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How to Overpass and Play Japan DVD Region Movies in US?

Author by Cooper

Jan 07, 2020

How to play Japan DVD region movies without Japanese DVD players? To purchase a new DVD player in region 2 will cost you a lot and make it troublesome to reconnect DVD players with TVs. In the following context, I will show you 4 easy methods to play Japan DVDs in other countries, and this recommended application can be a good assistant.

Q1: I have a lot of Japanese DVDs that I want to purchase. However, they are only sold for Region 2 players. I have found region free DVD players online, but all of them seem to have problems. I am going to Japan and want to buy a region 2 Japanese DVD player, but I don't know where to go, how to have it work with US outlets, or if it will be confiscated at customs when I leave Japan. Can someone help me figure out what to do?

Q2: My friend has Japanese friends who buy DVDs in Japan and send these to her as gifts. She can’t play them on her DVD player. She asked me what to do about it. I thought that Japan had the PAL system but Wikipedia says Japan is NTSC. Is it the region code that prevents Japanese DVDs from playing? Or something else? If region is the problem, what is the best way to convert (or copy) these disks so that they will play?

A: No matter what you already have or the intention to purchase some Japan DVD region movies, it is actually easy to playback them with the help of DVD decrypters or multi-region DVD players (even a few of them fail to play) By the way, you can directly play DVDs in region 2 (which contains Japan region code) with the DVD player you own in US or other countries by modifying the region of your DVD player. Lastly, Japan DVD has NTSC system just like Wikipedia says. Now, it is time to find out how to bypass and play Japanese DVDs in US. Scroll down and keep reading.

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A Handy Method to Play Japanese DVDs for Good

Compared with modifying the region code from region 1 to region 2 so as to make your DVD player work as a real Japan DVD player, removing the DVD region code protections is much easier to play Japan DVD region movies, and there is no number limit like region code modifying times. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is one of the best choices. By taking advantage of it, you can easily rip videos from DVD discs.

User Guideline to Overpass Japan DVD Region Code

Load Japan region DVDs

please free downloadfree download this application for preparation before starting the tutorial.

Step 1. Load Japan Region DVDs

Before inserting DVDs, make sure the DVD drive of your computer is workable. Insert the Japanese disc and open WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, then click the DVD button to choose and load a DVD disc. After a short loading time, all DVD titles will be listed and the main video file is selected automatically. At the same time, the software will decrypt all copy protections including region code.

Choose an output format

Step 2. Choose an Output Format

Click the output format button on the right side of the application and choose any format or device from the list, such as MP4, AVI or the like. Optionally, if you want to back up all the files, you can choose ISO or DVD Folder option under 1:1 quick copy on the top tab of the format window.

Start ripping DVDs

Step 3. Start Ripping DVDs

Now, everything is ready, what you need to do is just clicking the Run button to enable the decryption and digitization process. Or what, if you want to compress DVD videos, you can choose to change the bitrate or frame rate in the setting window.

Alternative Methods

VLC play DVDsVLC play DVDs

1. Try Some Desktop Japanese DVD Players

There are also some free Desktop DVD players that are able to overpass the region code, such as VLC Media Player, MPC-HC and so on. If you only encounter the region code problem, you should have them a try.

Modify region of computer DVD driveModify region of computer DVD drive

2. Modify Region of Your DVD Drive

Modifying region also allows you to play Japanese DVDs, but you should remember that you are limited to 5 times on this operation. As soon as the 5 times are used, you cannot change the region code any more. Open the file explorer. Right-click the DVD drive > Properties > Hardware > Properties > DVD Region > Choose your nation to change the region.

Hack standalone DVD playerHack standalone DVD player

3. Change Region Code of Your Standalone DVD Player

Like the computer built-in DVD drive, the region code of standalone DVD player is also allowed to be changed. But it is harder to hack the standalone DVD player, which requires you to find the factory code and instructions. For that, the following site may be helpful.

Edit and Share DVD Clips

The Best HD Video Converter

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

When we rip DVD videos from homemade discs, which contain precious recordings of our children or something else, and we want to share them on social platforms. A good video editor and format converter can assist us a lot. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro allows users to cut, crop, rotate and merge videos and convert them to HTML5 videos, which are most compatible with social platforms. Back up and share your funny video clips.

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