Best Kodi 19 Matrix Repositories – Best Kodi Matrix Addons in One Place

This page is a complete and updated list of the best Kodi 19 Matrix repositories that offer free Kodi addons, Kodi wizards, and Kodi builds. Please note that some of the repositories may not have as many add-ons as those of Kodi 18 Leia, as there's only a handful of Kodi 19 add-ons available at the moment, but all the recommended repositories are definitely worth the installation.

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Oswald Oswald | Updated on July 13, 2023
Best Kodi Repositories

Part 1. Complete List of Best Kodi 19 Matrix Repositories

1.1 Chains Repository

1.2 Stream Army Repository

1.3 The Crew Repository

1.4 DejaVu Repository

1.5 Aliunde Repository

1.6 Narcacist's Wizard Repository

1.7 Venom Repository

1.8 The South Paw Repository

1.9 Diamond Wizard Repo

1.10 EzzerMacs Wizard Repository

1.11 Octopus Repository

1.12 Bugatsinho Repository

1.13 Rocks repository

1.14 Slam 19 Repo

1.15 Magnetic Repository

Part 2. How to Install Repositories and Addons on Kodi 19 Matrix

According to the Matrix Release announcements, Kodi addons now use Python 3 interpreter instead of Python 2 like before, making most of Kodi addons incompatible with and automatically disabled on Kodi 19 Matrix. And unfortunately, that affects Kodi repositories as well, most of our Best Kodi Leia Repositories won't offer many working addons for Kodi 19 and most of them even fail to install.

In a bid to offer the best Kodi repositories compatible with Kodi 19 for installing working add-ons for movies, TV shows, live sports, live channels, adult, anime, builds and more in one place, we've round up the worthiest repositories at your disposal, they're all well-tested so don't hesitate to give them a try.

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Part 1. Complete List of Best Kodi 19 Matrix Repositories

  • Chains Repository

Chains Repository is one of the best community Kodi repositories, starting from Kodi 18 Leia. Chains repo was once housed in The Crew repository and they now have their own repo. It's the go-to spot for a variety of top-notch video addons and Kodi builds, themes and skins.

Repo URL:

Kodi 19 Addons:
The Boys [All-in-one]
Chains [All-in-one]
Blacktears [Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
Chains Matrix Wizard [Kodi 19 Build Wizard]
Funswizard [Kodi 19 Build Wizard]
Theme Matrix Wizard [Kodi 19 Theme Wizard]

  • Stream Army Repository

Stream Army Repository is the first Kodi 19 repository available, it offers a wide scope of addons for movies, TV shows, anime, sports and adult content. Please note that Stream Army addons use Pin System for limited access. Not a fan? Plenty of alternative repositories are provided below.

Repo URL:

Kodi 19 Addons:
Nemesis AIO [All-in-one]
Entertain Me [Free Movies & TV Shows]
FANime [Anime]
Fight Club [Fighting Sports]
XXX-O-DUS [Adult]
FapZone [Adult]

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    • The Crew Repository

    The Crew Repository is another best community repository which gained its popularity in Kodi 18 Leia with outstanding addon The Crew. Though The Crew, neither the addon or the repo, have been completely ported to Kodi 19, The Crew repo still offers many worthy addons for installation.

    Repo URL:

    Kodi 19 Addons:
    Chains [All-in-one]
    Cumination [Adult]
    Shadow [Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    The Boys [All-in-one]
    The Crew Wizard [Kodi 19 Build Wizard]

    • DejaVu Repository (Currently unavailable)

    DejaVu is an awesome Kodi repository that works on both Kodi 19 and 18. It offers a plethora of free scrapers addons that deliver completely free movies, TV shows, sports and other content. And Maverick builds are also recommended to try out on Kodi Matrix.

    Repo URL:

    Kodi 19 Addons:
    DejaVu (aka DejaVu Again) [All-in-one]
    Revolution [Free and Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Free [Free and Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Cloud 9 [Live Sports]
    EZ Maintenance+ [Maintenance]
    Mavrick Wizard 19 [Kodi 19 Build Wizard]

    • Aliunde Repository

    From Aliunde Repository, you can find great working addon Aliunde, Aliunde Plus, and a series of practical Kodi 19 maintenance tools.

    Repo URL:

    Kodi 19 Addons:
    Aliunde Plus [Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Easy Repo Installer [Program Add-on]
    Aliunde Matrix Maintenance Wizard [Maintenance]

    • Narcacist's Wizard Repository

    Narcacist's is another terrific community repository for a couple of exclusive addons developed by NaR, the creator of Asgard which is the best addon to turn to after The Magic Dragon lost support. What's more, Narcacist's Wizard Repository also offers decent Kodi builds.

    Repo URL:

    Kodi 19 Addons:
    Asgard [All-in-one]
    4K [Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Black Lightning [Free and Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Rogue One [Free and Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Narcacist's Wizard [Kodi 19 Build Wizard]

    • Venom Repository (Currently unavailable)

    Venom Repository is the place for popular addon Venom, and both of them have been updated to be Kodi Matrix compatible. Venom Repository now also encompasses Fen addon, an advanced Exodus fork that uses Fenom Scraper and My Accounts dependencies as Venom addon.

    Repo URL:

    Kodi 19 Addons:
    Venom [Fenom Scraper Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Fen [Fenom Scraper Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Seren 2.0 [Debrid Movies & TV Shows]

    • The South Paw Repository

    The South Paw Repository is a relatively new repository for installing a few movies and TV shows addons, South Paw addons use both free and debrid scrapers, and there you can also find Kodi 19 maintenance tools.

