The famous HandBrake is not only free, open source and multi-platform, but also popular with people for its rich parameter customization and powerful transcoding ability. Nevertheless, for novice users, the most user-friendly feature is the preset panel that can meet actual needs, which can help directly convert source video to the required format without complicated settings. But if you need a few minor changes or special Settings, the following article will tell you how to optimize and customize HandBrake presets.

Got confused with the process using HandBrake? Try to modify and customize presets using another novice-oriented freeware:

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HandBrake Presets - A Shortcut to Your Desired Format

HandBrake Presets

You know what, some platforms, applications and devices have strict standards or guidelines for video import, upload and playback. That's the reason why a video transcoder is a must-have on your computer. And I bet HandBrake is definitely the first choice for most people.

Benefited from its built-in presets, non-tech-savvy guys can simply convert original video to the format supported by specific platforms or devices for general use. In addition to that, you can also optimize and customize the HandBrake presets as you wish. That's what I'm going to tell you in the next part.

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Customize Your Conversion Presets with Ease

Tired of making the same desired settings again and again before video conversion? Free HD Video Converter Factory not only works as an easy-to-use video transcoder but also offers a simple method to modify and save presets as you wish. Once the custom preset is created, you don't need to do duplicate work anymore. Download the freeware and save your preset template now!

How to Modify Official HandBrake Presets?

By default, HandBrake offers a number of official presets specifically tailored for different purposes. Sometimes, you may want to make a few minor changes based on a preset. To do that, just select a preset on the right side that most closely describes the need you want after you import your source file. Then make your preferred changes on the left, and you'll see a "Modified" word at the end of the "Preset" statement, which means your modified settings will take effect when the encoding starts.

However, keep in mind, the official presets cannot be modified and saved with your new changes. So the above practice is just a one-off procedure. If you want to save the settings permanently, please refer to the "Add Customized Presets" part below.

Modify Official HandBrake Presets

How to Add Customized HandBrake Presets?

In addition to the built-in presets, you're entitled to add customized HandBrake presets for your personal preference. After all, the default presets don't always cover and meet all your changeable tastes.

After adding your source video, click the "Add" button on the bottom of preset pane, here you can create and save your customized presets so that you can directly select them next time without any change, such as the best HandBrake preset for DVD, best HandBrake settings for iPad and the forth.

Create Custom HandBrake Presets

To update your customized HandBrake preset, just select it and make some changes, when it shows the "Modified", right click on your custom preset and select "Update Selected Preset" option.

Update HandBrake Presets

How to Delete and Restore HandBrake Presets?

It's fairly easy to delete an unwanted preset, just select the preset and click "Remove" button on the bottom of preset pane. It works for both official presets and custom presets. And if your regret the removed items, right click on the blank area and select "Reset Built-in Presets" option to restore all official presets.

Reset HandBrake Presets

But it doesn't work for custom presets, instead, HandBrake allows you to export and import custom HandBrake presets as a .json file, so that it's convenient to transfer your common using habit to HandBrake on another computer.

Export and Import HandBrake Presets

So many people may wonder if it's possible to import the custom presets downloaded from other people. Theoretically, it may work if you're using the same version on the same platform, but the success is not guaranteed. You can give it a shot by yourself.

Import Error

As an Aside - Modify and Customize Presets Using Another Program

Now you're supposed to have a further understanding about HandBrake presets. Besides that, you can also implement this job with another free simple and intuitive video/audio converter - Free HD Video Converter Factory. Compared with HandBrake, it provides 500+ commonly-used presets, and it's much more user-friendly and straightforward. If you're interested, download it and go further.

Step 1 - Add Video File(s)

Run this freeware and open Converter. Drag your source videos and drop into the converter window.

Import Video Files

Step 2 - Choose a Desired Output Format

Click on the format profile to unfold a full list of 500+ presets and select your desired one at will. Set an output folder to save the converted files.

Select Desired Format

Step 3 - Modify Settings & Save Custom Preset

To save your custom preset, first of all, select your desired format, for example, the MP4 format. Then click "Parameter settings" button underneath the profile and make the changes based on your preferences on the settings window. Now here comes the point, press "Save as" button in the lower left corner, give the custom preset a name and click OK to save it.

Save Custom Preset

Step 4 - Start Conversion Process

To locate your custom preset, unfold the format list, navigate to "Custom" category, all your custom presets will be saved here. Finally, hit Run button to start your conversion work.

Locate Custom Preset
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