Best Kodi Matrix 19 Addons Complete List Updated Weekly

This page is a complete list of best third-party Kodi addons that work on Kodi 19 Matrix with their step-by-step installation guides. Since Kodi now uses Python 3 interpreter for its addons, most Kodi Leia addons are not compatible with and no longer work on Kodi Matrix.

However, with the following newly developed addons, it's still viable to watch free Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, IPTV, Sports, PPVs, Anime and more on the Kodi Matrix! We'll keep the page updated to offer only the working addons and add new ones to this ongoing list.

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Oswald Oswald | Last updated on July 12, 2023
Best Kodi Matrix add-ons

1. Kodi Matrix AIO (All-in-one) Addons

2. Kodi Matrix Movies and TV Shows Addons

3. Kodi Matrix Live TV IPTV Addons

4. Kodi Matrix Sports Addons

5. Kodi Matrix Anime Addons

6. Kodi Matrix Adult Addons

7. Kodi Matrix Music Addons

8. Kodi Matrix YouTube Video Addons

How to Fix Kodi Matrix Addons Not Working

• Kodi Matrix information, features and guides can be found on our Kodi 19 Matrix Release guide.
• It's advised to stick with Kodi Leia 18.9 for the time being. Most Kodi 19 Matrix addons are backward compatible with Kodi 18 Leia. And for more best Kodi Leia addons, please turn to Best Kodi Addons.
• If you Kodi has been automatically updated to Kodi 19 Matrix, you can learn from our guide on how to downgrade Kodi 19 to 18.
• You may also find something of interest on our Best Kodi 19 Matrix Repositories and Best Kodi 19 Matrix Builds list.

1. Kodi Matrix AIO (All-in-one) Addons

  • The Boys

Titled after the awesome TV series, The Boys addon is a new Shadow based addon with Jen playlist sections for Ghost, Chains and Wasteland (additional addons). The Boys addon offers both free and debrid streams and decent live sports.

The Boys Installation Guide

  • Q Continuum

Q Continuum is a brand new Kodi 19 all-in-one addon with sections for 4K One-Click, One-Click, Movies, TV Shows, Non-Debrid, Documentaries, Kids, Sports, Standup, Networks, Music, Anime, and many more.

Q Continuum Installation Guide

  • The Crew

The Crew is one of the best received Kodi Leia AIO addon and has been updated to be Matrix compatible. The Crew is a innovative Exodus fork with many niche sections.

The Crew Installation Guide

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    • Aliunde Plus

    Aliunde Plus addon is a debrid-only addon from Aliunde repository, it's a fork of Shadow addon with Jen playlists and has sections for movies, TV shows, kids, music, 1-click classic TV shows, documentaries, 24/7, healthy eating and fitness, soap catchup, YouTube and adult.

    Aliunde Plus Installation Guide

    • DejaVu (Currently unavailable)

    DejaVu addon has now updated to be Kodi 19 Matrix compatible from DejaVu repository. DejaVu Again addon offers free and debrid links for movies, TV shows, one clicks, documentaries, comedies, old movies, WWE/AEW/UFC replays, sports, etc.

    DejaVu Again Installation Guide

    • Chains

    Chains is a great community AIO addon that serves up plentiful movies, TV shows, documentaries, live TV, music, YouTube videos, folders for kids content and WWE shows/specials/replays from its well laid out menu,

    Chains Installation Guide

    • Rogue One

    Rogue One is a popular AIO (all-in-one) addon for watching 1-click movies, trending TV shows, standup comedies, documentaries and fighting sports streams, and it's now updated to be Matrix compatible.

    Rogue One Installation Guide

    • Free

    Free is a great AIO addon that offers movies, TV shows, documentaries, TV channels, catch-up TV, sports replays, comedy shows, Kid TVs, music, radio and more, mainly in 1080p or 720p quality. Contents are all free to watch, but behind some links of Free addon are embedded ads.

    Free Installation Guide

    • Asgard

    Asgard addon (previously known as Odin), is the go-to addon after The Magic Dragon lost constant maintenance, is a debrid all-in-one addon with an impressive 1-click zone.

