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How to Solve Windows Media Player No Sound Problems?

Author by Vita

Updated on June 1, 2022

Have you ever met the trouble that Windows Media Player won’t play sound? We have summarized some popular and useful methods to solve Windows Media Player no sound issues in the following article.

Meanwhile, this professional video converter can help you solve such problems by file conversion. Try it here:

Windows Media Player Not Playing Sound

Windows Media Player has built-in support for a wealth of popular video and audio formats and also allows users to install codec packs to add support for rare video files, which enables users to effortlessly play kinds of video files and music. But it’s not always an easy case to play files. Windows Media Player no sound occurs from time to time. The reasons leading to the problem can be improper settings, outdated or damaged hardware and software, damaged files, etc. Let’s check out each aspect one by one and try the corresponding solutions.

Five Effective Methods to Fix No Sound from Windows Media Player

First, you can try to play other videos or music on Windows Media Player to see whether the sound can be played. If other files can be played normally, this problem is must be with the files itself. Just skip to the last part of this article. Yet if there is no sound when playing all those files, this problem is probably due to improper settings. Under this condition, try these methods:  

1. Check the Volume Settings on Windows Media Player and Computer System

Make sure the sound is not muted or turned down. Open Windows Media Player, drag the volume control bar to the right to increase the volume. Meanwhile, click on the Sound icon on the lower-right corner, drag the sound control bar up. Moreover, you can right click on the Sound icon on your desktop, select Sound > Playback Devices, and make sure the Speaker option is enabled in green. Now check whether you can play the sound.

2. Adjust the Equalizer Options in Windows Media Player

Open the file in Windows Media Player, right click and choose Enhancement > Graphic equalizer and make sure all options are turned up.

3. Update Windows Media Player to the Latest Version

Outdated versions can cause a series of issues including the Windows Media Player no sound so make sure you’re using the latest Windows Media Player 12. Or re-install the software.

4. Update the Computer Audio Driver

Another solution to fix the no sound from Windows Media Player is to update the computer audio driver. Open Device Manager, under the Sound, video and game controllers drop-down list, right click on the audio driver and select Update Driver Software.

If only some specified files can't be played normally on Windows Media Player, unsupported audio codecs are the root cause. So here comes the last solution:

5. Install a Proper Codec Pack or Convert the Files

A good codec pack empowers a media player the ability to decode and play files it doesn’t support natively and can help one solve playback issues caused by incompatibility formats or codecs. K-Lite Codec Pack is a powerful codec pack with abundant video and audio codecs for Windows. You can install it via this link:

Meanwhile, there is another direct way to make Windows Media Player recognize the file quickly. Just convert it to Windows Media Player default file formats - WMV and WMA. For this purpose, you need a third-party video converter. We recommend you use HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It’s a dedicated video converter for windows, featuring fast conversion and easy steps. Here takes Windows Media Player no sound MP4 as an example showing the operation of converting MP4 to WMV. 

How to Convert Videos for Windows Media Player?

No sound on Windows Media Player

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step 1. Import Source Video File

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Select Converter on the main window. Click Add Files to import the source videos or just drag and drop them into the converter.

Step 2. Choose Output Format

Head to the output format icon on the right side, select Video and then WMV.

Tips. HD Video Converter Factory Pro can also change the video parameters and normalize the audio permanently.

Step 3. Start the Conversion

First click on the triangle icon on the bottom to choose a destination for the output file. After that, click on Run and export the video. After the conversion, play the video to check whether windows Media Player no audio is fixed.

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In Summary

We’re approaching the end of how to fix no sound on Windows Media Player. HD Video Converter Factory Pro dese offer an easy yet effective way to solve VLC and Windows Media Player sound not working problems. Just try it!

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