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How to Split Tracks in Audacity and Export Them to Your PC

Author by Vita

Updated on May 19, 2023

This tutorial teaches how to split tracks in Audacity to keep the parts you need, extract a single track into multiple tracks, save audio effects, etc. Meanwhile, another simple audio splitter is also introduced to help you split audio files easily. You can get the software here:

Let Audacity Split Audio Tracks for You

After creating a big audio file from an album or recording a sound file, you may want to separate the single audio into parts to use them severally. In such cases, you can utilize Audacity to split and export an audio file into parts. The powerful audio editor allows users to perform quite a number of audio editing and recording tasks. For example, you can use Audacity to rip CDs, record online audio tracks, convert between audio formats, modify output sound quality, write plug-ins effect with the help of Nyquist, and edit audio tracks. Splitting an audio track can also be completed easily in it. Here is how to split audio in Audacity. Keep reading.

How to Split Tracks in Audacity?

Import the Audio FileImport the Audio File

Step 1. Run Audacity, select File > Open or use the key combination of Ctrl+O to import the audio file you want to split. Select the Selection Tool I in the tools bar.

Split the Audio into PartsSplit the Audio into Parts

Step 2. Locate to the start time point of the first clip that you want to split out, then move to the top tools bar, select Edit > Labels > Add Label at Selection or use the key combination of Ctrl+B. A new label track will appear below the audio track you import. Rename the first audio clip. Then move to the start point of the second clip, add a label and rename it. Repeat the step until you have labeled all clips that you want to split from the audio.

How to Split a Clip in Audacity - Export the Audio ClipsHow to Split a Clip in Audacity - Export the Audio Clips

Step 3. Head to File > Export > Export Multiple…. On the new dialog, choose the destination for saving the exported files, then click Export. It will tell the total number and format of the outputs. When everything is ok, click OK to export the output files.

Tips. You can also use Analyze > Silence Finder to add labels automatically in the points of silence to save much time and make Audacity split tracks automatically.

How to Split Audio in Audacity Replacement – Simpler Operation and Interface

Audacity is indeed a powerful audio editor when speaking of its stability and features, but new users may retreat from it due to kinds of technical terms and the less attractive interface while it needs some time and patience to master Audacity. If you’re looking forward to a more self-explanatory audio splitter, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a good choice. The program equips a built-in audio editor allowing you to cut and split audio files easily. Meanwhile, you can use it to merge audio files, normalize audio volume, change MP3 bitrate and complete many other audio editing tasks. All options and settings are easy to understand and well-organized. Let’s follow the steps on how to split tracks in Audacity alternative – HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Please free download it and get ready.

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Split Audio into Multiple Tracks Effectively and Easily

Import the Audio File

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step 1. Import the Audio File

Open HD Video Converter Factory Pro and choose the Converter icon on the start-up window. A new Video Converter window appears. Head to Add Files to add the single audio file or directly drag it into the window.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports batch process mode, which empowers users to simultaneously process multiple files.

Choose the Parts You Need

Step 2. Split the Audio into Clips

Select the Trim icon under the imported audio file. On the new window, drag the blue slider bars to set the start point and end point of the first clip, or fill in the start time and end time. Click on the Play icon on the left to preview it. Then click the green Trim button. You can make clip 2, clip 3, clip 4 and more in the same way. After that, hit OK to save the changes.

Choose Audio Format and Start the Conversion

Step 3. Choose an Output Format

Head to the output format icon on the right side and choose from MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, M4A, WMA, etc. under the Audio tab.

Step 4. Export the Multiple Clips  

Click the inverted triangle at the bottom to choose a location to save the exported clips. Click on Run to finalize the process.

Now, that’s all about how to split audio in Audacity alternative – HD Video Converter Factory Pro. When the process is completed, you can check the output files in the new pop-up window.

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In Summary

We have gone through the whole process of how to split tracks in Audacity and its alternative. Audacity is powerful audio software, but WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers simpler operations and more additional features. Download it to have a try:

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WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

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