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How to Extract Subtitles from MKV

Sometimes, you need to extract the subtitles from MKV for some purposes. It's in practice not as difficult as you imagine. You'll sniff at it "Ah, just so so!" after reading this article.

Simply download the MKV subtitle extractor and let's get started:


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Updated on May 16, 2022

MKV is a flexible, popular and open standard Matroska multimedia container format which contains various video and audio codecs, chapter points, rich metadata as well as multilingual subtitles and other related data. It is widely adopted by TV series, TV shows, movies, concerts and more. Based on this property, you are allowed to switch subtitles on/off in common media players if your MKV videos contain multiple language subtitle tracks, even remove subtitles or extract subtitles from MKV for different purposes.

Cast aside the technicality, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro enables you to extract subtitles from MKV as easy as pie. Besides extracting subs, it not only helps remove subtitles or add subtitles, but also convert video & audio and download YouTube videos. Download and have a try!

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Extracting MKV Subtitles Is Much Easier Than You Think

To rip subtitles from MKV, I know someone will say:" Come on, my mind goes blank! What should I do?" As a matter of fact, you consider it as complicated as you might think and stun yourself. Believe it or not, everyone can handle it with great ease. So how to extract subtitles from MKV, such as extract srt from MKV, extract ass from MKV, extract ssa from MKV, etc? Without regard to more technical terms and complex operation, an easy-to-use free MKV subtitle extractor can do this job effortlessly.

Simple Steps to Extract Subtitles from MKV

There are many MKV subtitle extractors on the market, but most only have sole function. Luckily, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a top-rated video & audio converter, integrated with simple editor, YouTube downloader as well as an MKV subtitle extractor. It is capable of converting any video & audio to nearly all popular formats and portable devices, downloading 1080P/4K/8K/360-Degree/VR/music videos, rotating videos, cutting and merging videos, adding subtitles, removing subtitles, extracting subtitles from MKV, etc.

Download and install this superb program on your Windows-based PC.

Step 1 - Open the MKV Subtitles Extractor

Launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro and navigate to the "Subtitle Extractor" interface in the "Toolbox" module.

Import MKV File & Select Specific Subtitle

Open the Subtitle Extractor in WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Step 2 - Load an MKV Video

Click the "Add video" button and browse your local disc to choose the MKV video you want to extract subtitles from.

Preview Video and Load Subtitle

Import an MKV Video

Step 3 - Select Subtitle Tracks

Select the subtitle track and output format as you need.

Close the Preview Window

Select the Subtitle Track and Output Format

Step 4 - Extract Subtitles from MKV

Click the blue "Extract Subtitles" button on the right and wait a few seconds for the process to complete. Then the software will lead you to the folder where the extracted subtitle file is saved.

Find the Extracted Subtitles in Specific Folder

Find the Extracted Subtitles in the Specific Folder

This is the whole process to extract subs from MKV. Quite simple, isn't it? After you have extracted subtitles from MKV, you can make a simple editing like timeline readjustment by right-clicking the subtitle file and open the SRT subtitle file with Notepad. You may turn to other subtitle editors to modify and merge subtitles, or even sync subtitles if they are out of sync with your video. After done, you can upload and share your new subtitle files on subtitle download sites to help those in need, even simply embed/hardcode subtitles to video with WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro as follows:

Import your video in the "Converter" interface > click the "T" symbol > choose "Add subtitle" > select the subtitle you want to embed/hardcode > choose your preferred format or devices from 500+ optimized preset profiles on the right > hit "Run" to commence the subtitle embedding process.

Insert Modified Subtitle into Video

Insert Modified Subtitle into a Video

It's also a process to change external subtitles to hardsubs for avoiding subtitles not display issue. When the process is complete, you can transfer your video to any devices for playback freely. Don't forget to share it with your friends if this post works for you.

Can You Really Distinguish Hardsubs and Softsubs?

Here's the berief explanation about hardsubs and softsubs.

- Hardsubs (open subtitles) are open to all and cannot be turned off by the viewer.

- Softsubs (closed subtitles) are designed for a certain group of viewers, and can usually be turned on/off or selected by the viewer.

To put it simple, hardsubs have become a part of the video images and the subtitle text is irreversibly merged in original video frames, they cannot be extracted, disabled or removed in any way. So this article mainly focuses on extracting softsubs from MKV.

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MKV Subtitle Extractor

HD Video Converter Pro

A Feature-rich video/audio processor that comes with a simple MKV subtitle extractor, allowing you extract subtitles from MKV without any difficulty.

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