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[Latest List 2020] Best Working Kodi Repositories in 2020 – Best Addons in One Place

Author by Oswald

Update on July 31, 2020

Kodi Repositories, Kodi Repos in abbreviation, are containers that store multiple addons, which are essential apps on Kodi media player for accessing unlimited media streams. Additionally, Kodi repositories can also contain multiple other repositories, for some, one another. On this page, I’ll introduce the best working repositories on Kodi in 2020, they’ve gathered many excellent working addons in one place for you to download and install. Furthermore, I’ll step by step show you how to install them on Kodi.

Come back later for updated info! If you find that post helpful, sharing it would mean a lot to me, thanks in advance!

Best Kodi repositories

· We advise you use a VPN for Kodi. If you're still shilly-shally about whether to adopt a VPN when using Kodi, here's a great post for you to get a clue. Additionally, click here to go to the page where you'll find the best VPN for Kodi in 2020.

· Newcomer to Kodi? Install Kodi on your device to get started. Check out our Kodi installation guides on: Windows | Fire TV Stick | Android Phone | Android Box. Also, learn How to Add Addons on Kodi.

Part 1. [Featured] Best Repositories in 2020

The all-time favorites are here, these repositories are the best of the best, all sustainable, practical, and stood the test of time and wide usage. They feature not only an exceptionally exquisite addon selection but also a comprehensive set of addons that tend to meet the need of as many the purposes as possible. Two types of repositories will be introduced respectively.

Official Kodi Addon Repository

On the very top of my list, I’d like to present Official Kodi Addon Repository, it contains a thousand addons, give or take, that are approved by Team Kodi and can be discussed at Kodi forum. With these addons, you get to enjoy smooth quality content free and legal, and without the need of a VPN. What’s more, this way of viewing is much safer.

The handiest gateway for anything dangerous for Kodi is third-party addons/repos, and the more addon/repositories a repo include, the higher chance that it’s from an untrusted source (by ‘untrusted’, I mean untrusted by ‘the communities’, since theoretically all third-party addons/repos are untrusted).

I’m not saying that the third-party repositories in the following are not safe, but no defense is foolproof. If you value home network security very much and rather not take any risk when streaming (which you should), then I suggest you opt Kodi Addon repository.

· Repos in the following are unofficial repos

Non-addon Repositories

Non-addon repositories refer to the repositories that can’t be installed on Kodi, they exist as a media source URL. To install addons from non-addon repositories, you can only add the repository media source to in Kodi and use the ‘Install from ZIP file’ function.

1. Lazy Kodi

Update July 2020: Lazy Kodi is currently not working

Lazy Kodi, from the top of my list, is a rather new repository, a house of the best working movies & TV shows addons, builds, and repositories these days. On Lazy Kodi, you can find many of the great repositories mentioned on this page, and also tons of trending video addons including Venom, UK Turk Playlists, Seren, etc. The bottom line is, if you dig movies and TV shows (as a matter of fact, who doesn’t?), Lazy Kodi is always your go-to repository for looking for addons desired.

· Working URL:

· What to anticipate here

Addons: cCloud, Gaia, Fen

Repositories: Kodi Bae Repository, TEMPTV Repository, Rising Tides Repository, Bugatsinho repository

· Guide on how to install Lazy Kodi repository on Kodi.

2. Androidaba

Androidaba repository is another reliable source for addon installation, and has become a temporary safe house for many addons like Exodus Redux, which are quite popular and practical yet in a precarious situation. It stores ZIP files for direct installation for 5 program addons and approximately 50 video addons, and essential script ZIPs for functioning most prevalent addons nowadays.

· Working URL:

Addons: Cryptonite, C:\> Go To, Sparkle

Repositories: Kodi Bae Repo, Streamhub Repo, Vikings Repository

3. Fusion (TV Addons Repository)

Developed by, Fusion is a must-have repository for new Kodi users – still, even if being a carcass left from addons removing due to legal issues. What can fusion do now? It contains 30+ English repositories for various purposes; 30+ non-English repositories for 18 languages; It features an exclusive Indigo addon, an outstanding maintenance kit, as well as a tool for searching, managing and installing addons. What’s more, it provides also a complete set of scripts and dependencies, installing them will steer yourself away from potential addon installation issues.

· Working URL:

· What to anticipate here

Addons: Indigo (Indigo may cause inconvenience and trouble for installing and using certain addons, learn more.)

Repositories: Addon Repository, Adult 18+ Addon Repository, Kodinerds Repository

· Guide on how to install Fusion repository on Kodi.

Addon Repositories

Addon repositories refer to the repositories that can be installed on Kodi. With ‘Install from repository’ function on Kodi, users can browse through the addons contained within addon repositories, their icons and their detailed info, so as to find the addons they fancy installing.

