[HEVC Video Editor] How to Edit H.265/HEVC Video Files on Windows 10/11?

If you're still rummaging around the web for an entry-level HEVC video editor for Windows, then here is your final stop. This article will guide you through the process of editing H.265/HEVC video files on Windows 10/11 with the help of an easy-to-use application - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

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Kevincy | Nov 4, 2022

Need a Good Video Editor for 4K60 HEVC Files?

Q: "Hey, I wonder if you guys can recommend a specific HD video editing software that can import 4K 60fps HEVC files without converting. I'm using Windows 10 built-in Photos app, and it's a pain in the ass to always have to convert them to H.264 first in order to edit them afterwards."

A: Windows 10/11 Photos app incorporates a simple Video Editor as a decent alternative to the discontinued Windows Movie Maker. However, due to the lack of HEVC video codec installed, you'll see an error message that says "You need an extension to use this file" when you add your HEVC files to the Video Editor. You have to pay $0.99 for HEVC Video Extensions on Microsoft Store to make it work.

But even then, the Windows Video Editor doesn't work well for HEVC videos with high resolution and frame rate, and only let you output a 1080p H.264-encoded MP4 video,and I bet that's not what you really want. In the following content, I'll recommend an entry-level HEVC video editor for simple editing, and share some infos and tricks on how to use it.

Edit HEVC/H.265 Video Readily

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a full-fledged toolkit equipped with multiple features that brings you a hassle-free 4K HEVC/H.265 video editing experience. GET IT NOW, the HEVC video editing software won't let you down, I promise!

Best Entry-Level H.265/HEVC Video Editor for Windows 10/11

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a novice-oriented video and audio processor that excels in video converting, editing, downloading, recording and compressing. As a feature-rich tool, it furnishes you with a toolbar for basic 4K 60fps H.265/HEVC video editing, including trimming/cutting, rotating, flipping, merging, cropping, filtering, watermarking, compressing and adding subtitles. The tool is best known for its self-explanatory interface and straightforward operation, making it stand out amongst other professional-grade HEVC editors.

Free downloadFree download the awesome H.265 editor for Windows 10/11, let's jump in how to edit HEVC videos easily.

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How to Edit H.265 Videos with HD Video Converter Factory Pro?

Step 1 - Add HEVC/H.265 Video Files

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro, click on "Converter" button on the startup screen to step into the "Video Converter" interface. Then press "Add Files" button to add your HEVC files, or just perform a simple drag-and-drop. It may need a short while depending on the number of source HEVC videos and file sizes.

Step 2 - Edit HEVC/H.265 Videos

After loaded, you'll find each HEVC video is equipped with a toolbar for simple editing. Based on your need, you can choose any option below or a combination of them to edit H.265 videos. Read on to learn the details.

#1. Trim/Cut/Split HEVC Video

Click on the scissors-shaped "Trim" icon on the toolbar, move both blue sliders to select the desired video segment or type in the start and end time to make it accurate. Press the green "Trim" button to cut a clip from your source HEVC video. Similarly, you're able to split H.265 video into multiple parts. Hit "OK" to go back.

#2. Rotate/Flip HEVC Video

Click on the circle-shaped "Rotate" icon. Here you can flip or rotate video 90/180 degrees in one click, and you can see the output preview on the right window. Hit "OK" to go back.

#3. Crop H.265 Video

Click on the fourth "Crop" icon. It offers two HEVC video cropping modes. Free Aspect Ratio allows you to freely drag the dotted box or manually input the resolution to crop a section and remove the unnecessary objects, while the Fixed Aspect Ratio provides some common fixed ratios. And the Fine Tuning section is helpful to make the video cropping more accurate. Hit "OK" to go back.

#4. Add Filter/Effect to H.265 Video

Click on the magic wand shaped "Effect" icon to add filters/effects to video, there are 18 predefined filters available so that you can sharpen your video, blur your video, and the like. Meanwhile, you can also adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue of the video. Hit "OK" to go back.

#5. Add Watermark to HEVC Video

Click on the stamper-shaped "Watermark" icon. Here you can either add text to video or add logo to video. You're able to adjust the font, size, shadow, opacity and location. Hit "OK" to go back.

#6. Add Metadata to H.265 Video

Click on the last "Metadata" icon to edit video metadata. You're able to change the file name, artist, genre, and description right there. Hit "OK" to go back.

#7. Merge HEVC Files

Make sure you have added at least two and more HEVC files into the "Video Converter" interface, otherwise, the "Merge" button on the top bar is gray and non-clickable.

Open the "Merge" window and press the middle "Merge" button to create a "Pack 1" timeline in the below section. Move those HEVC files from "Video List" section to the "Pack 1" timeline. Then drag and drop those H.265 video to re-arrange the order. Then hit the bottom "Merge" button to go back.

Note: You can create multiple packs like Pack 2, Pack 3, etc. to re-arrange and join different HEVC files, which is an efficient feature that most other HEVC video editors don't have.

#8. Compress HEVC Videos

Click on the "Batch compression" icon on the bottom of the program to activate the feature. Once the icon becomes orange, move the slider along the bar towards the right to batch compress your H.265 video files.

#9. Add Subtitles to HEVC Movies

Click on "+" icon next to "T Disabled" section to add subtitles to H.265 movie permanently (both .srt and .ass subtitle formats are supported). You're allowed to add either multiple soft subs (only supported by MKV, MP4, and MOV format) or a hard sub to a movie.

#10. Add BGM to H.265 Video

Click on "+" icon next to "Audio Track" section to add background music to video. Select an audio file from your local drive and press "Open" to add a new audio track to replace the original audio in the video. It supports MP3, M4A, WAV, WMA, FLAC, AAC, and OGG audio formats.

Step 3 - Choose HEVC as Output Format

Click on the big "Format" image on the right side to expand the full list of 500+ optimal presets. Switch over to "Video" category and choose "H265 for MP4" or "HEVC for MKV" profile. You can also select any preferred format or specific device model as you wish.

Tips. Open "Parameter Settings" window, you're also allowed to change video resolution, encoder, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, and so forth.

Step 4 - Start HEVC/H.265 Video Editing and Conversion

When everything is ready. Choose a location to save the output video by pressing the "Inverted Triangle" icon on the bottom. Finally, hit "Run" button to start to edit HEVC/H.265 videos on Windows 10/11.

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Final Words...

That's all I want to share with you how to edit HEVC/H.265 files on Windows 10/11. Despite the fact some online H.265 editors are capable of HEVC video editing online, they also have a variety of restrictions like max video file size, watermark, limited video length, etc. By contrast, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is definitely the best option to edit HEVC videos without any difficulty. Hopefully, this entry-level H.265/HEVC video editing software will bring more convenience to you. Thanks for reading!

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