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Kodi Kodzi Addon Setup Wizard - Simplify Any Addon Installation Procedure from Here On

Author by Kevincy

May 20, 2020

One of the big fun of using Kodi is to constantly explore and use various novel third-party add-ons. However, I have to say that the steps for installing each add-on are actually a bit cumbersome. It was not until I installed Kodzi that I realized this process can be streamlined. If you haven't experienced Kodzi yet, you're gonna love it, I promise.

An Advanced Alternative to Git Browser - Kodzi

Kodi Kodzi AddonKodi Kodzi Addon

Git Browser is probably an acquaintance of quite a lot of Kodi users, which makes it much easier to install any add-on hosted on GitHub. By contrast, Kodzi seems to be sort of a low profile, but it virtually performs more prominent. In addition to installing from GitHub, Kodzi also attempts to install a repo or add-on from any website URL as long as there is a zip file available on that webpage.

No need to tediously switch back and forth among Gear Icon, File Manager, Add Source, Add-ons, Install from zip/repository, Kodzi acts like a steward and henceforth helps oversimplify the add-on installation procedure to the greatest extent possible. Now I'll illustrate the detailed steps to install Kodzi for Kodi, just read on.

The following tutorial is demonstrated on Kodi Leia for instructional purpose and probably applies to future version, it's better to update your Kodi to avoid any discomfort and difference. Furthermore, WonderFox is not responsible for the use of Kodzi Kodi addon, use it at your own discretion. This is not an official Kodi add-on, DO NOT submit any issue ticket on Kodi official forum.

How to Install The Kodz Repository from the File Source?

Since Kodzi add-on is located in The Kodz Repository, I strongly recommend you guys to install the repo in the first place, so that you'll never miss the future updates of Kodzi addon.

- Click on Each Step to Expand the Larger Demo Picture

Step 1. Run Kodi app, on the Home screen, click on the gear-shaped icon in the upper left corner.

Gear-shaped Icon

Step 2. Go to "File manager" category.

File Manager

Step 3. Double click "Add source" and press None for preparation.

Add File Source

Step 4. It will appear an address bar immediately, manually input "" on the keyboard, be aware of any typo or case sensitivity to avoid "Unable to connect" error. If possible, just make a copy & paste operation on the safe side. Then click OK.

Enter the URL of The Kodz Repository

Step 5. Enter a name for the source, e.g. "mrkodz2" as shown in the screenshot, then hit OK.

Name the Source

Step 6. Return to Settings interface and go to "System" category.

System Category

Step 7. Navigate to "Add-ons" menu, on the right side, enable "Unknown sources" option so as to give the permission to install the third party add-on or repository. Click OK on the pop-up warning dialog box.

Enable Unknown Sources Option

Step 8. Go back to Settings interface and go to "Add-ons" category.

Add-ons Category

Step 9. Select "Install from zip file" option.

Install from Zip File

Step 10. Open "mrkodz2" media source, select "" to download and install The Kodz Repository.

Open Mrkodz2 Media Source

Install The Kodz Repository

Step 11. After a few seconds, you'll see the repo installed notification at the top-right corner.

Repo Installed

How to Install Kodzi Addon from The Kodz Repository?

Step 1. After you walk through the steps above, go to Add-on browser and select "Install from repository" option.

Install from Repository

Step 2. Click on The Kodz Repository 2.

The Kodz Repository 2

Step 3. Go to "Video add-ons".

Video Add-ons

Step 4. Click on Kodzi, download and install it now.

Kodzi Installed

Step 5. When the installation is finished, bravo, you've made it. Go to "Add-ons" > "Video add-ons" > run Kodzi. You'll see 7 main features: Enter Website URL, Enter Lists URL, Search GitHub, Search History, 3rd Party Sources, Installed Addons, System Settings.

Run Kodzi

Kodzi Layout

How to Install Add-on/Repo using Kodzi?

This fantastic Kodzi offers several options to conveniently install add-ons and repos. I'll elaborate on the frequently-used features below.

1. Enter Website URL

Just like the regular method, install add-on or repo from source URL. The difference is that, the search terms are less stringent which means you can simply install add-on from most websites as long as the URL has a clickable zip file, and no need to enter any https:// or http://, for instance, "", "", "", etc.

Enter URL

Install Zip File of Add-on or Repo

2. Search GitHub

Just like Git Browser, you can also search and install any add-on or repo zip file hosted on GitHub. Two options are provided: Search GitHub (just like a browser to browse GitHub and install zips) and Search GitHub Username (directly search developer name and install corresponding zips)

Search GitHub

Install from GitHub

3. 3rd Party Sources

This section lists abundant critically acclaimed recommendations and charts from some Kodi user hubs, which saves you a lot time from finding a decent add-on. Just click on the preferred add-on to fast install it on your Kodi.

3rd Party Sources

Recommendations and Charts

4. Enter Lists URL

This is an under-used feature that allows you to create your own personal lists, but to make it work well, you have to follow the structure of the following example: and upload the text to the web. Perhaps you can make full use of this feature and enjoy it. To delve too deep into the feature, see the developer's description here.

Create Personal Lists

At last...

You see, with Kodzi, it's extremely easy to install any repo and add-on without a hitch. As for me, it's a must-have on my Kodi app to facilitate Kodi exploration. By the way, if you're pleased with this article, don't forget to share it via your social media. And if you run into any issue, you can contact the develop on Reddit,

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