4. Diamond Wizard Repo

Diamond Wizard Repo had turned out to the best newly developed repository. Currently continuously maintained by team Diamond, Diamond Wizard Repo is the place for the famous The Magic Dragon, 7 of 9, Greased Lightning Movie Cinema and many other great addons for movies, TV shows, music for its users. Also, it present four exclusive ‘quadrants’: Alpha Quadrant, Beta Quadrant, Gamma Quadrant and Delta Quadrant that serve respectively for sports, IPTV, movies & TV shows, and news.

· Working URL:

· What to anticipate here

Addons: The USS Defiant, Locutus, Big Toons

Repositories: XBMC-Adult Repo

· Guide on how to install Diamond Wizard Repo on Kodi.

Diamond Wizard Repo

5. Ghost Repo

Received as the best alternative after the supremacy went down, Ghost Repo is another marvelous comprehensive repository, accommodating the vastest addon collection I ever saw. There are hundreds of working addons you can install from Ghost Repository. Apart from great movies & TV shows addons like Galaxy, Gurzil, and Yoda, Ghost Repository is also a great repository for Sports, Live TV, music, video on Demand, and especially adult addons (Ghost Repo is, in my humble opinion, the best repositories for installing adult addons).

· Working URL:

· What to anticipate here

Addons: XXX-O-DUS, Ultimate Whitecream, Robin Hood TV

Repositories: HALOW Repository, Merlin Repository, Agent 47, XBMC Israeli Streaming Sites, CerebroTV Repo, Robin Hood Repository

· Guide on how to install Ghost Repository on Kodi.

Ghost Repo

6. Cy4root Repository

Continually updated by Cy4root group, Cy4root repository has functioned well and steady for quite a long time. It’s not just one of the steadiest place for installing Covenant, but the place for a good deal of great video addons that you can hardly find elsewhere: Clown’s Replica, Uranus (Neptune Rising fork), Laplaza, MirRoR V2 Video, Chucky Video, Descents – These are all best video addons in 2020.

· Working URL:

· What to anticipate here

Addons: SportZig, Laola TV

Repositories: Covenant Repository

· Guide on how to install Cy4root Repository on Kodi.

Cy4root Repository

7. EzzerMacs Wizard Repository

If you’re looking forward to a one-stop repository for good builds, streaming movies & TV shows, IPTV, live TV and VOD (Video On Demand), you’ll find EzzerMacs Wizard Repository a perfect spot. Ezzer Macs Repository carries multiple solutions for each of these purposes. Aside from the prestigious videos addons like Odin and Death Star, you can find some newer ones including medusa, Athena, Luxray Video, and IPTV is Easy.

· Working URL:

· What to anticipate here


Repositories: Grindhouse Repository, Gujal Addon Repository, Narcacist’s Wizard Repository

· Guide on how to install EzzerMacs Wizard Repository on Kodi.

EzzerMacs Wizard Repository

8. Kodi Bae Repository

Kodi Bae Repository has been one of the best Kodi repositories for quite a long time, with its performance in providing addons and the impressive salt guy icon, I suppose. After many of its addons got removed and left only 13 addons, Kodi Bae Repository isn't as top of the line an addon as it used to be. But there’re still many great addons to install from Kodi Bae Repository, like cCloud, one of the best live TV addons, and WatchNixtoons2, one of the best anime addons.

· Working URL:

· What to anticipate here

Addons: Release BB, Sportowa TV

Repositories: Nixgates Repo

Kodi Bae Repository

9. Kodinerds Repository

Kodinerds Repository is another great third-party repository to download and install some intriguing addons. Kodinerds Repo is developed and continuously maintained by Kodinerds team, and serves up some great addons for live streams, live TV, web-based videos, TV channels and anime channels.

· As of this writing, there’s no media source URL for installing Kodinerds Repository, you can choose to install Kodinerds Repo from Fusion repository or download Kodinerds Repo ZIP file here.

· What to anticipate here

Addons: 3.liga addon, BollyThek, Anime On Demand

Repositories: Collabsvito Repo

Kodinerds Repository

Part 2. More Recommended Best Repositories

I summed up these recommended repositories to provide with you more choices of decent repositories and more options in acquiring different kinds of contents. The recommended repositories underneath might not contain as many addons within as the featured best repositories, but definitely as good. You should totally have a try.

Magnetic Repository

Magnetic RepositoryMagnetic Repository

· Summary: Magnetic is the repository for Apex, Nole Cinema, DeathStar, Shadow, The Mad Titan.

· Working URL:

Falcon Repo

Falcon Repo

· Summary: Falcon Repo is the home of Team Falcon addons: Leviathan, Cryptonite, Eyasess Reloaded, etc.

· Working URL:

Stream Digital Repository

Stream Digital RepositoryStream Digital Repository

· Summary: Stream Digital is the repository for ULTRA INSTINCT, AREA-51, COME AT ME BRO, VILE and many others.

