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[2020 Review] Top 3 Screen Recorder No Watermark for Different Applications

Author by Cooper

Updated on Apr 21, 2020

Screen recorders are widely used in our daily life, such as capturing a video call with your lover, recording a program demo and so forth. But many recorders in the market add watermarks into your recorder videos. For solving this, this article will show you 3 screen recorders without watermark. You can also download the handy screen recorder no watermark to record videos.

You may have tried some screen recorders for capturing gameplay and video meetings, making tutorial videos, and other on-screen activities. But after recording via them, you may find watermarks embedded into the recording, which can be upsetting as these watermarks are hard to remove. No one likes watching such videos, right? For recording videos without watermark, I will introduce 3 no watermark screen recorders to you. The recorders are available for different usages. I am sure you can find the one you want.

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1. The Best for Novices - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a user-friendly screen recorder without watermark. It has a clean interface and simple operations. The recorder further allows you to convert videos to formats suitable for YouTube, Facebook and certain mobile devices, TVs, and even game consoles like PS3.

Main Features:

a. Supporting customizing recording window.
b. Easy and quick quality setting – low quality, default, and high quality.
c. Video & audio to 300+ formats and devices conversion.
d. Video editing functions: Merge, crop, trim, rotate, etc.
e. Supporting voiceover recording.

Steps to Use the Screen Recorder No Watermark

no watermark screen recorder

Free downloadFree download and install it. Launch the recorder and click Recorder to enter the recording dialog.

2·Choose a recording mode, i.e., Full Screen or Custom mode. Click the inverted triangle to nominate the output path and select the audio recording device if you need.

3·Click the red Rec to start recording and you can stop it by pressing Ctrl + F1.

2. Text to Speech Recorder - ActivePresenter

The another screen recorder I’m going to show you is called ActivePresenter. This recorder is a powerful helper for making documentation, e-learning videos, business presentation, and more. It can also be used as PowerPoint editing tool and you can even import .ppt files thereto. You can edit the recorded video or create a new video freely. But you may need to spend a bit of time in mastering the screen recorder no watermark.

Main Features:

a. Combine recorded video clips.

b. Add subtitles, mouse-click cursor, key stroke, text to speech parts of each clip.

c. Merge .ppt files into videos.

How to Use ActivePresenter

recording software no watermark

1·Download it from its official website:

2·Run the program. Click New Capture and Record Software Demonstration, select the output path, then a new recording window will pop up. Customize settings in advance for recording, including audio input devices and capture area.

3·Click the red recording button at the left of the recording window to start capturing. Press Ctrl + End to stop recording.

3. Live Streaming Recorder - OBS

If you are seeking for a live streaming screen recorder without watermark. OBS is one of the best choices. It supports both recording and streaming to Facebook live, Twitter, and so forth. Of course, you can also custom the streaming platform as soon as you have the corresponding server and stream key. But to be honest, the software is a little complicated. There are no clean interface and default hotkeys. So for the better experience, you have to nominate the hotkeys, such as start and stop recording, pausing and unpausing recording, and so on. As a streaming recorder, the recorder will take lots of computer sources, which may lead to lag, especially on a low-end computer.

Main Features:

a. Streaming to various platforms.

b. Extra-high output video and audio quality for live streaming by utilizing CPU and GPU acceleration to their full extent.

c. Merge .ppt files into videos.

User Guide for Recording Streaming with OBS

recording software no watermark

1·Download the screen recorder no watermark from the URL:

2·Launch the streaming recorder first, then nominate the basic hotkeys. Click Settings at the right bottom corner and next click Hotkeys, custom hotkeys in the new pop-up hotkey window according to your needs. By the way, I recommend a key combination so as to avoid misoperation. Here I set Ctrl + F1 to start recording and Ctrl + F2 to stop.

3·Lastly, press Ctrl + F1 to start recording and press Ctrl + F2 to stop when finishing capturing. Click File and then Show Recordings at the left top corner to open the files just recorded.

At last...

If you have doubts about the output quality of the above screen recorders, you can refer to the right table. The following data are all measured under the same conditions. The test computer basic configurations are i5-2360, GTX750, 8G.

Actually, all the above screen recorders reach the video bitrate standard of most HD movies, and as shown in the table, HD Video Converter Factory Pro further takes less space. Why not try it now?

  Video bitrate Audio bitrate File Size
HD Video Converter Factory Pro 1599kb/s 128kb/s




128kb/s 7.87MB
OBS 2500kb/s


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