Simple TS to MP4 Tutorial
Convert TS to MP4 for Playback Freely

Sometimes, you may record videos with camcorders or have some downloaded videos in TS format which are not exactly compatible with most devices. This article presents you the optimal solution to convert TS video to MP4 while keeping lossless quality with much smaller file size.

Updated on Jun 16, 2020



Updated on Aug 05, 2020

Convert TS Video to MP4 Format

Convert TS Video to MP4 Format

Have you ever found some videos in TS format and failed to play them when you transfer your recorded videos to computer? You should be familiar with this video file if you're a camcorder enthusiast as it has already come into vogue worldwide. In this case, it's advised to convert TS file to MP4 format. Why? Keep reading.

Why Choose MP4 as the Target Conversion Format?

While the TS container is commonly adopted in recorded videos or downloaded videos from the web, playing or editing them without problems is only a partial success. Put simply, TS has a poor compatibility with some media players, video editing tools, web video standards, even you cannot play it with your mobile devices or upload and share it online. By contrast, MP4 is the most widely used video format supported by almost all devices, video editors, players. It's the most ideal format for TS format conversion. That's the reason why you should convert TS to MP4.

Online Video Converter? Better Not!

People often favor some online video converting service for their convenience. They offer a simple and seemingly rapid method to convert videos. Nevertheless, their shortcomings cannot be overlooked. To save bandwidth consumption, online services force upon a limitation on file size, conversion time, etc. As you know, a TS video always has a large file size, and the speed entirely depends your network condition when uploading the video, converting it and downloading it from online video converting sites. Think about it, what if there is something wrong with your network connection? Don't tear your hair and yell "Oh My God".

How to Convert TS to MP4 in a Few Clicks?

To convert TS files faultlessly without aforementioned problems, an accessible and user-friendly TS to MP4 converter is a fairly must-have program. Free HD Video Converter Factory is such a free TS converter and is highly recommended for its outstanding features which not only enables you to convert TS to MP4 with 0 quality loss in a 50X faster conversion speed offline as a real time saver, but also to reduce video size and improve video quality. Moreover, this freeware is equipped with an advanced feature which empowers you to download videos from YouTube and other 300+ sites. Download and install on it your Windows PC, then follow the steps below.

As a fast and powerful TS to MP4 converter, Free HD Video Converter Factory can help easily convert TS video to MP4 as well as other formats and devices with intact video quality. Learn more >

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Step 1 - Add TS File

Run this TS video converter and open the Converter option. Import TS files by clicking "Add Files" or simply drag and drop. The program works as a free CUDA/GPU video converter that enables hardware acceleration to speed up the conversion.

Import TS Video File

Import TS Video File

Step 2 - Choose MP4 as Output Format

Open the Output Format list on the right side and choose MP4 under the Video Tab. Likewise, here are 500+ optimized presets for your extra need. Just click on your desired profile without extra operation.

Choose MP4 Profile

Choose MP4 Profile

Step 3 - Start the Conversion

When everything is set, specify your output path and hit the Run button to start the conversion.

Optional - This freeware also enables you to cut video clips, join multiple videos , rotate video, add external subtitle. Besides, the Parameter settings option allows you to modify video resolution, change aspect ratio, adjust frame rate, encoder, bitrate, etc as you wish.

Cut Video & Merge Video & Add Subtitle

Cut Video & Merge Video & Add Subtitle

Modify Video Parameters

Modify Video Parameters

The whole process will be done at a fast speed and with high quality. Now you can stream or transfer the MP4 file discretionarily and never run into the playback issue. Why not share this tutorial if it's helpful to you? Or feel free to leave your comment below if you still have any problem.

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Free HD Video Converter

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Simple TS to MP4 Tutorial - Convert TS to MP4 for Playback Freely

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