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TS Joiner – How to Join or Merge Your Multiple .ts Files Together

Author by Lisa

Updated on May 27, 2021

You may find yourself in such an occasion where a downloaded TS movie occupies over 20G on your device. What's worse, it is broken into several video clips sometimes, which makes it inconvenient for you to watch the whole movie. If you are encountering such situation, TS joiner is an excellent way to help you out. Keep reading to know how to join .ts files.

I have seen that there are some people question these in forums:

Q1: "I have some old videos that I transferred from VHS to DVD. They are now TS files. I need to merge multiple video files into one that is YouTube friendly. So what can I do to make it?"

Q2: "I downloaded a film that occupies over 20G but is broken into multiple clips. I want a practical tool to merge TS files, any ideas for me?"

If you have similar problems and also want to combine TS files into one, you will find the answer in this article.

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A Good TS Joiner for You to Solve the Problem - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

TS files are customarily saved in a sequence of multiple video files with the .ts extension, such as filename1.ts, filename2.ts and etc. By comparison, more people would like to merge TS files as a complete video file rather than save them in plenty of messy TS video clips.

It may be quite a bit difficult for those who are not an expert in software or computer technology to merge video files, which requires professional tool as well as complicated operating steps. Therefore, a good merger is a must to solve the problem. I have an easy-to-operate way for you to combine .ts files: use a good program - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Next, I will introduce how to use the software.

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Tutorial – How to Join .ts Files by the TS Joiner?

Import TS files

Please free downloadfree download the software before next steps.

Step 1. Import TS files into the smart TS joiner

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Open "Converter", click on the "Add Files" button and add the TS files in batches. Or directly drag and drop the target files into the window.

Merge the TS files

Step 2. Create a pack to merge the TS files

You can click on the "Merge" button after checking the videos you want to merge. Then next is a simple drag and drop process. You can select all the videos in one step. Just select all the videos with your mouse then click on the "Merge" button as marked in the picture.

Create multiple packs at the same time

Step 3. Adjust the order of the TS files as you wish

And if you add a wrong video unheedingly, you can click on the wrong video then drag it to the original Video list or click Move Up. If you create a wrong pack, you can click on the "Split" button to delete it. What's more, you can adjust video order by drag-and-drop. And you can create Pack 1, Pack 2 and more at the same time. After that, hit the Merge button at the bottom to save the change, and the software is working for you automatically.

Various output formats

Step 4. Choose the packs' output format and Start

HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports more than 500+ files format and devices. You can also convert the packs' output format as you wish. For instance, you can choose to convert MTS to MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV and etc.

Finally, click on Run to export the merged video.

At last...

I hope this article can help you out. You will easily join TS files after reading this article. If you think this article is helpful in merging multiple TS files, please share this with your friends.

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