· Working URL:

Grindhouse Repository

Grindhouse RepositoryGrindhouse Repository

· Summary: Grindhouse Repository is arguably the best repo for beauty & fitness, also some bewbs/sports/movies addons.

· Working URL:

Stream Army Repo

Stream Army RepoStream Army Repo

· Summary: Stream Army Repo is the repository for FapZone, Fight Club, FANime, EnterTain Me, NemesisAio, XXX-O-DUS, Yify Movies HD, etc.

· Working URL:

· Guide on how to install Stream Army Repo on Kodi.

Brettus Repo

Brettus RepoBrettus Repo

· Summary: Brettus Repo is the place for White Devil Streams, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, Spank Wire, Brettus Anime and other stuffs for live TV, IPTV, 24/7, kids, music, some classic anime.

· Working URL:

CellarDoor TV Repo

CellarDoor TV RepoCellarDoor TV Repo

· Summary: CellarDoor TV Repo is the repository for FDJ.HD, NuMb3r5 and some IPTV addons.

· Working URL:

Golden Gun Repo

Golden Gun RepoGolden Gun Repo

· Summary: Golden Gun Repo is the repository for SportZig, I Am ego, Resistance, Sportowa TV, Watchdogs Media, etc.

· Working URL:

Blamo Repo Reborn

Blamo Repo RebornBlamo Repo Reborn

· Summary: Blamo Repo Reborn is Mr. Blamo's new repository. Chocolate salty balls, Xtasy-D, Anime Toons, Chappa’ai and more

· Working URL:

· Guide on how to install Blamo Repo Reborn repository on Kodi.



· Summary: SGKODI REPOSITORY, aka SGK repo, is the house of SKG portal (a one-stop addon for LiveTV/EPG, movies, series) and most of best music addons on Kodi in 2020.

· Working URL:

Part 3. Not Working Best Repositories

These are the once best repositories that you might know from elsewhere, the ‘best Kodi repositories’ pages that lack frequent updating. I put them here since I’ve already tried them all and they are verified not working, thus if you plan on install any of those below, just don’t waste your time as I did.

If you find some of your favourites on the list, you can find some decent alternatives to them from the candidates above.

Meanwhile, I’ll put it to the first two parts, that any of those gets back to work one day.

Repository name Media source URL
Super Repo
Supremacy Repo
Kodil Repository (Kodisrael Repository)
T2K Repository
Incursion Repository
Magicality Repository
Bookmark Repository

Part 4. How to Install Best Repositories on Kodi

Given third-party addons/repositories are hosted on the internet in various ways, the installation method varies. There are three methods to install working addons/repositories in the following, there’s always one that does the trick. Learn More on how to install addons on Kodi.

Official Kodi addon repository is preinstalled on Kodi media player.

Method 1. Install Repositories Using Source URL

· This is the conventional installation procedure that applies to the addon repositories with a media source URL.

· Since Kodi prohibits the installation of third-party addons/repos by default for security issues, we need to set Kodi to allow installation from unknown sources before installing any addons.

Step 1. Launch Kodi, from the main menu, click gear icon from the upper side of the left panel. Click on System > Go to Add-ons tab > enable Unknown sources (Learn more).

Step 2. Get back to System menu, click on the File manager module from the upper-left side.

Step 3. Double click on the Add source bar on the left side.

Step 4. Click on <None>.

Step 5. Copy and paste or type in the repo’s Media Source URL correctly to the popup location box, then click OK.

Step 6. Enter a name for the added media source in the lower box. Then click OK.

Step 7. Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons from the left panel.

Step 8. Click on the box icon from upper side of the left panel.

Step 9. Click on Install from zip file.

Step 10. Click on the media source we just added to Kodi.

Step 11. Usually there’s a .zip file within, click on it to install the repository.

Step 12. Wait until you can see a message pops up on the upper-right side saying repository Add-on installed.

Method 2. Install Repositories Using ZIP File

· At times, Kodi fails to connect to media source URL for downloading addons/repos. In that case, you have to manually download the repository ZIP file for installation.

Step 1. Download repository ZIP file from the given media source URL.

Step 2. Launch Kodi, from the main menu, click gear icon from the upper side of the left panel. Click on System > Go to Add-ons tab > enable Unknown sources.

Step 3. Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons from the left panel.

Step 4. Click on the box icon from upper side of the left panel.

Step 5. Click on Install from zip file.

Step 6. Select the repository ZIP download from your local storage.

Step 7. Wait until you can see a message pops up on the upper-right side saying repository Add-on installed.

Method 3. Install Repositories Using Git Browser

· Git Browser is another installation approach for the addons/repos that have no available media source URL for installation but are hosted on Github. Here is a post for you to learn more about Kodi Git Browser, and how to install Git Browser addon.

