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Troubleshootings on The Crew Not Working/Stopped Working

Author by Oswald

Updated on Aug 16, 2021

On this post, I've rounded up the more common root causes of The Crew not working issue. Every symptom is provided with a proven solution, check it out now and give it a go, to get our The Crew addon back working again!

If you find this post helpful, do you bit by sharing it to more people, let's make the community a better place at this very time.

Troubleshoot The Crew Error

Important Update

If you've just updated Kodi to Matrix 19 and find The Crew addon not working and automatically disabled, that's because The Crew is currently incompatible with Kodi 19. You can learn from our guide on how to downgrade Kodi 19 to 18 to fix The Crew not working. Also, see our Kodi 19 Matrix Guide to learn about Kodi 19 compatible addons.

All solutions are based on the condition that you're not suffering from a poor network connection, you're not being throttled or geo-blocked by ISP, and don't have other similar connection issues. These causes for The Crew not working are very easy to be unlooked. Checked these if you haven't yet.

The Crew Get Blocked by Indigo

This is a fairly new bummer. If you The Crew addon stopped working recently, particularly that happened around April - May in 2021, I say there's a huge chance that your The Crew addon was blocked by Indigo addon from TV addons repository.

In that case, when you launch The Crew addon, The Crew doesn't show up its main menu after a while of loading, but direct you to the Videos menu with "Files", "Playlists" and "Video add-ons" options with an error message on the upper-right side of the interface saying: "The Crew error, check the log for more information".

To solve that, we have to uninstall Indigo and TV addons repository from your Kodi. But I don't know if you have known this yet, that uninstalling Indigo is quite a tricky job. I wrote a detailed post on this, it can certainly help >> How to Uninstall Indigo

Can't Install/Update The Crew Add-on from The Crew Repo

If there's no typo when adding The Crew repo's media source URL into Kodi File Manager, and The Crew repo was properly installed but went malfunction all of a sudden, then… (Check out the Latest The Crew source URL)

- If you're using a VPN, make sure Kodi is enabled to use proxy server and your VPN's proxy server address and proxy server port are is identical with the configuration number on your Kodi.

To enable Kodi to use Proxy Server and check out the proxy configuration on Kodi: Go to Settings (cog icon) > System > Internet Access > General

- Maybe The Crew repo is offline. Navigate to the The Crew media source URL and see if the website is properly serving up The Crew repo ZIP file as usual, if not, we're out of luck but to wait for the website update. Please note that, if The Crew repo URL never get back online again someday, make sure to delete its media source URL from your Kodi File Manager before it becomes a Gateway for malicious code.

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The Crew Error "Check the Log"

The Crew fails to launch with an error message saying "The Crew error, check the log for more information" can be boiled down to a variety of reasons. It is usually some complicated errors that Kodi fails to understand. In that case, it's a good idea to actually check the log file and post it on Kodi forum for seeking help from experts. That helps techies to locate specific error information and offer the most practical and accurate solution.

- Turn to unofficial communities if we're talking about third-party addons, which are not condoned on official Kodi forum.

And here is >> How to Check Error Log File on Kodi

The Crew Says "No Stream Available"

First let's put aside the fact that some old or unpopular movies or TV shows do have no stream available at times, and these are the possible solutions to other scenarios.

- That could be an addon bug when scraping data from the internet. Try reinstalling The Crew and restart Kodi.

- Usually The Crew addon will pull a list of links from the internet and remove the duplicated ones. Try streams from other sources if you find one saying "No Stream Available".

- There could be conflicts between files or addons, usually the result of using multiple addons at a long length of time. By factory resetting Kodi, redundant files and cache will be cleared, and Kodi will be rejuvenated. But don't forget to back up your Kodi before that.

>> Learn How to Factory Reset Kodi | How to Back Up and Restore Kodi

- For heavy Kodi users, clearing Kodi cache from time to time is a good habit to keep your Kodi addons up and running and free from Kodi buffering issues. >> Learn How to Clear Cache on Kodi

The Crew Addon Down

Of course, no denying that there's also a chance that The Crew addon is down. But, as of this writing, The Crew addon works just fine and it is continuously maintained by The Crew team, and there's no sign suggesting it's facing any legal trouble.

If that really happens, there's no need to uninstall The Crew addon just yet, put The Crew aside and wait for further updates. In the meantime, you can check out our Best Kodi addons in 2021 to find a wealth of The Crew alternative addons.


I hope you've benefited from this guide and fix your The Crew issue. Again, share it if you find that post helpful! Have more questions or better ideas on The Crew not working issue? Feel free to contact me: @oswald97304685

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