    Asgard Installation Guide

    • Nemesis AIO

    Nemesis AIO is a navigable and content-rich all-in-one addon for movies, TV shows, live sports & replays, music & radio, cartoon, kids, gaming videos and more. It is one of the addons from Stream Army Repo which use Pin System for limited access.

    Nemesis AIO Installation Guide

    • C:\>Goto

    C:\>Goto is an all-in-one addon for movies, TV shows, TV rewind, sports, Debrid 1-click, live TV, animation, music and Trakt watchlist.

    C:\>Goto Installation Guide

    • Twisted

    Twisted Kodi addon is a substantial AIO addon from Twisted Repository from which you can also install Twisted Wizard and Twisted builds. We suggest you give Twisted addon a whirl as it offers content for both popular and detailed categorized niche genres.

    Twisted Installation Guide

    • Ghost

    Ghost is an AIO addon for free & debrid movies, TV shows, UFC Replays, and other great community addons including Chains/Sinisters, BNW Movies and The Mad Titan.

    Ghost Installation Guide

    • Maverick

    Maverick addon is a great AIO addon with meticulous categorizations for movies, TV shows, documentaries, 1-clicks, fighting sports streams, comedies, catch-up TV, kids content, live TV, music and more.

    Maverick Installation Guide

    • Alfa

    Alfa is the best Spanish-language based video addon. Alfa libraries include channels for movies, TV shows, anime, documentaries, direct, torrents, sports, community and many practical functionalities like personal links and downloads. Alfa can source from P2P torrents and is different from average Exodus forks in structure.

    Alfa Installation Guide

    2. Kodi Matrix Movies and TV Shows Addons

    • The Oath

    The Oath is a great new Exodus fork with multiple scraper packages and it provides plentiful sources for movies and TV shows. The Oath is by far the best free scrapers movies and TV shows addon for Kodi Matrix.

    The Oath Installation Guide

    • Navyseal Big Brother

    Navyseal Big Brother is a new debrid-only movies and TV shows addon that works on both Kodi Matrix and Leia. Aside from template sections, Navyseal Big Brother addon also offers content from Navyseal addon for Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Music, Documentaries, 24/7, YouTube, Search, Settings and Adult xxx.

    Navyseal Big Brother Installation Guide

    • Shadow

    Shadow was one of the fastest debrid-only Kodi addon for Leia but unfortunately discontinued by the original developer. Shadow is now unofficially updated by a variety of third-party developers. Forks based on Shadow's code and template may bear different names.

    Shadow Installation Guide

    • Seren 2.0

    Seren 2.0 is the officially updated Matrix version of the well-received Seren addon by Nixgates. Seren features continuous playback, Netflix-like next-up dialog, preemptive scrapping of sources, and is tightly interwoven with

    Seren 2.0 Installation Guide

    • Sealteam6

    Sealteam6 is a brand new movies and TV shows addon from The South Paw Repository with sections for Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes and Channels (Sky, FILM4+1, TCM+1, etc.).

    Sealteam6 Installation Guide

    • Venom

    Venom is a nicely trimmed down fork of Exodus addon and is added with extensive features. When integrated with a debrid service, Venom addon pulls streams fast and stream smoothly. Yes, according to the latest changelog, Venom is soon-to-be Matrix compatible.

    Venom Installation Guide

    • Elementum

    Elementum is the best free torrent streaming addon for Kodi Leia and it's now compatible with Kodi Matrix. It has extra features such as streaming directly to memory, downloading to FAT32 systems or NAS. Due to its p2p protocol and BitTorrent nature, a VPN connection is advised to use with Elementum addon.

    Elementum Installation Guide

    • TMDb Helper

    TMDb (The Movie Database) Helper is a video addon from official Kodi Matrix repository. It provides details on movies TV shows and actors from TMDb and a variety of featured lists for users to browse popular movies and TV shows.

    TMDb Helper Installation Guide

    • Fen

    Fen is an advanced Exodus fork that features the support for cloud storage provider Furk and usenets provider Easynews. Fen addon now uses fenom scrapers and My Accounts dependencies as Venom and is now updated to be Kodi 19 compatible.

    Fen Installation Guide

    • Alvin

    Alvin is another great Exodus fork from Octopus repository with unique artworks. Alvin has classic structure and categories, and is integrated with both free and debrid scrapers.

