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Simple Guide for Making Audacity Join Tracks
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How to Let Audacity Merge Tracks into a Longer Audio File?

Author by Vita

Updated on Apr 25, 2022

If you have installed Audacity on your computer, you can make use of it to complete lots of audio editing tasks. This tutorial focuses on Audacity merge tracks and shows you how to combine multiple audio tracks. If you’re a holdout for a simple interface and fool-proof operation, this audio track combiner is a great choice:

Combining multiple short tracks into an audio file is a good way to preserve and play audio tracks, and assorted audio editing applications and services include the Merge function, which makes it easy for users to find a suitable tool to achieve the task. Audacity is the preference of many audio project producers. It comes with many audio editing features for users to split audio tracks, record YouTube videos, switch audio channels, normalize vocals, apply audio effects, and handle other tasks. Letting Audacity merge tracks is also an uncomplicated thing. Here is how to merge tracks in Audacity.

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Step-by-step Guide: How to Combine Tracks in Audacity?

How to join two audio files in Audacity How to join two audio files in Audacity

Step 1. Launch Audacity, go to File > Import >Audio or use Ctrl + Shift + I to find and import the audio tracks.

Step 2. Select the second track. You can left-click and move the mouse to select a specified part from the second track or use Ctrl + A to choose the whole track. Then press Ctrl + X on your keyboard.

Step 3. Move to the first track, and at the end of the track, press Ctrl + V. Now you have merged the two tracks into one. Click Play on the top left of the window to preview the export and you can find that the tracks are be played sequentially now. Combine more tracks into one in the same steps.

Step 4. Select File > Export and choose a format for the output file. Then follow the wizard to designate the output folder, edit audio metadata or skip ahead to OK to export the file. The process time of Audacity combine tracks depends on the file size and your computer configuration, which usually will not be too long.

If you want to mix all tracks, in other words, play these tracks in a file at the same time, after importing them into the Audacity window, you only need to directly export them as one file. In this way, all tracks will be mixed down to a single stereo file.

The Alternative to Audacity for Combining Tracks - HD Video Converter Factory Pro

You can make Audacity combine tracks and mix multiple vocals effectively while besides Audacity, there are many simple and even much more effective approaches. A newbie may feel frustrated when faced with the complicated and clunky interface and all kinds of arcane terms of Audacity. For these users, a self-explanatory application can be more useful and HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a good option. It will help you merge videos and audio tracks in different formats into one and virtually all video & audio formats are supported as inputs. Meanwhile, it enables you to convert the output file to 500+ formats and devices to cater to your different playback and editing demands. It only needs simple steps and explains everything in the most easy-to-follow way so every level can handle this program in element. Let's take a look at how to make the alternative to Audacity merge tracks.

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How to Combine Tracks in Audacity Alternative?

Add Tracks

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step 1. Add Audio Tracks

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro, choose Converter on the main window and it will direct you to the Video Converter window. Click on Add Files to find and import tracks you want to merge into one or drag them into the window.

Merge Multiple Tracks

Step 2. Merge Tracks into One

Hit the Merge button on the top menu bar and extend the Merge window. All imported tracks will be listed in the section above. Select all the tracks and click Merge in the middle toolbar to combine them into pack one. You can rearrange their order by dragging. Meanwhile, you can create more than one pack and add tracks into each pack. In this way, you can merge these tracks into more files. Select the Merge button on the lower left corner to save the setting.

Finalize the Process

Step 3. Choose an Output Format

Click the output format icon on the right side of the interface, go to the Audio tab and choose a format for the merged file, for instance, convert audio to MP3.

Step 4. Finalize the Process

Click the inverted triangle icon on the bottom of the window and alter the location for the destination file. Select the big Run button to export the file. It will prompt you to open the output folder when the process is finished.

In Summary

Letting Audacity merge tracks is an easy task if you have used the audio editor for a while and are familiar with its options and features. Of course, if you're green hands, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is certainly a high recommendation. We have gone through all steps of making Audacity combine tracks. We hope this tutorial is useful to you.

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