Large videos come inconvenient in many ways. Use one of the following free video compressors to compress video without watermark completely for free.

Tips. Download the best free video compression software without watermark for efficient video compression with no limit: hd-video-converter.exe
Michelle Michelle | Updated on Jan 22, 2024
Top 5 Free Video Compressor without Watermark:

Dealing with large file-size videos can be a big headache for us all. They are not easy to transfer, take too much disk space, and often slow down our devices. Fortunately, a video compressor can offer us a great way to compress our videos to the size we need.

Here, we will discuss the best free video compressors that will help you not only reduce video size without watermarks but also compress videos with high quality preserved. Continue reading.

Best Free Video Compressor No Watermark

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory provides a simple and fast solution to compress MP4, MKV, TS, MTS, and all other mainstream videos with the highest quality preserved. With it, you can easily compress video free without watermark or size limit. 100% clean and free for use.

Best Free Video Compressor without Watermark in 2024

1. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory

Free Video Compressor No Watermark

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is one of the best free video compressors for Windows. You can put any video into it, choose a compression method and then it will help you compress the video easily and without watermark. At the same time, it can also help you convert videos to more than 500 formats and devices. This software offers better output quality compared to many other similar products as it supports H264, HEVC and the latest AV1 encoding to deliver high video quality in small file sizes. This also makes it the perfect program to compress videos for Discord, Messenger, email, and more.

Reasons for Choosing WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory:

  • Efficiently compress videos from GB to MB;
  • Compress and convert videos with high quality preserved;
  • No size or length limit, support HD videos up to 8K;
  • Visible output size;
  • Easy to use.

Download Link: hd-video-converter.exe
Tutorial: How to Compress Video from GB to MB?

Tips. If you have more than one file to compress, you can try the Pro version [quick download quick download] of this software to batch compress videos at once.

2. HandBrake

MP4 Compressor No Watermark

HandBrake is another handy video compressor free no watermark. Users can use HandBrake to compress digital videos and DVD videos to small-size files by changing codecs, lowering bitrate and frame rate, and downscaling resolution. It also supports HD quality video outputs and offers various preset profiles for one-click conversion.

HandBrake comes with a pro interface that requires a little bit of learning. It is hence more recommended for skilled users.

Reasons for Choosing HandBrake:

  • Open-source video compressor & transcoder;
  • Compress videos and DVD to MP4, MKV, WebM;
  • Multi-platform support;
  • No size limit.

Download Link:
Tutorial: How to Use HandBrake Video Compressor?

3. VLC Media Player

Video Size Reducer without Watermark

VLC Media Player is more than a program to play videos but also an advanced video compressor to compress video size without watermark. It supports all kinds of videos and enables you to customize video settings to get high-quality small-size outputs conveniently. Through the settings, you can also convert videos to desired formats at the same time.

To access the VLC compression feature may need a little guidance. If necessary, follow the tutorial below to get more info.

Reasons for Choosing VLC Media Player:

  • Compress videos of all formats with high quality;
  • Available across platforms;
  • Safe and feature-rich program;
  • No size limit.

Download Link:
Tutorial: How to Use VLC to Compress Videos?

4. FreeConvert

Online Video Compressor Free without Watermark

FreeConvert is the best free video compressor online if you don’t want any software installation. On FreeConvert, you can simply upload your video to the platform and hit Compress Now to get files exported 40% smaller without a watermark. Of course, FreeConvert offers users to modify the output settings to get more personalized results, and you can choose a different compression method, output format, etc.

Reasons for Choosing FreeConvert:

  • Max file size 1GB;
  • Preset target file size;
  • No download;
  • Easy to use.

Website Link:

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5. VideoSmaller

Free Video Compressor Online No Watermark

VideoSmaller is also a good online video size reducer without watermark. It supports MP4, AVI, MPEG, MOV video formats and, without additional settings, VideoSmaller will compress these files automatically to very small videos for free. However, the output video may look awful if you upload low-bitrate videos, and you may want to tick off the Use low compression level option to ensure a nice quality video output.

Reasons for Choosing VideoSmaller:

  • Mac file size 500 MB;
  • No download;
  • Easy to use.

Website Link:


These are the top free video compressor for PC without watermark you can get here. You can choose one program to start compressing your videos online or offline. Generally speaking, these tools are simple to use and will cover your basic compression needs. However, if you are want more advanced features, maybe you should try some paid options.

That’s all for now. I hope you've found the best free video compressor no watermark for you. Thanks for reading.

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