    Alvin Installation Guide

    • Revolution

    Revolution is a relatively new Exodus fork from DejaVu repository. Revolution addon is a built-in scraper pack with Open scraper support. From the same old exodus sections and categorizations, Revolution offers both free and debrid links in HD and higher quality.

    Revolution Installation Guide

    • 4K

    4K Kodi addon is a new debrid-only addon for 1-click movies and TV shows in 4K quality. 4K addon is developed by NaR who has created Asgard addon, the best alternative to the rarely updated The Magic Dragon addon.

    4K Installation Guide

    • Black Lightning

    Black Lightning addon is a new movies and TV shows addon from cMaN's Wizard Repository. Black Lightning supports next-up, filters and 1-click play, and it provides both free and debrid links.

    Black Lightning Installation Guide

    • ReleaseBB

    ReleaseBB addon is a continually updated movies & TV shows addon from Bugatsinho repository. ReleaseBB offers free and debrid links for movies & TV shows scene releases.

    ReleaseBB Installation Guide

    • Entertain Me

    Entertain Me is a single-sourced (SeeHD) addon that offers free released movies and TV shows from an attractive theatre-themed interface. (Pin system addon)

    Entertain Me Installation Guide


    MORPHEUS is a new video add-on that offers free and debrid links for movies and TV shows and is compatible with both Kodi Matrix and Leia.

    MORPHEUS Installation Guide

    • Black Tears

    Black Tears is a debrid-only addon that delivers streams for movies and TV shows as fast as possible. Black Tears is an unofficially updated fork of the renowned but discontinued Shadow addon (by Darkness), and it comes with the new developer settings.

    Black Tears Installation Guide

    • Diamond Shadow

    Diamond Shadow is a great new movies and TV shows Kodi addon that works on Kodi Matrix and Leia. Diamond Shadow is a fork of popular Leia addon Shadow from Diamond Wizard Repo and is now added with many YouTube sections and additional addons.

    Diamond Shadow Installation Guide

    • Blink

    Bink (Don't Bink) is a brand new debrid-only movies and TV shows addon that offers fast debrid streams for lots of popular movies and TV shows. Bink addon has sections for Movies (categorized by Top, Genres, Years, Ratings and Search) and Series (categorized by Top, Genres, Years, Ratings and Search).

    Blink Installation Guide

    • M-E-T-V

    M-E-T-V addon, developed and updated by EzZeRmAn, is a well-maintained movies & TV shows addon with daily enriching content. From its substantial 1-click zones, you get to enjoy tons of high-quality and buffering-free streams without cost.

    M-E-T-V Installation Guide

    • Tubi TV

    Tubi TV is an award-winning platform for watching free and full-length movies and TV shows legally, Tubi TV addon streams contents on Tubi TV website on Kodi.

    Tubi TV Installation Guide

    Best Multimedia Solution

    HD Video Converter Factory is a well-received AIO program that features batch conversion, lossless compression, online video/audio download and more, offering a better way of streaming!

    3. Kodi Matrix Live TV IPTV Addons

    • TV One

    TV One is a popular Kodi addon that offers hundreds of live TV channels for Sports, Entertainment, News, Cooking, Music, Kids, Religious, Movies, Documentaries, international channels, 24/7 channels VOD and live streams. Now there's a new TV One fork compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix available, it's created by the developer of TVOne1112 addon, RACC.

    TV One Installation Guide

    • Catch-Up TV & More

    Catch-Up TV & More brings together the pleasure of enjoying all types of live TVs, Catch-up TV, and entertainment websites in one place. On Catch-Up TV & More, you can watch smooth and high-definition streams of live TV channels around the world without cost.

    Catch-Up TV & More Add-on is now available from Official Kodi Matrix Add-on Repository

    • Swift (Currently unavailable)

    Swift is an excellent addon from the Diamond Repo which offers tons of live TV channels from all around the world.

    Repository: Diamond Build Repo

    Media Source URL:

    • Samsung TV Plus

    Swift is an excellent addon from the Diamond Repo which offers tons of live TV channels from all around the world.

    Repository: SlyGuy Repo

    Media Source URL:

    • Plex Live

    Plex Live is another excellent choice to watch live TV, with no subcription required. It in all offers over 200 channels from 12 countries. It will meet your need for free and legal live TV streaming.

