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How to Convert a Video to GIF with Desktop and Online GIF Converter
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How to Convert a Video to GIF with Desktop and Online Video to GIF Converter

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Oct 18, 2022

An animated GIF sometimes expresses our emotions better than words. Now, more and more Internet users are using GIFs while chatting. If you want to make your own funny GIFs, follow this post to get two handy GIF makers and learn how to convert a video to GIFs handily. Here is the recommended desktop Video to Animated GIF Converter for Windows.

Method 1: Convert Video to GIF Animation with Desktop Video to GIF Converter

Many people want to make GIFs with their favorite anime or video. So, what is the easiest way to convert a video to GIF? The answer is that you need a video to animated GIF converter like WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro! This functional GIF maker can not only create high-quality animated GIFs from videos but also images. It’s super easy to use and has no watermark.

Free downloadFree download the WonderFox Video to GIF Converter and follow the simple instructions below to learn how to convert video to GIF.

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How to Convert a Video to GIF with the Desktop GIF Maker on Windows?

Add a Video File to GIF Maker

Step 1: Open Video to GIF Converter

Free downloadFree download and install WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your Windows PC.

Launch the program and move the mouse over the GIF Maker icon and click the Video to GIF icon to enter the new interface.

Choose a Fragment

Step 2: Add a Video into Program and Choose a Fragment

Click the "+Add Video" button to import the source video into the program. After that, move the marker under the video to specify the video fragments you want to make into a GIF. Or, you can input the start and end time in order to get the exact image you want.

How to Convert Video to GIF

Step 3: Start to Convert a Video to GIF

Next, specify the parameters of your GIF. If necessary, select Custom resolution and enter the width and height you want. Next, you can change frame rate, output quality, etc. You can also drag the slider to change the time delay for each frame.

Finally, click the inverted triangle button at the bottom of the interface to set the output path to store the GIF. Click the "Create GIF" button to convert a video to a GIF.

Method 2: Convert a Video to GIF with Video to GIF Online Converter

In addition to use professional desktop converters, convert video to GIF online is also a good choice. Using video to GIF online converter, you can upload MP4, AVI, WebM, FLV, WMV, and many popular types of video and convert them into high-quality animated GIFs.

Many video to GIF websites are presented when we input "convert video to GIF online", "video to a GIF converter online" and other relevant words in the browser. After testing, I found that EZGIF.COM is a nice video to GIF converter online. It can not only easily convert GIF to MP4, but also convert video to GIF, such as MP4 to GIF.

Next let's move on to the detailed tutorial on how to convert a video to GIF online.

How to Convert a Video to a GIF OnlineHow to Convert a Video to a GIF Online

Step 1: In order to convert a video to GIF, first of all, visit And then, click on Choose File button to upload the video you want to convert to a GIF. After that, click on Upload video! to enter a new window.

Step 2: After uploading the video, you can select the video part to cut and enter the start and end time. If nothing is selected, the online GIF converter will start making the GIF from the first five seconds of the video fragment.

Step 3: Click the "Convert to GIF!" button to export your GIF. If you want to change the size of the GIF or crop GIF, you can use its resize and crop tools on the GIF after finishing the conversion.

Upload video file: MP4, WebM, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MOV, 3GP and other video files

Max file size: 100MB

At last...

Now you know how to convert a video to GIF. Making GIFs is very easy using HD Video Converter Factory Pro and Online GIF Converter, right? Since HD Video Converter Factory Pro has no restrictions on your video, it is a powerful GIF converter that will help you turn your creative ideas into reality! Get the handy tool here and take a shot now!

Free Download Free Download

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