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How to Convert and Burn Videos from Camcorder to DVD Disc?

Author by Kevincy

Updated on Jan 26, 2024

Camcorder, which has been popular around the world for decades, is widely acclaimed for its portable and self-contained characters. It is a frequently-used device for capturing and recording daily life. Leaving aside old-fashioned tape-based camcorders, digital camcorders now dominate the consumer market. Want to burn precious footage onto DVD as a surprise gift? The article will tell you briefly how to transfer video from camcorder to DVD disc.

To avoid unsupported video format error, install this freeware to convert Camcorder video files to DVD friendly format:

Camcorder has become a household necessity for most people due to its portability, ease of use and high-definition shooting quality. You will often see it in sports events and personal events, such as family reunion, picnic, wedding, birthday, graduation, trip, etc. Most often, people are apt to burning their memorable moments to a homemade DVD for archiving and saving, but how? Don't worry, first of all, we need to understand that during the development of the camcorder, it is generally divided into tape-based and tapeless types. For these two different situations, I will respectively introduce how to burn video files from camcorder to DVD.

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How to Convert Video from Tape-based Camcorder to DVD?

Camcorder to DVD ConverterCamcorder to DVD Converter

You may have a lot of VHS/8mm/Hi8/miniDV/Digital8 videotapes recorded by analog tape-based camcorders. In this situation, to transfer your videotapes like VHS to DVD, you have to purchase a DVD recorder or a camcorder to DVD converter from Amazon, BestBuy, NewEgg, etc. The steps below vary on a case by case basis.

Step 1. Find the composite or S-Video AV outputs on your camcorder and connect it to the DVD recorder with RCA cables. Then connect the DVD recorder to TV for monitoring video playback and recording.

Step 2. Insert the tape into the camcorder, and make sure it is fully rewound. Then put a blank recordable DVD disc (DVD-R vs DVD+R).

Step 3. Start to play the tape on camcorder, and press record on the DVD recorder.

Step 4. After the recording is complete, you may wait for the DVD finalizing process to make sure it works well on a standalone DVD player.

How to Burn Video from Tapeless Digital Camcorder to DVD?

Unlike tape-based camcorders, the tapeless camcorder shoots footage as digital video files that can be transferred to computer via the USB cable. However, due to different camcorder models, the video will be recorded in different compression and container formats, such as AVCHD, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, XAVC S, XF-AVC, MXF, MOD, TOD, MTS/M2TS, QuickTime (.mov), MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. So the question arises, how to burn these different video types to DVD? Luckily, I've found an easy-to-use DVD burning software - NCH Express Burn. It's free but only available for non-commercial use. Download it from official website below and follow the simple process.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Burn Camcorder Video to DVD

Transfer Camcorder Video to DVDTransfer Camcorder Video to DVD

Step 1. Place a blank recordable DVD disc into DVD burner drive.

Step 2. Run NCH Express Burn, you're prompted to select disc type on the popup dialog box. Select "Video DVD" and rename the DVD label. Then click on Create button to go to main interface.

Step 3. Navigate to Add File(s) button to import your camcorder video files. You can also drag and drop them into the program directly. Just notice the maximum capacity on the bottom, do not surpass the disc duration.

Step 4. On the menu bar, you're able to create disc menu, , manage DVD chapters and change aspect ratio, etc.

Step 5. Hit "Burn Video DVD" at the bottom right corner, select your burner drive and press Burn button to start the burning process.

Tips: Besides NCH Express Burn, DVDStyler and DVD Flick are another 2 recommendable free DVD creator software. However, as I said above, there are various camcorder video types, which may be not recognized by the DVD creator program. In this case, you can solve this incompatible issue by transcoding the camcorder videos with some free video converters.

At last...

You've learnt how to convert camcorder video to DVD for two different situations. Put your hand to burn your first DVD disc. If you run into unexpected accident, don't hesitate to contact us to describe your problem in detail.

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WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

For convenient DVD playback and editing, firstly, you have to extract video content from solid DVD disc. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is a top-ranking program that allows you to digitize either your homemade DVDs or commercial DVDs to real video files. The powerful DVD decryption system and fast ripping speed make that possible. You will be surprised after the experience.

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