Best Kodi 19 Matrix Builds in 2021 [Working no Buffering]

As Kodi 19 has been here for a while, we're in dire need of some decent Kodi 19 builds. And this page is exactly what you're looking for - a complete and updated list of best working Kodi builds for Kodi 19 Matrix. All listed builds have been well-tested and they work great on Kodi 19 installed on Fire Stick, Android boxes, Android TVs, Windows PCs and more. They are competent for delivering pleasing browsing experiences and free, quality and steady video streams for movies, TV shows, live TV, sports and more.

This page will be continually updated, new worthy builds will be added to the list and builds no longer work will be removed from the list. So please bookmark this page and check back later for updated info!

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1. What are Kodi Builds and Which Kodi Build to Install

Kodi builds are the best way for beginners to start the Kodi journey, builds are prepackaged Kodi skins, addons and setups and they are competent for transforming your Kodi into an ultimate media center that serves up high-quality and steady video streams from nice looking interfaces. Cord-cutters favor Kodi builds for ease of use, attractive looks and feels, and no need for configurations.

What makes a Kodi build the best? The look and feel, the streaming experience, the build size the running speed are criteria that matter. In a bid to help you make a better choice, we've provided build screenshots, simple reviews and build sizes for listed builds. And by following the given installation guide, you'll be able to install them on you Kodi in less than 5 minutes.

It's worth mentioning that Kodi 19 Matrix now uses Python 3 interpreters for its addons instead of Python 2, and most Leia addons have yet to migrate to Kodi 19. That means Kodi 19 builds only use Kodi 19 addons like The Oath, and you won't be able to use most once prevailing addons like Rising Tides, The Crew and Exodus Redux with the following trending Kodi 19 builds.

Speaking of which, if you'd like some recommendations of worthy streaming options for the moment, our list of Best Kodi 19 Add-ons is so not to be missed.

Now, let's take a look at the best Kodi 19 builds of our picks.

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    2. Complete List of Best Kodi 19 Matrix Builds Updated Weekly

    • Diggz Xenon

    Build Size: 324.78MB

    Diggz Xenon is one of the all-time favorite Kodi builds neck and neck with the once trending builds No Limit Magic, Xanax, Titanium, etc. Among these resounding names, Diggz Xenon is the only well-maintained and constantly updated working Kodi 19 build.

    Xenon build offers a streamlined interface, impeccable skin artworks, smooth using experience and loads of working addons. Xenon has all-around media sections for Xenon Matrix, Movies, TV Shows, Library, TV Guide, Streams, Sports, Music, Favorites and Add-ons.

    As you can see, Diggz Xenon is relatively large in size, for the best performance it requires powerful streaming devices like Nvidia Shield and Apple TV 4K.

    Build URL:

    Diggz Xenon Build Installation Guide

    • Lambent Matrix (Not working)

    Build Size: 252.97MB

    Lambent Matrix build from lockdown Matrix Repository is one of the earliest Kodi builds (others include the currently unavailable Daemon Kodi build) that have been updated to be compatible with the just released Kodi 19 Matrix.

    Lambent Matrix build is a perfect combination of a clean and well-designed interface, handy skin widgets and early-stage working Kodi 19 addons.

    Lambent Matrix build has sections for Movies, TV Shows, Nixtoons, Seren, Apps, System, Wizard, Power and Favorites.

    Build URL:

    Lambent Matrix Installation Guide

    • Zilt

    Build Size: 180.47MB

    Zilt build is a new Kodi Matrix build from SG Wizard 19, which is one of the best updated Kodi build wizards in the community.  SG now doesn't have his own repository and URL and is now officially hosted in EzzerMacs Wizard Repository.

    Zilt build is a steel feeling and full-featured Kodi 19 builds with a good many working addons installed and practical submenus and widgets.

    Zilt build has sections for Search, Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Sports, Family, Settings and Power.

