Audacity offers a free way to edit and record audio on various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. This post gives a detailed guide on how to let Audacity capture streaming audio on Windows PC, with pictures included. Follow the tutorial below to get started!

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Rocabella Rocabella | May 10th, 2023

How to Make Audacity Record Streaming Audio?

Some streaming services don’t provide users with download options. If that’s the case, you can use a recorder to capture the streaming content like music, podcasts, or interviews for offline enjoyment.

Next, let’s walk through how to record streaming music on Windows with Audacity.

Step 1. Download the install Audacity on your Windows PC first.

Step 2. After the installation, launch Audacity. To avoid recording audio with echoes or distorted sound, go to Transport > Transport Options. Make sure the Software Playthrough (on/off) is unselected.

Record Streaming Audio Audacity

Step 3. Click Audio Setup and select a host interface. You can choose Windows DirectSound or Windows WASPI. But if there is no Stereo Mix option on your device or it is disabled, the Windows WASPI option is highly recommended.

Audacity Stream Recording

Step 4. Now, to record the streaming audio you’re hearing, you need to choose the right input device. Go to Audio Setup Toolbar and select Recording Device. Then choose an appropriate loopback device, such as Speaker(loopback) or Stereo Mix(loopback).

Audacity Capture PC Streaming Audio

Step 5. Now, open the streaming service you want to record and hit the red Record button in the transport toolbar to initiate the Audacity stream recording. Hit the black square button to finish recording streaming audio with Audacity.

Audacity Record PC Streaming Audio

Step 6. You can click the Play button to check the recorded audio. Then navigate to File > Export. Choose a preferred output format such as MP3, WAV, or OGG, or choose to export it as an Audacity project file.

Audacity Do Streaming Audio Recording

Note: If you cannot hear anything when playing the recorded audio in Audacity, you may choose the wrong playback device. You can adjust it by hitting Audio Setup > Playback Device.

Record Streaming Music Audacity

There is no denying that Audacity is a great software for audio recording and editing. But sometimes, you may encounter some bugs like Audacity cannot record, not picking the device, or its inability to enable Windows WASPI. Besides, it can only be used to deal with audio-related tasks. But if you also want to record videos and want more extensive features as well, we suggest you try some Audacity alternatives.

Record Streaming Audio with an Overall Audacity Alternative

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is one of the best recording applications for Windows. With it, you can not only record audio from the mic and system simultaneously or separately but also can screen record video with audio with a resolution up to 4K. Options to set frame rate, quality, formats, and GPU acceleration allow you to create quality outputs.

Besides, it includes a converter for format conversion, an editor for basic editing, a downloader for online video and music downloading, as well as many other impressive features.

Now, download download the versatile software on your PC and start recording streaming audio from your PC with the following steps.

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Step 1. Open the Audio Recorder

Run WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro and then select Recorder. Click the audio-shaped icon to enable the “Audio-only” mode.

Open the Audio Recorder

Step 2. Customize the Audio Recording Settings

Select an audio recording format from the “Format” drop-down list. Here you can choose between MP3, AC3, AAC, and WAV.

Then check the “Desktop” box to record system audio. If you want to record your own voice, tick off “Microphone” too.

Customize the Audio Recording Settings

Step 3. Start Recording at Once

Finally, click the down arrow button at the bottom to set an output folder, and then hit the red “REC” button to start recording after a five-second countdown. Press “Ctrl + F1” to finish the recording.

To get a complete recording, open the recording software before starting the streaming content.

Start Recording at Once

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Now, you have learned how to record streaming audio with Audacity. If you run into any recording issues when using Audacity to record streaming audio or expect an easier way to record, you can resort to WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro for an easy and all-in-one solution.

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Best Audacity Alternative for Windows

HD Video Converter Factory Pro can be the best Audacity Alternative program to record desktop audio as well as anything happening on your display. It also allows you to edit the recordings by cutting, merging, etc., convert a/v files to 500+ output presets, download from 1000+ sites, and so on. It’s simple to use and never crashes. Download it here and try it now!

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