    Repository: LooNatics Asylum Repo

    Media Source URL:

    • LiveNet (Currently unavailable)

    LiveNet addon is a free addon that enables you to enjoy live TV from all around the world such as Canada, German, Australia, India, Thailand, etc. It also provides categories of content for music, movie, news, kids, cooking, sports and so on.

    Repository: Diamond Build Repo

    Media Source URL:

    • My IPTV Pro

    My IPTV Pro is a Fork of Live Streams Pro. It has categories such as Movies, TV shows, Classic, Animation, Kids, Family, Sports and so on.

    Repository: Diamond Build Repo

    Media Source URL:

    • Free Live TV (Currently unavailable)

    Free Live TV is a brand new live TV addons for watching US live channels. Free Live TV is now available from the new Diamond Wizard Repo, and provided channels include CBS Sports, CBSN, EWTN, HSN, NAU-TV, PBS Kids, AFV, AWE Plus, BBC and a lot more.

    Repository: Diamond Build Repo

    Media Source URL:

    4. Kodi Matrix Sports Addons

    • Apex Sports

    Apex Sports is an incredible sports addon newly released to public. Apex Sports addon is compatible with Kodi Matrix and Leia and offers an extensive range of live sports streams, sports replays and highlights from 20+ various sports websites.

    Apex Sports Installation Guide

    • Cloud 9

    Cloud 9 is a brand new sports addon that works on Kodi Leia and Matrix. Cloud 9 addon offers Live footy/soccer, live EPL, UK & US sports channels, fight sports, racing channels, world channels, WWE/AEW/UFC Replays and more.

    Cloud 9 Installation Guide

    • Q Sports

    If you are looking for a reliable video addon that offers stable and high-quality video streams for live sports, sports replay and sports PPVs, a great new addon called Q Sports is exactly what you need. Q Sports addon has sections for Live TV, Roja Direct, Soccer Streams, Sports Bay, US TV Go and Search.

    Q Sports Installation Guide

    • The Crew Sports

    The Crew Sports is a brand new Kodi sports addon for Kodi 19 Matrix, it is a spun-off addon from renowned Kodi 18 Leia all-in-one addon The Crew, which is reowned in part for its outstanding sports zone.

    The Crew Sports Installation Guide

    • Sportowa TV

    Sportowa TV addon is an updated fork of the venerated Sports Devil addon. Sportowa TV is the compilation of most-watched sports TV channels in the world. With Sportowa TV, you get to enjoy live sports streams of many kinds, from LiveLooker,, TVP Sport - Transmisje, Clickfree, Strims World,, SportsBay and TVCOM.

    Sportowa TV Installation Guide

    • Fight Club

    Fight Club is a top-shelf fighting sports addon with all-around libraries of replays and pay-per-views for on-air fighting shows. (Pin system addon)

    Fight Club Installation Guide

    • SportHD

    SportHD Kodi addon was developed to replace the malfunctioning Sport 365 addon from Bugatsinho Repository. Sourced from, SportHD addon is competent for pulling a good many live streams, on-demand videos and PPVs of major sports events in HD quality. And SportsHD is now ready for Kodi Matrix.

    SportHD Installation Guide

    • Strike's AllSportz Recaps

    Strike's AllSportz Recaps addon from Rocks repository is a YouTube sports playlists addon that offers YouTube sports videos in detailed categories. All addons from Rocks repository are now compatible with Kodi Matrix.

    Strike's AllSportz Recaps Installation Guide

    • The Endzone

    The Endzone is a well-maintained sports addon from Grindhouse Repository. With The Endzone, you get to catch up with the latest live streams for NFL, NBA, NCAAF, MMA/Boxing, Wrestling, Nascar and other large events.

    Repository: Grindhouse Repo

    Media Source URL:

    5. Kodi Matrix Anime Addons

    • WatchNixtoons 2

    WatchNixtoons 2 addon is a great Kodi anime addon developed by Doko - the creator of CTOON addon. Doko has stopped updating it due to legal pressure. But the good thing is an A4K member has updated WatchNixtoons 2 to be Matrix compatible.