Step 1. Open Git Browser on Kodi.

Step 2. Click Search by GitHub Username.

Step 3. Click New Search.

Step 4. Type in the exact name of the user who uploaded the repository.

Step 5. Select the repository ZIP file.

Step 6. Click Install.


Since we’re here, I hope you’ve benefited from this post and get what you came for. This page will keep updating, I’ll put new great repositories in here if I can find any, and remove the ones that stop working. Stay tuned to acquire the latest info on best Kodi repositories!

If you have issues when using Kodi, check out the Kodi FAQs below to find possible solutions. Moreover, if you still have questions or better ideas, feel free to reach me by clicking on my name from the top of the page, right next to my avatar. Have a good one!

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Additional Reading: Kodi FAQs

· What is Kodi?

A: Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application developed by the XBMC Foundation. Kodi features a sleek option buttons layout, easy to navigate GUI (Graphical User Interface), wide scope of video format supported, and smooth video playback performance and the specialty in serving as a media library for Kodi users to manage their media collection. The best part of Kodi is that the numerous versatile Kodi addons that capture online media streams, to provide users with gorgeous audiovisual content without cost.

· Is Kodi Legal?

Kodi is legal, using Kodi is legal, and using Kodi addons is also legal. Certain contents on Kodi addons, however, could be illicit when you stream them. So that we suggest you stream contents under the public domains only.

· What are Kodi Addons? Why Do I Need Addons for Kodi?

A: For those who don't know, the official Kodi version doesn't provide any content whatsoever. Unofficial Kodi versions, however, are not recommended to use since they might bring you malware and other risks. To explore the full potential of Kodi on the official version, installing addons for Kodi is an essential process. Kodi addons will pull media resources from network streams to create a free connection between Kodi and online media resources, thus we Kodi users get to enjoy free movies, live TV, live sports, TV shows, etc. without cost.

· What are Kodi Repositories?

A: Kodi repositories, Kodi repos in abbreviation, are containers like addon bundles that contain a set of featured addons. By installing a Kodi repository instead of individual Addons, the Addons are automatically updated when a new version is released. Kodi repositories come in the form of ZIP files or a source URL, and adding addons to Kodi is often based on the repo's installation.

· Can't understand the language of Kodi interface, or prefer another language instead of the default English?

A: Here you can learn how to change language in Kodi so that you can understand.

· I have some private media folders and add-ons that I don't want to be accessible by others, is there any way that I can encrypt Kodi?

A: Yes, here you can learn how to set a password for Kodi to protect your privacy.<

· What is the best maintenance addon on Kodi and how to install it?

A: Ares wizard is our highly recommended tool for Kodi maintenance, backup, tweaks. And it's perfectly working right now. Here you can learn how to install Ares Wizard for Kodi maintenance.

· My Kodi buffers a LOT during video playback, any fixes?

A: If there's nothing wrong with your network connection and bandwidth, and you're in no reason to be throttled by your Internet service provider, then Kodi buffering can very likely be boiled down to heavy cache. For smooth viewing enjoyment, learn how to clear Kodi cache in the simplest way, and this is also a possible fix to Failed to Install a Dependency Kodi issue.

· I received a message saying: “Couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?” when adding media source to Kodi, what gives?

A: The cause of that issue varies, here you can learn about some possible fixes for “Kodi unable to connect” error.

· Some of my Kodi addons are not working, how to remove them to free up my storage space?

A: The original repository or media source of installed addons will get blocked or shut down - happens all the time. To slim your Kodi, you should learn how to remove unnecessary and invalid addons.

· I once lost everything in my Kodi, don't want that happen again, any suggestion?

A: During the use of Kodi, we will inevitably run into a system crash or hardware failure and need to reinstall the system or Kodi. To avoid the loss of previously installed Kodi add-ons, customized settings and configuration, here's a great post for you to learn how to backup and restore Kodi.

· I've found a great addon on Github but I don't have its media source URL, how can I install it on Kodi from Github directly?

A: There's a practical addon called Git Browser that was developed for that, learn how to install Git Browser on Kodi.

· Suffering from playback issues like video buffering/stuttering, video can't play, video no sound, weird color display, etc. on Kodi default video player.

A: Find Kodi default media player somewhat unsatisfactory? Kodi can perfectly support almost any video player program as its external player, and adopting an external player for Kodi won’t lose the marks on videos like “watched”. Learn from this guide on how to adopt an external media player for Kodi.

· I've encountered an error message saying "Check the log for more information" and I have no idea what’s going on, what should I do?

A: That error occurs all the time when we use Kodi. Kodi log file can be used to analyze and find the problem for experienced users; and can also be uploaded to the Kodi official forum for help as required for general users, so as to facilitate those people or experts to locate specific error information and offer the most practical and accurate solution. On this page you’ll learn how to check Kodi error log file on any device.

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