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3 Verified Solutions - How to Sync Subtitles with Movie Seamlessly

Author by Kevincy

Updated on Jan 26, 2024

I think quite a few people may experience a very annoying situation when watching movies and TV programs in non-native languages. Due to the differences between the released sources and the subtitle producer & uploader, the downloaded subtitle and movie are always out of sync, which seriously affects the viewing experience. If that's what you're worried about, here are three ways to sync subtitles introduced below that can solve your urgent needs.

When watching a movie or an episode, whether it is a native language or not, I am always used to viewing subtitles. So the problem arises, that is, the downloaded subtitle file and movie may not be synchronized oftentimes, which is indeed a very frustrating issue. And it's troublesome to re-download another subtitle file for sifting and verifying in sequence. To save time, I have organized 3 methods to sync subtitles, which will solve this awkward situation in a few minutes without any cost. Keep reading!

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Method 1 - Fix Subtitle Sync Issue in Subtitle Edit

Synchronize Subtitles in Subtitle EditSynchronize Subtitles in Subtitle Edit

Subtitle Edit is a free subtitle editor that is easy and flexible to use. With the help of this compact program, you can adjust the start time of any subtitle file and keep it in sync with your movie. Download the latest version below and get started.

Step 1. Launch Subtitle Edit, go to File > Open to load your subtitle file or just drag it into the Last view part. It will analyze and list the subtitle details.

Step 2. Go to Synchronization on the menu bar, it provides several options to synchronize subtitles. Adjust all times allows you to adjust subtitle timing earlier or later to correct the sync. Visual sync is what I recommend, you're allowed to synchronize a subtitle with a video file. Just match the first/last lines with the video start/end scene, then press Sync button. I always use the 2 options for subtitle time shift. You can explore more features based on your need.

Step 3. Go back to main interface, press File > Save as to export your fixed subtitle file.

Method 2 - How to Synchronize Subtitles in PotPlayer

Adjust Subtitle Timing in PotplayerAdjust Subtitle Timing in Potplayer

A lot of free media players offer a built-in feature for subtitle sync,and we have introduced how to sync subtitles in VLC by adjusting milliseconds forward or delay. Compared with that, I'll recommend PotPlayer this time that offers more options to edit and resync subtitles. Download the freeware below.

Step 1. Open PotPlayer, go to PotPlayer > Open File(s) to play your movie.

Step 2. If the movie file and its subtitle file in the same directory with the same filename prefix, PotPlayer will load the subtitle automatically. If not, right-click on the scene > Subtitles > Add/Select Subtitles to add the subtitles manually.

Step 3. After done, right-click on the scene > Subtitles > Browse/Edit/Sync Subtitles to open a Subtitle Browser, here you can fix subtitles delay problem with several options.

Method 3 - How to Sync Subtitles with Some Online Subtitle Shifter

Online Subtitle ShifterOnline Subtitle Shifter

In addition, some online websites also provide free service to help you synchronize subtitles. They have roughly the same operations. I'll take the Subtitle Sync Shifter as an example below.

Step 1. Visit, press Choose Files to upload your srt, ass, ssa, smi, webvtt subtitle files.

Step 2. Input positive or negative value in milliseconds (1 second = 1000 milliseconds), e.g. 2000 or -2000.

Step 3. Hit the Shift button to resync subtitles. When the processing is complete, download the fixed subtitle file to your local drive.

How to Hardcode the Fixed Subtitle File to Movie?

Now you have learnt 3 handy methods for subtitle sync, it's time to enjoy your movie. But hold on a second, sorry for my long-winded words. Sometimes, the separate subtitle and movie files will go wrong on some TV sets or media player, for instance, Samsung TV subtitles problem, VLC not showing subtitles, etc. That's why I always burn subtitles into movies. If it's exactly what you want, this freeware is more helpful - WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory. Now let's see how it works.

Free Download Free Download

Simple Steps to Insert Subtitle into Video

Insert Subtitle into Video

Step 1 - Load Movie/Episode File

Run this freeware and open Converter module, add your movie file via Add Files button, or simply drag it into the program.

Step 2 - Add Subtitle File

Click on the "T" area to open the drop-down list and select Add subtitle so as to load your .srt or .ass subtitle file.

Step 3 - Start the Subtitle Hardcoding

Select your desired output format on the right side. Lastly, press the inverted triangle icon on the bottom to specify a destination folder, then hit Run button to start to hardcode subtitle to video.

More than Adding Subtitles to Video, Upgrade and Enjoy More

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

1. Burn/Insert Subtitle into video, extract soft subtitle files from MKV.

2. Convert video/music to over 500 preset profiles of format and device.

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