Causes of No Stream Available Kodi Error and Effective Solutions

Got “No stream available” error message when trying to play a certain link on Kodi? No worries. On this page, you'll find effective solutions to this and you'll be able to enjoy your favored links in no time.

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Oswald Oswald | Updated on July 17, 2023
No Stream Available Kodi Error

The causes of no stream available error on Kodi vary. In the following, we've rounded up the most likely causes of no stream available issue and we'll provide the effective solutions which apply to various Kodi devices.

But first, let's root out some causes you might've overlooked.

- If you're looking for a fairly old or niche movie/TV show, there's chance that there isn't any available source of it at all.

- No stream available issue can result from poor/unconnected internet, make sure your Kodi device is in a good network condition.

- If you're streaming with VPN or debrid services, make sure your subscriptions haven't expired.

- Make sure you're using a working addon to stream movie & TV shows.

- Also, no stream available issue happens a lot with popular addons that are still working but outdated and discontinued, which include Covenant, Neptune Rising, Exodus Redux and more.

We advise users stick to continually updated addons. Check out our best Kodi addons list to find out more streaming options.

Nothing rings a bell? Then let's delve into the tricky parts.

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    1. The Link is Already Dead

    Great addons capture so many links, while many of them already went inactive by the time your click on it. The issue happens especially if you're trying to watch an older episode or a live TV show that has long past airing.

    That explains why that back in the days people encounter a lot no stream available issue with the venerated Exodus, its robust scrapers generate an ocean of links for the title, available and unavailable ones both subsumed.


    The fix in that case is simple, try clicking on another link in the search result for substitute. Additionally, if you want your addon to generate active only or from the top of the results, forking out for a debrid service is a solid idea.

    Read about best debrid service of our picks: Real-Debrid | All Debrid | Premiumize

    2. Addon Currently Not Working or Can't Find Stream

    Addon failed to play a link saying no stream available could be the addon you're using is currently not working or unable to find the link you want. That even happens to the well maintained and continually updated addons like The Crew, Venom and Fen. That usually happens after an addon update. Nevertheless, if on this addon links for other movies/TV shows work, then it's less likely to be the addon's problem.


    Wait for further addon update. Meanwhile, you can try finding the same title you're looking for with another working addon.

    3. Excessive Cache

    Cached videos/provider info/meta of heavy users will take up too much storage on your Kodi device, slow down Kodi and even bring about various issue including no stream available.


    Clear addon cache. Newer addons have integrated option for this job, usually in Tools section. Trusted maintenance tools like Ares Wizard and OpenWizard can also help.

    4. Auto Playback Feature

    The Default action setting in Playback tab from setting menu of most Exodus forks is usually Directory by default. If you have manually switched it to Auto Play before, you may encounter no stream available issue from auto playback feature.


    In addon settings menu, Playback tab. Set Default action as Directory. Manually select link to play instead of using auto play.

    5. Unavailable Free Links

    Free links on Kodi are getting more and more unreliable these days. On many addons, most free links listed in the search result are actually from unavailable sources, if you click on many of them, it will just be no stream available.


    We recommend you choose one of the better-received premium link providers like Real-Debrid, All Debrid and Premiumize. With these services, you'll enjoy much faster link probing, actually playable links, and high-quality streams.

    6. ResolveURL Missing/Malfunctioning

    If no stream available issue occurs after the installation or an update of ResolveURL, it could be ResolveURL missing or malfunctioning.


    First, go to System > Add-ons > Manage dependencies to see if the latest ResolveURL is installed.

    If not, follow our ResolveURL installation guide to install the latest ResolveURL.

    If yes, the solution is to reset ResolveURL and reauthorize your debrid accounts.

    - Click cog icon from Kodi main menu > System > Add-ons > Manage dependencies > ResolveURL > Configure > ResolveURL tab > Click Reset Function Cache and disable Use Function Cache.

    And you may also need to re-authorize your debrid accounts, also in ResolveURL settings menu:

    - Click cog icon from Kodi main menu > System > Add-ons > Manage dependencies > ResolveURL > Configure > Universal Resolvers tab > (Re)Authorise My Account

    These setups will make sure the installed ResolveURL up and running and apply to all your addons that use ResolveURL.

    - That should fix all ResolveURL and debrid services related issues.

    7. ISP Blocking the Link

    If you are in countries super strict about the copyright of media streams such as UK, no stream available could be from your ISP blocking the link by blocking the source website). Certain torrent streaming addons like A Pirate's Life for Me doesn't even work for UK users from time to time.


    In that case, VPN and debrid services are both a feasible way bypass ISP blocking.

    8. VPN not supported by Debrid Service

    Using a VPN to ensure anonymous Kodi streaming is certainly a smart move. Nevertheless, thing's different if you're using a debrid service for premium links. Using VPN with services like Real-Debrid, Premiumize, etc. is pointless since when you download link from debrid services, your streaming track is already masked, not to mention many VPN services are not supported by debrid services.


    Outright disable your VPN. After that, restart all your modems, routers, and Kodi device.

    Or adopt a supported VPN service if you rather not to trust your viewing history with link providers.

    Learn more: Real-Debrid Supported VPN List


    I believe you'll get your no stream available problem solved by trying some of our solutions. Do you still have no stream available problem or further issues? Reach me from the top of the page and leave me a message.

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