    WatchNixtoons 2 Installation Guide

    • Kaito

    Kaito is a relatively new anime addon based off codes of WonderfulSubs by DxCx and Seren by Nixgates. Kaito is recommended to be used with debrid services but it also offers free streams. Now Kaito has been unofficially updated to be compatible with Kodi 19.

    Here you can click to Download Kaito Installation File

    • FANime

    From intuitive and navigable categories, FANime offers free streams for latest released and popular anime, sourced from website. And when you find a favored title and click on it, there're usually multiple sources for you to select from. (Pin system addon)

    FANime Installation Guide

    • Gogoanime

    Gogoanime addon is a new anime addon for watching content from Gogoanime website on Kodi. Gogoanime addon provides free and English subbed/dubbed anime in HD quality, and allows you to browse sections including recently viewed, recent release, popular ongoing update, popular anime, genres, year-season and search.

    Repository: cywteow Add-ons Repo

    Media Source URL:

    • Ani-Mate

    Ani-Mate is a video addon developed by J1 for providing live and VOD anime & cartoon content sourced from YouTube videos. Genres include: toddlers, kids, anime, mixed, scifi, comedy, heroes, movies, action and cartoons.

    Repository: Butter Fingers Repo

    Media Source URL:

    6. Kodi Matrix Adult Addons

    • XXX-O-DUS

    XXX-O-DUS is a top Kodi adult addon that features the most adult video sources scraped from many websites and practical built-in functions like history monitoring, favourites, downloadable videos and more. (Pin system addon)

    XXX-O-DUS Installation Guide

    • Jizz Planet

    Jizz Planet offers a detailed directory of thousands of buffering-free porn videos of all kinds, and it supports video search. It's extremely easy for users to find contents of their taste precisely on Jizz Planet. Main categories are HD Porn 1080p, Anal, 60FPS, Teen, Big Tits, Japanese, POV, Asian, Amateur, Masturbation, Lesbian, etc.

    Jizz Planet Installation Guide

    • Ultimate White Cream

    Ultimate Whitecream is a detailed directory of thousands of buffering-free porn videos of many types, and it supports video search. It's easy for users to find contents of their taste precisely on Ultimate Whitecream.

    Ultimate White Cream Installation Guide

    • FapZone

    Fapzone addon is another nice adult addon from Stream Army Repo. Fapzone comes with a unique user interface and provides free and high-quality porn videos in 80+ categories. (Pin system addon)

    FapZone Installation Guide

    • Cumination

    Cumination is a newly developed adult addon from Dobbelina Repository, it is a collection of worldwide porn and webcam websites, and it's compatible with Kodi Leia and Matrix. Addtionally, Cumination allows users to import backup favorites from Ultimate WhiteCream addon.

    Cumination Installation Guide

    • Empflix

    Empflix addon streams adult videos from, which features a variety of adult videos. With Empflix addon, you get to browse adult videos from Featured, Most Recent, Most Viewed, Top Rated and 70+ porn categories.

    Empflix Installation Guide

    • addon enables you to browse videos from a site that aggregates the best porn videos online using the votes of users as the deciding factor. addon allows you to browse collections (user designed categories) as well as the most popular videos today/week/month as decided by the users of the site. Installation Guide

    • VideoDevil

    VideoDevil is a rather popular Kodi addon that helps to watch adult & porn videos from various adult streaming websites, in HD and higher video quality on Kodi. VideoDevil was the top porn streaming option until it lost constant maintenance. Now VideoDevil is available for Kodi 19 from Diamond Wizard Repo.

    VideoDevil Installation Guide

    7. Kodi Matrix Music Addons

    • MP3 Streams

    MP3 Streams addon has always been a top option to stream free and high-quality music on Kodi. More than dedicated in delivering in the best music streams, MP3 Streams addon features a navigable structure with detailed music classification, and also some other lovely functionalities including Shuffle and Play Instant Mix and Favourite Playlist and Add ID3 tags.

    MP3 Streams Installation Guide

    • DreamZBeats

    DreamZBeats is a video addon from Rocks Repository, a music video addon developed for offering the best beats on YouTube, many kinds of beats content are classified into a hybrid combination. If you are keen on vigorous beats, that addon will save your time seeking driftlessly on YouTube. From its main menu, DreamZBeats provide a mingled list consisted of top music artists, music channels, DJs, Music channels, EDM channels, etc. Time to shake the booty!