    Build URL:

    Zilt Installation Guide

    • Aurora

    Build Size: 302.86MB

    Aurora is a new Kodi 19 Matrix build developed by builder Ghetto Astronaut, whose build are quite highly acclaimed by the community.

    Aurora features eye-catchy backgrounds, refined details, Xenon-resembling options panel and home menu layouts, and it is loaded with best community addons to offer free and debrid video streams, in 720p and higher video quality.

    Aurora Kodi build has sections for Movies, TV, Sports, Kids, System and Free.

    Build URL:

    Aurora Installation Guide

    • Atomic Matrix

    Build Size: 216.29MB

    Atomic Matrix build is a new Kodi 19 Matrix build from Misfits Mods Wizard 19, the updated Matrix version of Misfits Mods Wizard which is the place for popular Leia build Hardnox Ultra.

    Atomic Matrix is a matrix-themed Kodi build with awesome green color design and classic Jarvis-like menu options layout and practical side bar. Atomic Matrix offers free and debrid streams with its already installed best third-party Kodi 19 addons including Oath, Alvin, Asgard and more.

    Atomic Matrix 19 build has sections for Movies, Series, R-D (Real Debrid), Music, Sports, Kids, Library, Add-ons and System.

    Build URL:

    Atomic Matrix Installation Guide

    • Franks

    Build Size: 256.61MB

    Franks is a brand new Kodi 19 build from The Crew Wizard, definitely a familiar name to Kodi old-timers for its renowned Leia addon The Crew. Franks Kodi build is also available from Chains Matrix Wziard.

    Franks build comes with consummate and facile lines, the succinct and top spotlight skin designs, and the glazed material feel. From Franks Kodi 19 build you'll find trending addons from The Crew and Chains communities including The Boys, Chains RD and other best third-party addons.

    Franks build has sections for Movies, TV Shows, IPTV and more.

    Build URL:

    Franks Installation Guide

    • Fallout

    Build Size: 253.85MB

    Fallout Kodi Build is an awesome new Kodi 19 build developed by builder cMaN, whose work also includes Black Lightning addon.

    Fallout 19 build has ample free scrapers addons installed and offers free and steady 720P/1080P streams for movies, TV shows, live TV channels, sports and more.

    Fallout has sections for Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, Add-ons and System.

    Build URL:

    Fallout Build Installation Guide

    • Element

    Build Size: 168.27MB

    Here I'd like to present to you another Kodi 19 build from ingenious builder cMaN, Element Kodi 19 Build. Despite being created by the same developer, Element Kodi Build is markedly different from Fallout build in art design, option buttons layout and poster wall.

    However, Element Kodi build shares many Kodi 19 addons with Fallout build, so it also provides as many free streams.

    Element build has sections for Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, Trakt, Add-ons, Settings and Power.

    Build URL:

    Element Build Installation Guide

    • Neuromancer

    Build Size: 195.96MB

    Neuromancer Kodi 19 build is another incredible Kodi 19 build from Ghetto Astronaut Wizard. Neuromancer build stands out for its futuristic design, insane artworks and digital font type for characters, providing you with the unparalleled streaming experience.

    And when you navigate through the build, its Xonfluence based interfaces won't cause any trouble. With Neuromancer builds, tons of viable movies and TV shows streams play on click, just after a bit of waiting.

    Build URL:

    Neuromancer Installation Guide

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    • Aspire

    Build Size: 351.19MB

    Aspire by BigKev is a great Kodi 18 Leia build and it is now updated to be compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix. Aspire is one of the recommended builds from Doomzday 19 Wizard. Doomzday is a Kodi build team dedicated to creating and updating top Kodi builds for Kodi 19 Matrix & 18 Leia.

    Aspire build has sections for Movies, TV Shows, 1-click Hub, All Stars, Sports, Live TV, Music, Wizard, Add-ons and System.