    Repo URL:

    Kodi 19 Addons:
    Sealteam6 [Free and Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Navyseal Big Brother [Free and Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Navy Seal MAINTENANCE WIZARD [Maintenance]

    • Diamond Wizard Repo (Currently unavailable)

    Diamond Wizard Repo is a continually updated and well maintained Kodi 18 & 19 repository. It's a fascinating repository for finding great Diamond addons and many other interesting forks.  

    Repo URL:

    Kodi 19 Addons:
    Diamond Shadow [Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Cumination [Adult]
    Empflix [Adult] [Adult]
    VideoDevil [Adult]

    • EzzerMacs Wizard Repository

    EzzerMacs Wizard Repository is one of the largest community repository for Kodi Leia, and it now offers hosting for many best community Kodi 19 addons, including the ones that you can't install from elsewhere, SG Wizard, SG builds and SG addons.

    Repo URL:

    Kodi 19 Addons:
    Asgard [All-in-one]
    4K [Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Black Lightning [Free and Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Rogue One [Free and Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Shadow [Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    SG Wizard 19 [Kodi 19 Build Wizard]

    • Octopus Repository

    Octopus Repository was a lesser-known Kodi repository back in the days of Kodi Leia, but it's now a must-have for Kodi Matrix as it offers free scrapers addon Alvin and popular live TV addon TV One by RACC for Kodi 19.

    Repo URL:

    Kodi 19 Addons:
    Alvin [Free and Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    TV One [Live TV]

    • Bugatsinho Repository

    Bugatsinho Repository is the place for popular movies and TV shows addon ReleaseBB. Bugatsinho is still working updating his addons to Kodi 19, and some of them are already available.

    Repo URL:

    Kodi 19 Addons:
    SportHD [Live Sports]
    ReleaseBB [Free and Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    Skyline Webcams [Webcams]

    • Rocks repository

    Rocks repository is an ingenious repository with a lot of Kodi Matrix add-ons all source from YouTube videos. Personal YouTube API Key Kodi integration is required.  

    Repo URL:

    Kodi 19 Addons:
    Strike's AllSportz Recaps [Sports]
    Fight Tube [Sports]
    Strike Music Vids [Music]
    Strike's Movie Zone [Free Movies]
    Rock Cleaner & Rock Cleaner Classic [Maintenance]
    and more.

    • Slam 19 Repo (Discontinued)

    Slamious is a great builder and addon developer. With installing Slam 19 Repo, you get to explore all his impressive video/music addons and top-shelf Kodi builds.

    Repo URL:

    Kodi 19 Addons:
    Watchnixtoons2 [Anime]
    MP3 Streams [Music]
    Slam Tunes [Music]
    Slam 19 Wizard [Kodi 19 Builds and Template]

    • Magnetic Repository

    Magnetic Repository is another updated community repository and you can use it to install third-party updated Shadow addon and other lovely addons including Magnetic 19 Wizard.

    Repo URL:

    Kodi 19 Addons:
    Shadow [Debrid Movies & TV Shows]
    CoCoDab [Program Add-on]
    DaBscope [Program Add-on]
    Magnetic Wizard 19 [Kodi 19 Build Wizard]

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    Part 2. How to Install Repositories and Addons on Kodi 19 Matrix

    · Since Kodi prohibits the installation of third-party addons/repos by default for security issues, we need to set Kodi to allow installation from unknown sources to go on.
    Step 1. Launch Kodi, from the main menu, click System icon from the upper side of the left panel.
    Step 2. Click on the File manager module from the System menu.
    Step 3. Double click on the Add source bar on the left side.
    Step 4. Click on <None>.
    Step 5. Copy and paste or type in exactly the Repo URL in the popup location box, then click OK. Check for typos if you encounter couldn't retrieve directory information.
    Step 6. Define a name for the added media source in the lower box. Then click OK.
    Step 7. Go back to the main menu and click Addons from the left panel.
    Step 8. Click on the box icon from upper side of the left panel.
    Step 9. Click on Install from zip file. Click OK to close the pop-up warning dialog.
    Step 10. Click on the defined name of the source we just added to Kodi.
    Step 11. Click on the zip file within. If you see failed to install addon from Zip file, check your internet connection, reboot Kodi, and install again.
    Step 12. Wait until you can see a message pops up on the upper-right side saying certain Add-on installed. That means the repository from the Repo URL is successfully installed.
    To open and install addons from the installed repo, click Install from repository.
    Step 13. Select the repository you just installed. If you encounter "Could not connect to repository" error message, check out our troubleshooting.
    Step 14. Click Video add-ons/Music add-on/Program add-ons, depending on the category of the addon you intend to install.
    Step 15. Select the addon you want to install, then click Install from the lower-right side of the addon's info panel.
    Step 16. Click OK to install additional dependencies of the add-on if a dialog pops up. Try installing the required dependencies respectively, if you encounter failed to install a dependency.
    Step 17. Wait for a message pops up from the upper-right side saying addon installed. And that means the addon you want is successfully installed. Now grab a beer and enjoy!


    That'll be all for the best Kodi 19 repositories, we really hope it helps you find the best installation options. Additionally, we'll keep the list updated to offer only working addons and add emerging ones to it, so be sure to bookmark the list and check back later! And if you like this page, sharing it is a good way to keep us going!

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