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2019 Top 5 Free Online Video Converters

Author by Helen

Update at June 13, 2019

For you who want to deal with video /audio conversion via the best free online video converter, here I will recommend some popular video online converters for you. Besides, recommend my desktop video converter to you:

These days video and audio file conversion has been a common way to solve file format incompatibility issue. Of course, most people having such conversion demands but feel difficult to find the best online video converter as new converters come out every day. Fortunately, here I will list the best online converter (for video and audio) for you. You can choose the best one based on different requirements. And you’ll learn many helpful tips towards free converting any video and audio with the fastest speed, highest quality and saving PC disk space/portable device storage with smallest output file size.

Why Do We Need Online Video/Audio Converter?

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An increasing number of people are in favor of free online video converter and free online audio converter. Main reasons are included below. It’s FREE and compatible with almost all OS and web browsers. It's convenient and will save your time. No software installation is required. That's safer for computer. If you get some different reasons, press the share button above and comment yours.

However, you must take the good with the bad. There are also shortcomings like the videos can't be converted on the free online video converter, even the best converter online service you preferred may have the following limits: restricted file size, conversion time and output formats; high requirements on the network; slow uploading and downloading speed; no support for full HD or UHD video; some sites have to install the plug-in, etc.

Therefore, if you are a Windows user, there’s a better choice – HD Video Converter Pro which can avoid all the demerits of online video converter. But if you still prefer to use the best online video converter to get MP3, MP4, AVI and more formats. Here are acknowledged 2019 top 5 free online video converters. Keep reading to get the best video converter online server. Free for only registered users is virtually a common failing when using a video converter online tool. If you can't bear with it, you can also slide your mouse over to Part 2.

Part One: 2019 Top 5 Free Online Video Converter Reviews

1. ClipConverter (best online video converter)

As one of the best online converters, this one can convert both online videos and local videos in a relatively fast speed.


ClipConverter must be the most popular free online video converter. It’s also my favorite free online video audio converter. It supports users to batch add video and audio file of a variety of formats. You can convert online videos or upload local videos for converting with this site. Besides, this online free video converter free service can also be used as one of the best online YouTube converter/downloader. You can output the online and local videos to 7 different formats, including MP3, M4A, AAC, MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, and MKV.

Limits: The online clip converter can be used free if your usage doesn’t extend the free account, which puts a limitation on 1GB maximum file size with 25 conversion minutes per day and 25 minutes maximum conversion time per file.

People also search: Clipconverter and Its Alternative: Make Media Downloading and Conversion an Easier Job.

2. Convert2MP3 (best video converter online)

It is an easy-to-use web service and one of the best online audio converters that can convert online videos to MP3 and other nine digital formats handily.


Convert2MP3, a popular online video to audio converter, allows you to convert online videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Clipfish to 10 common video and audio formats including MP3, M4A, OGG, MP4, AVI, WMV, etc. It's more than a video to audio converter online free helper with high quality. It's fast, free and no registration needed.

Limits: You cannot upload and convert your local video/audio files with this one.

Hot Search: Convert Online Videos to MP3 Effortlessly with Convert2mp3 and Convert2mp3 Alternative.

3. OnlineVideoConverter (top online video converter)

A user-friendly online videos converter which provides corresponding user guides on its official site.


OnlineVideoConverter is a free online media converter that allows you to convert video and audio to 17 formats. Similar to clipconverter, this one can also convert online and local videos, many people take this one as the best clipconverter alternative online. It's intuitive and no restrictions on uploading, conversion, and downloads. After opening the official page, just follow the guide. Allowed max file size: 3072.00 MB/per file. Moreover, you are able to customize your conversion settings like video resolution.

Limits: It's too slow when uploading a large file. And the supported file formats is relatively limited.

4. Online-convert (best online video converter to mp3)

A great online converter which empowers you to convert video/audio/document/eBook/image and more with ease.


Only for video and audio conversion, Online-convert lists 10+ related free online converter items, such as “Online AVI video converter”, “Online video converter to FLV”, “Convert Video to the Matroska (MKV) format”, “Music converter to AAC”, "Online video converter to MP3" and much more. This site totally supports 32 formats of video/audio conversion.

Bonus feature: For skillful users, you can customize the output settings like screen size, video bitrate, audio quality, frame rate and also do some video editing work, for instance, cut video/rotate video.

Limits: The maximum file size is 100MB for free user. And for a newcomer, you may spend some time to find the right free online converter among sorts of converters, even though you just want to do a simple video file conversion.

5. Zamzar

A remarkable online file converter that is able to convert video and audio freely for you.


Zamzar is a free and all-inclusive video file converter online. Here you can upload a file but it doesn’t enable you to select multiple files at one time. Downloading video by putting the URL is also available. As a free online video converter, it provides 49 formats and devices for you to choose.

Limits: The free service allows you to convert file (maximum 100MB files). There is no download button or a file link after conversion. The converted file will be sent to you via email.

From the free online converter review, these top online video converters can handily accomplish file conversion task. And online tools are more convenient for occasional use and the above five are widely used by users around the world. However, each of them has some inevitable limits that cannot completely satisfy us. And if you need to deal with video conversion a lot, or can’t get a HD/1080P/4k video converter online free, a desktop video converter can be more effective and professional. Yep, here’s the best all-in-one online & local video converter as below.

Part Two: The Best Free All-Powerful HD Video Converter

Free, safe and easy to navigate. No adware, no software bundle, no time/size/speed limits and no watermark on the output file.

Instead of suffering from such troubles and wasting time looking for a free online video converter no size limit, let HD Video Converter Pro become your great helper to do any video and audio conversion as well as online video downloading tasks for you. As the best online video converter alternative, it allows you to convert online and local video/audio to 300+ formats and devices in a fast speed. The whole video conversion process is as follow:

Free Download Free Download

A Simple Guide on Converting Local Videos by HD Video Converter Pro

Convert Local Videos with Three Steps

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install this HD video converter to your Windows computer. Then launch it.

Step 1. Pick “Converter” icon and open a new window. Click "Add Files" or drag your files into the program. This program supports to deal with video conversion in a batch mode to save your time.

Step 2. Select the format you need from the "Output Format".

Step 3. Set your output folder and click "Run" to start the conversion.

A Simple Guide to Download/Convert Online Videos & Music from YouTube and Other 300+ Sites

Download/Convert Online Videos & Music

As a great YouTube video converter/downloader, it enables you to convert URL to video from YouTube (including latest multi-track HD YouTube video), Facebook, LiveLeak, MetaCafe, or other 300+ sites. The online video converting steps are also quite simple:

Step 1. Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and pick Downloader icon. Click on New Download button.

Step 2. Copy and paste the video URL. Then press “Analyze”.

Step 3. Before converting/downloading, you’re able to select your preferred video resolution and size. Click OK to save your choose. Then Press the Download All button to convert and download the online videos.

After all is finished, you can convert it to any video/audio format as you wish. And you can transfer the downloaded video to your iPhone, Android smartphone, tablets or other portable gadgets. Above all, you will find this program is much better than No 1 free online video converter and free online video downloader.

At last...

These are the whole processes of converting online & local videos with the best online video converters and the recommended desktop smart video converter. Feel free to take the best online converter or offline converter you like to carry out the video conversion.

Free Download Free Download

The Best Video Converter for Your Windows Computer – Enable You Convert Online & Local Videos Handily

Online HD Video Converter

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

This is the best video converter and downloader. Besides converting videos to 300+ formats and devices with three simple steps, this program can also help you download videos from YouTube and other popular video-sharing sites without a hitch. You can also take it to help you enhance video quality from SD to HD for better viewing.

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