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The Two Best Solutions to Record Spotify

Author by Penny

Updated on July 19, 2022

Music fanatics must know Spotify, which provides a slew of music on it. However, to maintain their interests, this software is set with many restrictions that prevent non-paying subscribers from listening to music offline. Because of this, this page provides two ways to solve how to record Spotify so you can enjoy Spotify music offline for free on any device at will. Here is a professional Spotify music recorder.

Why Do We Need to Record from Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service that can be accessed from various platforms. Its catalog has more than 30 million songs for you to choose from, including the latest songs, various ways to discover new music, and many preset playlists based on music subgenres or artists. Therefore, it is the first choice for many music enthusiasts. But only paid members can download music from Spotify. If you don’t want to pay, there are many methods on the internet about how to download music from Spotify, but almost all of them are invalid. Instead of spending time trying to find a reliable download method, the only way to listen to Spotify music offline for free is to record songs in Spotify. That means that you need a high-quality and professional music recorder to complete this task. Therefore, in the following content, I will recommend a music recorder that is well received in the industry - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which can easily help you record from Spotify. Apart from that, I also will share two useful online music downloaders with you. So please scroll down!

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Method One. Record Music from Spotify with a Full-featured Music Recorder

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an all-round music recorder. It can not only help you record a variety of songs from Spotify but also function as an editor to cut and merge multiple kinds of music into one. In addition, the program is a music downloader that can easily help you download lots of music from YouTube, Audiomack, Instagram, and other websites.

Through this Spotify music recorder, you will first get a music video with images, which can help you confirm whether your recording is correct, and can also record the basic information of the music to facilitate the later file naming. If you don't want this video file format, you can convert the video format into more music formats with the help of this program. Now, let’s take a closer look at the detailed steps on recording from Spotify with the powerful recorder.

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How to Record Spotify Songs Step by Step

Before recording, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step1. Launch the Spotify Music Recorder

Open the recorder and choose “Recorder” on the start-up UI and enter Screen Recorder.

Alert recording parameters

Step2. Set Recording Parameters

First, click “Full Screen” or “Custom”. “Full-Screen” means the full screen of your computer and “Custom” means that you can define the recording area. Then click “OK” on the screen. You will see that the "REC" button on the right will change from gray to red. Second, to activate the audio recording, right-click the speaker logo in the lower right corner of your computer, and then select "Recording Device", then right-click in the blank area in the new window, and select "Show Disabled Device" and "Show Disconnected Devices "option, and then enable Stereo Mix. Third, go back to the software and drag the circular slider in the “Quick Setting” area to set the quality of the Spotify music recording. Lastly, click the inverted triangle symbol below to choose an output folder to save the Spotify music recording.

Record from Spotify

Step3. Start to Record Videos from Spotify

Hit “REC” and after 5 seconds countdown, the Spotify recorder will begin to record music and at the same time you need to play your music on Spotify. A red rectangle appears above the music recording to indicate that recording is in progress. After the recording is complete, click the red box above or directly press the shortcut key "Ctrl + F1". The recorded Spotify music will be saved in the dictionary you set.

Tips. The default recording format of this Spotify music recorder is MP4 video format. If you want to change the recorded music to more formats such as MP4 to WAV, MP4 to AAC, etc., you can go back to main interface and select “Converter” to change  music video formats at will.

Method Two. Record Spotify Music with Two Easy-to-use Online Downloaders

In addition to the offline music recorders mentioned above, there are many convenient online music recorders on the market. For your sake, I will recommend two useful online music recorders to you next. They have no ads, no plug-ins, and subscriptions, and are easy to operate. Now, here we go!

Rev online voice recorderRev online voice recorder

1.Rev Online Voice Recorder. This is a free online recorder. To enter the homepage, just click the red "Record" button to start recording. When you press pause, you can choose, resume, preview, delete. When you have finished recording, click the preview first, then click the downloaded symbol. Repeat these steps and you can download a lot of music from Spotify many times.

Spotify online recorderSpotify online recorder

2.VirtualSpeech Online Voice Recorder. It provides the same simple online steps as Rev. Go to the voice recording page and click the blue "Start Recording". After the recording is complete, click "Stop Recording", and then the playback progress bar appears. After clicking Play and Preview, three vertical dots will appear to the right of the progress bar. Click three points, you can choose to download (the format is MP3), or choose to download in the OGG format below the progress bar.

Sum up

The offline desktop music recorder for recording music from Spotify provides more useful functions, such as editing, changing to more formats, etc. Apart from recording music, the two online music recorders do not have any other functions. If you want to process the recorded music, you must use a third-party editor. Therefore, if you want to make the music show better results, it is recommended that you use the multi-function desktop recorder. If you have no other requirements, then the two online recorders are sufficient. But no matter what, I hope you can enjoy the music. Of course, you can buy Spotify Premium to enjoy high-quality music.

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