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What’s Pin System on Kodi and How to Get Pin Code for Using Pin-locked Addons

Author by Oswald

Update on July 3, 2020

Kodi addons are essential apps for the extended functionalities of Kodi media player. But Kodi old-timers like me may find that some popular third-party addons are locked by pin system and require the visit for an external website for admission. This post is for you to learn about what exactly is that pin system, and how to safely and effortlessly get pin code to use the desired addons properly.

Everything you need to know about pin system kodi addons

What is Pin System for Kodi Addons

An addon that uses pin systemAn addon that uses pin system

Most Kodi addons run upon click. Some third-party addons, however, will generate a dialog when launching with saying you need to visit a certain website for acquiring a pin code, only the correct code entering in the following dialogs will get yourself time-limited access to the addon. You’ll be led back to addons menu otherwise.

And that’s the pin system Kodi addons we’re talking about here.

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What’s is Pin System for?

If you're really good at something never do it for free.

Joker (Heath Ledger)

Touche. I don’t think that anyone should take the work of addon developers for granted, especially the unofficial ones, the community owns them but much. Most third-party addon developers put a payment account address in their addons to collect donations, whereas pin system addon developers profit in a roundabout way.

Steering users to a target website and forcing them to wait for a short length of time until the pin code generated, the whole “getting a pin code for admission” process serves a crystal-clear purpose.

- It is starkly for drawing tons of traffic to target websites pervaded with advertisements and make sure every advertised products having a chance to show their faces.

By doing so, pin system addon devs get to get a cut of advertising fees so as to ad-finance their addon servers’ maintenance and even buy themselves a beer – which sounds fair enough to me.

That said, here comes a conspicuous issue:

Is it Safe for Add-on Users to Visit Pin System Websites?

To the best of my knowledge, there hasn’t been any occurrence that pin code website has infected visitors with malware, malicious code, PUA (Potentially Unwanted Program) or whatnot, in history of pin code addons.

The verdict is, it is generally safe to visit pin system websites.

But there’re still risks in visiting pin system websites.

- One is that most ads on pin system websites are easy to be misclicked on and they will direct you to a new page when you do. Most ads are from trusted sources and purely for product promotion purpose, but, one can’t be too careful. There could be suspicious ads that direct you to a place with something that might pose threat to your network or device.

The bottom line is, watch your clicks.

- Another risk is, I figure pin system websites are base off a temporary web host, and these websites will presumably alter its URL in the future.

Some people with bad intentions are well-aware of the popularity of these websites, and their URLs are just on the street. After they taking the web address over, if someday a pin website does change its web address, it not really a hard job to turn that place a baiting page with the same old appearance.

So it’s probably not the best idea to bookmark pin code websites for convenience, and you should always stay tuned on your favorite addons’ update log for the latest address of pin website.

How to Get Pin Code for Your Addons Safely

The mechanisms of acquiring pin code on different websites go with the same principle, here I’ll elaborate the how-to with

Step 1. Navigate to the pin code website with your phone or PC, note that enter the pin website address correctly.

Go to pin system website

Step 2. Scroll down the page until you can see a button saying Generate A Pin Code, click on it. Do not click on anything other than that on this page.

If there’s any pop-up page, just close it and return to the pin system website.

Scroll down to Generate A Pin Code

Step 3. You’ll be led to a new page with the same main domain, scroll down until you can see a hint that asks you to wait for a countdown to view the pin code.

Wait for the countdown

Step 4. A button saying Click To View Pin will appear in a few seconds, click on it to view generated pin code. Do not click on anything other than that on this page.

Click to view the pin

Step 5. Now you can head back to the desired Kodi addon, and enter the pin code in the pop-up dialog exactly, click OK, and you’re in!

Use pin code to use pin-locked addon

Enjoy your addon! But please note that is a temporary code that’ll expire, you’ll have to do that again for the next visit.

List of Best Addons Known to be Using Pin system

Addons that use pin system are all very practical addons that enjoy great popularity among Kodi communities and receive tons of visits every day. Most of them can be found on our Best Kodi Addons in 2020 list.

For whichever addon, the pin system website is the one and only pin generator you should be looking for.

As mentioned, the address of pin code website may vary before my next update on this post. So, if possible, follow the guideline in the addon to visit the correct website for pin code.

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Since we’re not directly paying anything to the devs, nor facing any losses visiting the pin system website other a few minutes, I guess it’s not a big deal. But just like what you should do when visiting any website, be careful with your clicks.

As always, have a good one.

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