account: Click the Compose button on the upper left corner, then type the email address of the recipient and file's subject. Lastly, insert the shareable link into the email by hitting the link icon below, then press the Send button. Now, the recipient can view the large file online and download the embedded files from the website.

TIPS: With the method above, you can send large audio files as well.

Method 2. How to Send Big Files through Online Transfer Service?

Online Transfer Service - SendTrasnferOnline Transfer Service - SendTrasnfer

To help deal with how to send large files over the Internet, apart from using an online storage service and email, we also recommend you use the online transfer service – SendTransfer. This online transfer service supports transferring big files up to 10GB.

Step 1. Enter the online transfer service:

Step 2. Click the Add Files To Transfer button to upload the large files. Next, add the recipient and message, you can type your email address, as well.

Step 3. Press the Send button to send the big files to your friends.

Method 3. How to Send Large Files Effortlessly with the Help of a Video Compressor?

In addition to sending large files over the Internet directly, here is another method on how to send large video files. You can use an easy-to-use video compressor - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. With the help of it, you can reduce the video size or crop the video so as to meet the standard of Email service and fix the issue of how to send big files.

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The Simple Guide of Compressing Video/Audio Files for Sending

Import the large file

Before starting sending big files, please free downloadfree download and install the video compressor on PC.

Step 1. Add the Large Video/Audio File

Double click the shortcut of the video compressor on the desktop to run it. Enter the Converter module, and then hit the Add Files button to input or drag and drop the large file into the conversion window.

Compress the file size

Step 2. Compress the File Size

Click the compression icon below the conversion window and drag the compression bar to reduce the file size. But please note that if the file is compressed excessively, the quality will be lost greatly.

Tips: You can directly choose the H.264 video format as the output format. This advanced video encoder will reduce the file size greatly and keep the original video quality.

Start converting the file

Step 3. Start Converting the File

Hit the inverted triangle icon below the conversion window to define the output path, head to the Output Format area on the right hand of the conversion window to choose the output format you desire. Lastly, press the Run button to start converting the file.

Tips: Now, you can email the compressed file via email or other tools and the issue about how to send large video files has been fixed.


This article has introduced three simple and common methods of transferring large files. I trust any of them will be greatly helpful to send large files. Do not forget to share this post to more people. Thank you for your reading. Good luck!

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