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Premiumize Review and How to Use Premiumize with Kodi

Author by Oswald

Last Updated on July 18, 2023

Premiumize has earned its reputation among Kodi communities as being one of the best premium download services, just as Real-Debrid. For Kodi cord cutters interested in Premiumize and wondering whether it's worth shelling out, this guide can help you get off on the right foot. We'll drill down to every details about Premiumize and show you how to integrate Premiumize service with Kodi media player.

What is Premiumize

What is PremiumizeWhat is Premiumize is a cloud storage and anonymous download services, enabling their premium users to fast download files from their hosts. It features securing and no logging on data, RSS feed automation, geo-unrestriction, VoIP and usenet servers.

Premiumize's download manager and cloud storage can be used with simply your web browser, and also hundreds of apps and plugins. The commonest use of Premiumize is to integrate it with streaming apps to acquire faster link probing & generating & downloading and higher quality streams.

How Premiumize Works with Kodi

As for the usage on Kodi media player, intuitively, you can integrate your cloud directly into Kodi. Also, Premiumize serves as a practical additional premium download service as widely-used and well-received as Real-Debrid, both supported by most of the best Kodi addons, particularly the ones that scrape for movies and TV shows. Debrid services like Premiumize have become a major part of Kodi as bringing up for users faster and higher quality stream downloads.

By integrating Premiumize with URL resolvers of Kodi addons, the supported addons can have access to Premiumize's premium file hosts to provide more link options and achieve higher quality for desired streams.

Premiumize Pricing

As you can see, the plans that Premiumize offers are not as flexible as its counterparts, you can only choose from 1 month, 3 months and a year plan. And Premiumize doesn't have a fidelity point system.

But you certainly can cut a cost-effective deal if you're a heavy user, considering the 5.75 EUR /month annual plan. (Whereas it's not at all competitive with Real-Debrid's 2.67 EUR half year pla.)

Due to massive abuse, Premiumize stopped offering free trial for users. To try out if their product suits you, you can only try it out the 1-month plan.

Premiumize Pricing

Is Premiumize Worth the Money?

It's amazing to find that Premiumize does put up some expertise in fetching satisfactory streams. During our testing, compared with Real-Debrid, All-Debrid and other similar services, Premiumize stands out with its exclusive premium hosts, SSL encrypted connection, higher quality cached torrents, more and better 1080p links and less buffering.

Given a decent network condition and proper connection, Premiumize can peak a steady 400-600mbps download speed.

Sure, the downside about Premiumize is conspicuous – the much higher pricing and the ridiculous fair-usage limitation. Also, it's download speed may not be as prevailing for the users from certain areas, and its video transcoding process can be as bothering as Real-Debrid buffering issue. Premiumize is lightly little better than Real-Debrid in download speed stability that depends largely on your network condition, ISP, and connection quality.

The thing is, all judgments on the performance in download quality and download speed of these services are inevitably individual in nature. So it won't make any sense until you actually give them a go yourself.

How to Use Premiumize Account with Kodi

To demonstrate the Premiumize Kodi integration, I'll use Seren addon, one of the better working addons that's optimized for premium services. The integrations with other Premiumize supported addons go with the same principle, you can find the ResolveURL settings either in their navigation menu or addon settings menu.

To properly use Premiumize on Kodi, register an account for free on Premiumize and upgrade it to premium, if you haven't already.

Step 1. Launch Kodi, open from Video add-ons the addon that you intend to use Premiumize with.

Open the addon you want to use Premiumize with

Step 2. To open the Settings menu, you can either:

Click Tools, and click Open Settings Menu.

Or move the cursor over left side, and click Add-on settings from the tab generated.

Go to Settings menu

Step 3. From the Settings menu, scroll down to Account tab, locate the Premiumize section within, and click to slide the toggle to the right side to Enable Premiumize.

Locate Premiumize from Account tab

Step 4. Click Authorise Premiumize, keep other settings by default.

Click Authorise Premiumize

Step 5. An authorization code will be generated.

Authorization generated

Step 6. Go to with a web browser, log in with your account. Then enter exactly the authorization code into the Paring Code box. When finished, click Submit.

Enter the authorization code

Step 7. Click Allow to proceed.

Click Allow

Step 8. Then you'll be led to the homepage of, and a message will be shown on the upper side of the page saying: Device authorization accepted! And Seren will generate a message saying Authentication is completed from Kodi. These suggest the integration has completed.

Authorization completed

The verdict.

For those who haven't tried any of this downloader services, Premiumize could be a little bit pricy to get started. On the flipside, if your Real-Debrid premium time is up soon, and you're willing to fork out more money for different file hosts and links or some features you find attractive, Premiumize can be a good go-to service.

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