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Are you looking for an intelligent video editor that supports you in editing high-definition videos like 4K and 8K videos without hassle? As many high-definition videos adopt the H.264 video processing standard, you just need a handy H264 video editor. The following will present you with such an H264 editor and illustrate how to edit H264 videos with it.
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Carina Carina | Updated on July 20, 2023

A Handy H264 Video Editor for Windows

Editing Features and the Tutorial about How to Edit H264 Video

A Handy H264 Video Editor for Windows

The practical tool you can use to edit H264 videos is the WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It’s a good and easy-to-use video editor that allows you to trim H264 videos without losing quality, crop and rotate videos to fit your needs, and merge multiple files together. You can also use it to add/remove subtitles, add background music, and apply effects, etc. as you wish. Besides these basic editing features, it can help you encode the videos with advanced codecs like H265 to make the video file size smaller.

Without further ado, just downloaddownload this handy video editor here now!

H264 Editor for Windows 10/11…

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the best H.264 video editor, which enables you to edit high-definition videos in all formats by trimming, splitting, cropping, and so forth without losing quality. Get this H264 video editor now and enjoy the effective and easy editing process!

Editing Features and the Tutorial about How to Edit H264 Video

Before the video editing process, you should downloaddownload the referred H264 video file editor in advance.

Step 1 - Add H.264 Video into the Program

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and select the Converter module from the initial interface. Click +Add Files to import your h.264 videos, or simply drag and drop them into the software.

H264 Editor

Step 2: Edit Videos with Provided Editing Features

After loading the videos into the converter, you will see a toolbar with video editing tools on it below each video. You can click on each icon or a combination to edit your H. 264 videos. Below are brief introductions to some editing features.

#1. H264 Video Trimmer

If you want to cut off unwanted video parts or split long videos into parts, you can press the scissor-shaped button to open the video cutting window. Here you can drag the two sliders on the timeline to select the desired segment or type in the exact start and end time to make it more accurate. Then press the green Trim button to create one clip, and click OK to go back.

Edit H264 File

#2. Flip/Rotate H264 Video

Press the circle-shaped icon, and you will see the video rotating window. You can flip videos horizontally and vertically and rotate videos 90 degrees clockwise or 90 degrees counter-clockwise, as the picture on the right shows. Then click on OK to save the changes.

H264 Video Editor

#3. H264 Video Cropper

Enter the crop window by clicking the fourth icon on the toolbar. You can drag the dash-lined rectangle to choose your desired area under Free Aspect Ratio or select a specific ratio setting under the Fixed Aspect Ratio. Then press OK to return to the main interface.

H264 Video File Editor

#4. H.264 Video Merger

To merge videos, you need to add at least two video files to the program. Then hit the Merge button on the top menu bar. Then select the videos you want to merge and click the middle Merge button to create Pack 1. Finally, press the bottom Merge button to add them to the task list.

How to Edit H264 File

For more video editing tutorials, you can refer to this post: #How to Edit Videos on Windows 10/11 Handily to learn how to add subtitles, effects, and watermarks to a video.

Step 3: Select the Output Format

If the displayed format icon on the right side of the interface isn't your desired one, you can press it to enter the output format library, and then select H.264 under the Video tab. As mentioned above, you can also choose H.265 for MP4 to shrink your file size while preserving the original quality.

H264 Editor

Step 4: Output Edited Video File

Hit the inverted triangle button at the bottom to specify an output path. Then press Run to export the edited video. With hardware acceleration supported, the process will be finished at a super-fast speed.

Edit H264 File

Final Words…

That’s all I want to share with you about this handy H264 video editor. Apart from its basic editing features, you can also use it to change video formats, download and record videos without restriction, make GIFs and ringtones, etc. Just give it a shot! It will never disappoint you!

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