    Build URL:

    Aspire Installation Guide

    • BK19

    Build Size: 351.19MB

    BK19 is a great new Kodi 19 build from Doomzday Wizard in Doomzday Repository. BK19 is a poster wall focused Kodi build which utilizes a larger half of the top screen for browsing titles.

    On some small Android devices like Android phones BK19 could get a bit laggy for it has more info to load up for each screen.

    BK19 build has sections for Wizard, Favorites, The Oath, Revolution, Seren, Sports, Music, Add-ons, Settings and more.

    Build URL:

    BK19 Installation Guide

    • Aeon Flux

    Build Size: 121MB

    Aeon Flux Build is a great new Kodi 19 build from Chains Matrix Wizard in Chains Repo (formerly housed in The Crew repo), which is one of the best community repos with many awesome addons.

    Aeon Flux and other Chains builds have preinstalled trending Chains addons including The Boys, Chains, Blacktears and offers both free and debrid streams.

    Another The Boys themed build from Chains Wizard is also worth a try.

    Build URL:

    Aeon Flux Installation Guide

    • Iconic 19

    Build Size: 90MB

    Iconic 19 is a new and updated Kodi 19 build from Funstersplace wizard, which is a lesser-known community build wizard that offers a variety of lightweight and plain vanilla Kodi 19 & 18 builds without nonsense.

    Iconic 19 runs smoothly and should work great on old Android boxes and even Android phones. Iconic 19 build has sections for Movies, TV Shows, The Light, The Oath, Nemesis AIO, System, Apps, Power and more.

    Iconic 19 build and Funswizard builds are also available from Chains Matrix Repo.

    Build URL:

    Iconic 19 Installation Guide

    • MavNox (Currently unavailable)

    Build Size: 97.08MB

    MavNox is a new Kodi 19 build from Maverick Wizard 19. MavNox is another matrix-themed Kodi build, but just like the style of Maverick builds since Leia, MavNox build has only packed up Maverick addons and obligatory configurations, making it really small in size, suitable for low-powered devices like Fire Stick and Mi box.

    Since many Maverick addons like DejaVu (DejaVu Again), Cloud 9, Revolution work perfectly without a subscribed debrid account, MavNox is a good no debrid Kodi 19 build option for the moment.

    Build URL:

    MavNox Installation Guide

    • Slam 19 Lite (Discontinued)

    Build Size: 132.64MB

    Slam 19 Lite is a Kodi build to try on Kodi 19 from Slams 19 Wizard, a go-to place for high-quality Kodi builds and exclusive addons. And Slams 19 Wizard offered an in-time template for Kodi 19 builds when Kodi 19 Matrix was released.

    With Slam 19 Lite builds, you'll get to enjoy some of the best Kodi 19 addons and Slamious addons including The Light (fork of Leia addon Shadow) and Slam Tunes.

    Slam 19 Lite build has sections for Video, Add-ons, System, etc. and practical submenus for installation from repo/zip, RD authorization and more.

    Build URL:

    • Cyanfluence

    Build Size: 250.86MB

    Cyanfluence, based off Xonfluence Kodi skin, is a brand new Kodi 19 builds from Phoenix Wizard, an emerging Kodi 19 build wizard.

    As a newcomer to Kodi builds landscape, Phoenix builds are surprisingly of high quality and quick running speed. Apart from the fancy artworks, Cyanfluence build delivers responsive dynamic effects as you scroll through menus and poster walls.

    Cyanfluence build has sections for Movies, TV Shows, System, Sports, etc.

    Build URL:

    Cyanfluence Installation Guide

    • Vertical Flix

    Build Size: 92MB

    From Magnetic 19 Wizard, Vertical Flix build is an excellent choice for your Android TV in the living room, it managed to strike a perfect balance between full features and build size (under 100MB which is perfect for Android TVs and boxes). What's more, it looks absolutely gorgeous with its Arctic Zephyr Reloaded basis, a derivative of Arctic Zephyr 2 skin.

