Best Torrent Streaming Kodi Addons – Unlimited High-quality Streams on Kodi

Torrent is one of the major resources of media streams on the internet and arguably has the vastest coverage of movies and TV shows. Unlike most working addons these days that use torrent as only a small proportion of media sources, addons listed on the page either serve up mainly or work exclusively for torrent streams, and they tend to offer higher quality videos than other addons.

Both free and paid Kodi addons for torrent streaming will be mentioned, and this list will keep up-to-date to provide you only the working options.

Oswald Oswald | Updated on July 19, 2023
Best torrent streaming addons


Before starting, please be aware that direct torrent streaming could have legal risks in many countries. Streaming with a VPN is advised as it's a good way to hide your streaming trail and your identity.

Debrid services such as Real-Debrid, Premiumize and All Debrid are also recommended as they are great cached torrent providers in encrypted connection.

This guide is for educational purpose only and please use the following addons at your discretion.

1. Best Free Torrent Streaming Addons

These free torrent streaming addons offers streams from a variety of torrent providers for free. The video quality and download speed of the streams can't be guaranteed, but these addons usually suffice to outperform file hosters/streaming sites scraper addons.

If you like free links on Kodi, our Best Free Kodi Addons list may have something of your interest.

  • Elementum

Compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix

Elementum is a fork of Quasar, a direct torrent streaming addon with the support of streaming directly to memory and downloading to FAT32 systems or NAS. Elementum is long discontinued but it keeps working, and does local torrenting without a premium account. But please note that, when using Elementum, a decent VPN could be needed to ensure anonymous torrent streaming, and Elementum not compatible with debrid services.

Elementum Installation Guide

  • LooNatics 3000 (Currently unavailable)

A fork of Destiny addon, LooNatics 3000 is a new movies & TV shows addon that offers tons of quality links though torrent websites. Apart from movies and TV shows categories, LooNatics 3000 also offers Live TV/M3u lists for live TV channels and IPTV.

LooNatics 3000 Installation Guide

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    • Alfa

    Compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix

    Alfa is a Spanish video addon that pull streams from both website scraping and torrents. Alfa libraries include channels for movies, TV shows, anime, documentaries, direct, torrents, sports, community and many practical functionalities like personal links and downloads. Alfa can source from P2P torrents and is different with average Exodus forks in artwork and structure.

    Alfa Installation Guide

    • Scrubs V2

    Scrubs V2, the new version of the popular Scrubs addon by JewBMX, is one of the best Exodus fork that keeps serving up free link until today, when most of its kind has gone to debrid-only. When using Scrubs V2 addon, you can add torrent scrapers in addons settings menu to acquire more viable links.

    Scrubs V2 Installation Guide

    • Hades (Currently unavailable)

    Hades is a brand new addon. Hades addon offers free links in for movies, TV shows, documentaries and new movie releases, all in incredible HD quality. There're also live TV channels and debrid-only 4K movie releases and adult content. Many 1080p free links Hades pulls are torrents.

    Hades Installation Guide

    • Delta Quadrant

    Delta Quadrant is a one-click video addon from Diamond Wizard Repo. Delta quadrant offers many free 1080p streams and magnet for movies and TV shows, and it's integrated with many live TV addons from Official Kodi Repository.

    Delta Quadrant Installation Guide

    2. Best Debrid Torrent Streaming Addons

    Premium debrid services are the best for streaming torrent streams on Kodi since they offer premium hosts access, better internet connection, RSS feed automation and a lot more. Debrid services are the best cached torrent provider on Kodi, while cached torrent is by far the fastest and highest-quality stream source on Kodi.

    The integration of debrid services with addons listed in the following will deliver the utmost viewing enjoyment and your privacy ensured with the 256 bit SSL encryption.

    Please note that all debrid addons include torrent links, we've only listed the best of them, in the following, and they are the best debrid addons. If you want more torrent streaming options, you can check out our list of Best Kodi Add-ons.

    Best debrid services at a glance: Real-Debrid | | All Debrid

    • Seren

    Compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix

    Though a bit buggy lately as the developer busy in Seren 2.0 development for the upcoming new version, Seren is undoubtedly a top debrid addon.

    Seren is a multi-source addon with Netflix streaming behavior like next-up dialog. Seren offers detailed categories and precise search for cached torrent with working with Real-Debrid/Premiumize and an appropriate provider package.

    Seren Installation Guide

    • Shadow

    Compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix

    Shadow is arguably the fastest addon in probing debrid links. It takes the advantage of debrid services to fast deliver buffering-free streams of movies and TV shows in impressive video quality. The original developer has given up this project but Shadow is still working nicely now and unofficially updated.

    Shadow Installation Guide

    • Venom

    Compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix

    Venom, the once best alternative go-to spot to Exodus Redux has become a debrid-only addon since September 2020. It keeps all the best features like auto playback and various playlists support. And it's now added with the new My Accounts module for managing debrid accounts.

    Venom Installation Guide

    Best Multimedia Solution

    HD Video Converter Factory is a well-received AIO program that features fast video conversion, lossless compression, online video/audio download and more, offering a better way of streaming!

    • Locutus (Currently unavailable)

    Locutus is the fork of Destiny and can now be installed from Diamond Wizard Repo. Locutus offers fast torrent streaming from its unique categorizations. But Locutus is a debrid only requiring Real-Debrid authorization upon first entering. Locutus also supports streaming IPTV, if personal m3u playlist is provided.

    Repository URL:

    • Gaia

    Gaia is an addon on Kodi that streams from LD to HDultra quality movies and shows. With Gaia, you can stream movies, shows, documentaries, and short films from a variety of sources, such as torrent, usenet, file hosters, and video streaming services. Gaia is optimized for premium services such as Orion, Premiumize, OffCloud, Real-Debrid, and EasyNews.

    Gaia Installation Guide | Gaia Setup Guide

    • A Pirate's Life for Me (Currently unavailable)

    A Pirate's Live for Me is a Movies & TVs Kodi addon that provides video content by pulling media streams from torrenting websites, primarily The Pirate Bay, and MTB, Glow Torrents, and EZTV. And the latest addon version should work in the UK, but, adopt a VPN as always, if you find it doesn't.

    A Pirate's Life for Me Installation Guide

    • FoxyStreams

    FoxyStreams is a fast and simple-structured module for scraping RARBG, TorrentAPI and BitLord, with basic download, listing and search features. FoxyStreams is developed to be used in combination with OpenMeta.

    FoxyStreams Installation Guide

    • Realizer & Premiumizer

    For now, there isn't a practical way on Kodi to enjoy your torrent stream collection from your Real-Debrid or cloud.

    The commonest practice of Real-Debrid and Premiumizer is the integration with streaming addons which means you can only browse from the list the addons provide, but not your collection.

    With Realizer and Premiumizer, on the flipside, you get to browse from and directly play the cached torrent files from your debrid clouds.

    Repository URL:




    All addons in the list have been tested so don't forget to give them a try. I hope this page can be of help with your torrent streaming, please share it if so! If you're looking for more streaming solutions on other type of media streams, check out our best Kodi addons list, where you'll find hundreds of working addons for different streaming purpose.

    And if you have further questions, better ideas or any requests on Kodi torrent streaming, drop me a line on Twitter | Facebook and I'll be glad to help.

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