Stream Authorizations on Kodi – Is it Safe? Several Ways to Deal with Them

When trying to play a certain link on Kodi, instead of a video playing, a dialog pops up requiring authorization on a website. If you're worrying about whether authorizing these streams as required is safe and how to do with these stream authorization issues, we have the answers.

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Oswald Oswald | Updated on July 19, 2023

What is Stream Authorization on Kodi

So, Is it Safe to Do Stream Authorizations?

Method 1. Actually Implement Stream Authorization to Pair with File Hosts

Method 2. Disable Sources that Require Stream Authorizations

Method 3. Adopt a Decent Debrid Service

Already Paired with Website, Still Requiring to Authorization?

What is Stream Authorization on Kodi

Stream Authorization on Kodi

Stream authorization dialog is a fairly common scenario when you're trying to play certain link with a Kodi addons. It's not an Kodi error but just a request message, usually happens with addons that offers free links like Exodus Redux, Scrubs V2, Midian and many other OpenScrapers module powered Exodus forks.

Generally, you'll be asked to navigate to a certain website to enter the given token and press something like “Authorize”, “Link” or “Pair”. Usually you'll be granted with around 4 hours access to the encrypted link after the authorization/pairing.

Stream authorization helps file host websites benefit from ad revenue and product exposure to finance their server's maintenance, that's the major part of the reason it's for.

However, it does seem a bit weird to be driven to an unknown website for conducting certain behaviors.

Please note that some old addons still have the scraper for hoster sites that are already dead, check the list in the following to learn about the up and running free hoster sites.

List of working free hosters that require pairing:

• FlashX

• Openload

• Streamango

• Streamcherry

• The Video me

• Uptobox

• Vevio

• Vidup

• Videoshare

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    So, Is it Safe to Do Stream Authorizations?

    We have tested the authorization process of dozens of file hosts that Kodi addons usually source from, which include: Openload (olpair), FlashX, TheVideo, Streamango,, Vshare, Vevio, Uptobox, etc. They all have a same authorization dialog in Kodi and similar authorization procedure.

    The verdict is, it's generally safe to conduct stream authorization on these websites, the process is relatively simple and the video streams indeed play after the authorization process. But it's worth mentioning that these webpages for stream authorization are riddled with ads or product promotions, you should always watch your clicks while you're there. Yet some webpage even with Captcha is a pure disaster to users on devices with remote control.

    In the following are the methods to do with stream authorization on Kodi and access your favored links.

    Method 1. Actually Implement Stream Authorization to Pair with File Hosts

    If you're not worrying too much, then actually do the stream authorization is a quick solution and the authorization procedure is usually quite simple.

    1. Go to the website as asked to.

    2. Enter the given token exactly into the blank on the webpage.

    3. Press the confirmation button.

    4. Wait for the authorization complete message, and you can head back to Kodi for your stream.

    Just close redirect pages amid the process if there's any.

    For those who value home network system security, you can choose to conduct the stream authorization with the web browser on your streaming device instead of the one on your PC or mobile phone.

    With a VPN equipped? Even better.

    Method 2. Disable Sources that Require Stream Authorizations

    For those who're worrying authorization sites may do harm to your device or network and rather not to see these links with authorization again, you can choose to disable them. Most working addons these days can scrape from hundreds of thousands of file hosts, and you should be fine with the exclusion of few. Afterward, Kodi will try to find substitute link for the same title.

    To do so, you should:

    1. Locate the addon you intend to disable authorization sources for from Kodi Video add-ons tab.

    2. Highlight and right-click (or long press the select button on a remote or press C on a keyboard) on the addon, click Settings.

    3. Go to Resolvers tab and click Open Resolver Settings.

    4. There're usually multiple Resolver tabs from the ResolveURL settings menu, poke around to find the provider that feed you stream authorization dialog and click on the Enable toggle to disable it.

    *For those providers with Captcha during authorizations, you can also remove them by disabling Captcha links from:

    For Exodus forks – Settings menu > Playback tab > File Hosting Filters section > Hosters with captchas.

    For other addons - Settings menu > ResolveURL settings > Disable Hosters with Captchas.

    However, some of the sources require authorizations are larger and more popular file hosters, you might be missing out on tons of quality links from disabling them. After disabling these sources, there's a chance you find there's no stream available for your favorite show, you might have to enable stream authorizations required sources back on or try your luck on another addon.

    Or, there's still another way to work around.

    Method 3. Adopt a Decent Debrid Service

    Debrid services serve as rich-sourced link provider and fast link downloader on Kodi. With them, you'll uncover an ocean of quality links and enjoy impressive download speed on Kodi, at a totally affordable about 4 dollars a month price.

    With the integration of debrid services on Kodi and set link priority to a number lower than 100, addons will return premium links from the top of the result, most of which works and no authorization needed.

    Here's a glimpse into our recommended debrid services, click on the service name to check our reviews.


    Real-Debrid is arguably the best budget premium service of its kind. Real Debrid is a background service that serves download optimization, better Internet connection and premium hosts access, existing within certain addons. With the pre-configuration of Real-Debrid on supported addons, you'll get better video quality, ample premium links and faster online stream capture and downloads than usual.

    Premiumize: is a cloud storage and anonymous download services, enabling their premium users to fast download files from their hosts. It features securing and no logging on data, RSS feed automation, geo-unrestriction, VoIP and usenet servers. Premiumize has a higher pricing from which you can benefit exclusive premium hosts, SSL encrypted connection, higher quality cached torrents, more HD links, less buffering and a free VPN in their package.

    All Debrid:

    If you find the budget for using Real-Debrid acceptable to you but the download performance not so much, there's a similar service called All-Debrid that can serve as a great alternative to Real-Debrid in certain areas. All Debrid doesn't have user base as large as Real-Debrid, which leads to less cached torrent but more stable server, better buffering elimination and better link accessibility.

    Already Paired with Website, Still Requiring to Authorization?

    Most file host websites use authorization to pair their source with your IP address. If you're using a VPN, your IP address might have change within 4 hours, resulting in you unpaired with the file hosts.

    Using a VPN with static IP address or just stop using VPN are ways to fix.

    No VPN but worrying about privacy in streaming? Forking out for a debrid service is a fairly solid plan. Debrid services provide premium streams from torrents, file hosts, usenets, delivered to your IP with SSL encryption, meaning your viewing history is completely clear of your ISP and government, without the need of a VPN.


    There's a simple trick worth a shot that you wait and do nothing or click "Cancel" when the authorization dialog pops up and sometimes the video starts playing after a while, but it's hit and miss after all. In my humble opinion, debrid services are probably the most solid solution to this issue.

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