    From Vertical Flix build, you'll find some unique Kodi 19 addons including Magnetic updated version of Shadow addon, Don't Bink, CoCoDab and DaBscope.

    And if you dig the Jarvis-like Xonfluence layout, another quality build from Magnetic 19 Wizard - Mag-Konfluence Build will totally blow your mind.

    Build URL:

    Vertical Flix Installation Guide

    Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purposes only and should only be used to stream movies and TV shows under the public domain. WonderFox is in no way collaborated, affiliated with or hosting any Kodi add-ons, repositories or builds. We do not endorse or advocate copyright infringement, the end-user should be responsible for any content accessed via the services or apps referenced on this post.


    That'll be all the best Kodi 19 builds for your reference! Hopefully you'll find a favored one from the list and follow the installation tutorial and give it a try, to see if it really suits you!

    Additionally, active builders will constantly update their existing builds and roll out new ones from their own Kodi build wizard, which offers 1-click installation for various Kodi builds. Thus we also recommend you to install build wizards from the developers who share your taste!

    Please check out our Best Kodi Build Wizards in 2021 list for the best build wizard options these days, for installing top Kodi builds for Kodi 19 Matrix and Kodi 18 Leia!

    Whenever you want to change your Kodi build, we suggest a fresh reinstall to avoid potential issues on Kodi 19 Matrix, you can follow our guide to Uninstall Kodi Builds and Reset Kodi.

    Additionally, if you are a Kodi tech savvy wouldn't mind a bit of tinkering, our list of Best Kodi Skins in 2021 also offers a wide scope of solid options to enhance your Kodi's look and feel.

    Still have any questions? Check out the next Kodi builds FAQs section to find possible solutions and don't hesitate to drop us a line below!

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    Additional Readings: Kodi Builds FAQs

    What is Kodi?

    Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application developed by the XBMC Foundation. Kodi features a sleek option buttons layout, easy to navigate GUI (Graphical User Interface), wide scope of video format supported, and smooth video playback performance and the specialty in serving as a media library for Kodi users to manage their media collection. The best part of Kodi is its support for numerous versatile Kodi addons that capture online media streams, to provide users with gorgeous audiovisual content without cost.

    Are Kodi Builds Legal?

    Kodi itself is completely legal. However, Kodi builds may offer Kodi addons that stream pirated copy protected content, which is absolutely illegal. We do not advocate copyright infringement and please use Kodi builds at your discretion.

    What's the Difference between Kodi Skins and Kodi Builds?

    Kodi skins and Kodi builds can both be used to change the way Kodi looks and feels. Whereas Kodi skins are Kodi skin addons that don't offer media content while Kodi builds are encompassing addons with ready-made configuration and pre-packed streaming addons.

    What are Kodi Wizards?

    As with Kodi repositories to Kodi addons, Kodi Wizards, usually Kodi program addons, are the compilations of a selection of Kodi builds, and they also offer Kodi maintenance functions.

    What is the Best Maintenance Addon on Kodi in 2021?

    Installing Kodi builds usually involves in data backup/restore and cache cleaning. Our favorite maintenance addon now is Open Wizard, it does data backup/restore, temp data cleaning, log check, system tweak and misc maintenances.

    My Kodi Build Buffers a LOT When Streaming, Any Fix?

    If there's nothing wrong with your network connection and bandwidth, and you're in no reason to be throttled by your Internet service provider, then Kodi buffering can very likely be boiled down to heavy cache. For smooth viewing enjoyment, learn how to clear Kodi cache in the simplest way.

    My Build Stopped Working with an Error Message Saying Check the Log for More Information, What Should I Do?

    That error occurs all the time when we use Kodi and the causes vary. Kodi log file can be used track down the problems you build encounter. Learn from our guide on how to check Kodi error log file on any device and seek assistance from someone who can read it.

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