    Repository: Rocks Repo

    Media Source URL:

    • Muzic

    Muzic is a video addon from Butter Fingers Repository that serves mainly for wonderful music especially those of unique genres. Alternative, blues, metal, docs, anthems, Punk, RnN, Karaoke…Anything on your mind, it's probably here. Meanwhile, Muzic has playlists for music documentaries, TV show songs, and concerts while most music addons don't. Anyway, take a look at Muzic addon for something special.

    Repository: Butter Fingers Repo

    Media Source URL:

    8. Kodi Matrix YouTube Video Addons

    • FDJ.HD

    FDJ.HD is a YouTube video addon with well-organized categories. It has versions for both Kodi 18 and Kodi 19.

    FDJ.HD Installation Guide

    Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purposes only and should only be used to stream movies and TV shows under the public domain. WonderFox is in no way collaborated, affiliated with or hosting any Kodi add-ons, repositories or builds. We do not endorse or advocate copyright infringement, the end-user should be responsible for any content accessed via the services or apps referenced on this post.


    We've well tested all of the recommended addons and they work great, as time elapses, addons that stop working will be removed from the list in future post updates. So you can totally trust your viewing pleasure with this list and don't forget to follow the tutorials and give these great addons a try when you have time.

    Nevertheless, since Kodi Matrix is still in early stage, there could be bugs and malfunctions with Kodi itself and Kodi 19 addons. When you do encounter one during use, fresh install Kodi Matrix and try again, that should fix it.

    As mentioned, new addons will be added to the list once they're out and pass our test, so don't forget to check back later for new addons! And if you have any questions or further issues on installing or using addons on Kodi Matrix, drop a line below! And always feel free to reach me on Twitter | Facebook and I'll be glad to help.

    Got no clue since you're completely new to Kodi? Below are the guides that can help you get started:

    · How to install Kodi on: Windows | Fire TV Stick | Android Phone | Android Box.
    · Learn how to install add-ons on Kodi on any device.
    · Learn how to uninstall Kodi builds and reset Kodi.

    Kodi Matrix Add-on Not Working Fix

    • Kodi Matrix Add-on No Stream Available/Streaming Buffering/Stream Pending after Loading but Won't Play

    The causes of no stream available and other streaming failed issue vary, most effective solutions include:

    1. Use the option in your device settings or maintenance addons like Open Wizard to clear Kodi cache.

    2. Reauthorize debrid services like Real-Debrid, Premiumize and All Debrid with the updated ResolveURL.

    3. Go to addon settings and switch Auto Play feature to Source Select.

    4. Stop using VPN with debrid services.

    5. Use a proxy to bypass ISPs blocking.

    • Kodi Matrix Add-on Fails to Start/Launch

    That could be the addon stopped working, we'll put up an announcement from the top of the page, in that case, stay tuned to our updates. In addition, working addons will also fail to launch, try the following methods to sort that.

    1. Make sure the server and port number in your Kodi Internet access match the ones of your network. Check that especially if you're using a VPN. Learn more: Kodi Proxy Settings

    2. Try clearing Kodi app cache in your device settings or with maintenance tools like Open Wizard, reboot Kodi, and launch the addon again.

    • Kodi Matrix Add-on Error Check the Log for More Information

    First try clearing Kodi app cache from your device settings, reboot Kodi, and try the previous behavior again and see if this issue still occurs. If so, learn how to check log file on Kodi and draw support from someone who can read it. Please note that don't seek assistance for third-party addons from official Kodi support channels.

    • Kodi Matrix Add-on Links Fails to Play Requiring Stream Authorization

    If you're asked to authorize stream when trying to play a link, you can either:

    1. Use a static IP address to pair with the hoster site.

    2. Use a debrid service with Kodi and disable free hosters in addon settings.

    Learn more: Stream Authorizations on Kodi – Is it Safe? Several Ways to Deal with Them

    • Kodi Matrix Add-on The Dependencies Could Not be Satisfied

    This issue results from python code discrepancy of addon's dependencies. In that case, you should use a compatible version of Kodi for the addon. As always, we only advise the use of the latest stable release version of Kodi and the latest version of continually-updated addons.

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