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[How-to Guide] Simple Method to Loop Video in Windows Media Player

Author by Kevincy

Updated on Jan 26, 2024

Windows Media Player may be a familiar stranger on your desktop. You have to face it every day, but do not have a deep understanding about it. Indeed, even quite a few people have no idea about how to loop video in Windows Media Player. That's the whole reason I write down this post, just check it out.

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Can Windows Media Player Loop Video?

There have been a few users who have e-mailed me for advice on how to loop video in Windows Media Player, and it seems like you're being a part of them ;-). So does Windows Media Player loop video? Definitely! Well, after reading this article, I'm pretty sure you will slap your thigh: God damn it, so that's it! I humbly admit that I am an idiot, LOL!

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How to Make a Video Loop in Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player Loop VideoWindows Media Player Loop Video

You guys may not even notice Windows Media Player actually offers a feature that allows you loop or repeat a video. This function is originally disabled, so just follow the simple steps below to activate it.

Step 1. Play a video in Windows Media Player, or drag and drop a video file to it.

Step 2. On the Now Playing window, click on a "Repeat" button on the bottom toolbar, which looks like an arrow going in a circle. Alternatively, you can also right-click on the screen and enable "Repeat" option on the menu list or press shortcut keys: Ctrl + T.

Step 3. Once this button is highlighted, the video will be played on a continuous loop until you disable it or close Windows Media Player.

How to Loop Multiple Videos in Windows Media Player?

Playlist Windows Media Player Continuous PlaybackPlaylist Windows Media Player Continuous Playback

In addition to a single video, Windows Media Player enables you to loop multiple videos as well. What you need to do is several simple clicks, as shown in the following steps.

Step 1. Create a new folder and move the video files into it.

Step 2. Right-click on the folder and select "Play with Windows Media Player" option. Windows Media Player will automatically create a playlist and play these videos in sequence.

Step 3. Enable the "Repeat" button on the bottom toolbar. If the button is highlighted, it means you've toggled it on.

Step 4. Now, the videos in the playlist will play orderly. When it reaches the end, Windows Media Player will automatically go back and replay the playlist over and over again.

How to Loop a Section of Video in Windows Media Player?

C'mon! Let me say this up front, it can't be done with the stock player alone. You have to first trim the video section that you want to loop, and then repeat the video in Windows Media Player with the methods above. To save your time, I'll recommend a free program to help you make it come true. So no more crap, let's just get started.

3 Simple Steps to Trim Video Section for Free

Trim Video in Free HD Video Converter Factory

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1 - Load Video File

Run Free HD Video Converter Factory and open "Converter", import video file via Add Files button or a simple drag-and-drop. Then click on the "Scissor" icon.

Step 2 - Trim Video Section

On the popup window, drag the two sliders to determine which video section you want to loop. To be more accurate, enter the Start/End Time on the bottom of the window. Press "Trim" button to cut the video clip. Furthermore, you're able to split multiple clips on one video. Then click OK to return.

Step 3 - Start Video Trimming

You can select a format from a load of preset profiles on the right side as you wish. Click on the inverted triangle icon to specify a destination folder. Lastly, hit the Run button to trim the video section. After a short while, you'll get the video clip so as to loop video in Windows Media Player.

At last...

As you can see, getting Windows Media Player to play video on a loop is a no-brainer, it's just a little tricky to play section of the video. For those who know the technology can make a looped video by themselves. But honestly, I prefer to use VLC player, which is not only powerful in decoding, looping videos and playlists, but also supports looping video sections. Finally, thank you for reading this post. If it works for you, please give it a thumb and share via social media.

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HD Video Converter Factory Pro

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