How to Easily Compress Video to 8MB?

It's a real pain to see a message saying "Your files are too powerful! The max file size is 8MB.", when you intend to upload a share-worthy video through Discord, isn't it? Now, the trouble won't bother you anymore. This post will guide you through how to compress video to under 8MB with two simple methods.

Kevincy Kevincy | Updated on Jun 5, 2024

Got Stuck in 8MB Video File Upload Limit?

As we all know, there is an 8MB video file uploading cap in Discord free account, which has been complained and criticized by most regular users for a long time. Actually, it's a corollary because of the rapid growth of Discord's user base, bandwidth concerns, overhead, etc. Meanwhile, it is in part an incentive to pay for Discord's premium - Nitro Classic and Nitro, which will respectively increase your video file uploading cap from 8MB to 50MB or 100MB. After all, Discord isn't really meant to be a file or video hosting service.

Instead of upgrading to Discord's premium service, it's a quite decent option to compress video to less than 8MB. If you have little video editing experience or haven't got a clue how to do that, the two easy-to-use 8MB video compressors recommended in the next part will dispel all your concerns. Just read on!

Resize Video to 8MB Readily

Without any obscure jargon and intricate operation, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro provides you with 6 flexible methods, making it easier than ever to make your video less than 8MB. Download and have a try now!

Method 1: Using a Desktop Video Processor

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a novice-oriented video processor integrated with multiple practical modules. It also functions as a flexible 8MB video compressor, providing 6 different ways to reduce video size to 8MB. The WYSIWYG interface makes it fairly accessible to people in all levels. In addition, this utility also excels in video conversion, video editing, screen recording, online video/music downloading and GIF making.

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6 Flexible Ways to Compress and Convert Video to 8MB

Step 1 - Load Large-Sized Video Files

DownloadDownload, install, and run the functional application, then open "Converter".

Click "Add Files" to add your videos files that exceed 8MB. To make it easier, just perform a quick drag-and-drop.

Load Large Video to 8MB Video Compressor

Step 2 - 6 Options to Resize Video to 8MB

Option 1. Choose an Advanced Encoder

Click on the "Format" image on the right side to expand 500+ optimized presets.

Head over to "Video" category and select "H265 for MP4", "H265 for MKV", "VP9", or "AV1" profile, which will compress the video to half the original size without any quality loss.

If the videos still exceed 8MB, try other options below.

Choose Advanced Encoder to Resize Video to 8MB

Option 2. Batch Compression Bar

After you select a preferred export format, then click on "Batch compression" icon on the bottom of the program to activate the feature. Once the icon becomes orange, move the slider towards the right side to increase the compression ratio to batch compress videos to 8MB and lower.

Note: This option will degrade the video quality. The higher the compression ratio, the smaller the file size and the worse the video quality. You have to keep the balance between the video quality and file size.

Batch Compress Video to under 8MB

Option 3. Lower Video Bit Rates

As you know, bit rate mainly determines the video quality and file size. So, after you choose an output format, open "Parameter settings" window to descrease the video bit rates, which will reduce video size to under 8MB at the expense of sacrificing the video quality. This option is equivalent to using the "Batch Compression Bar".

Lower Video Bitrate to Compress Video to 8MB

Option 4. Downscale Video Resolution

Select a preferred output format, then lower video resolution through either the "Quick setting" bar or the "Parameter settings" section.

Note: Resolution doesn't determine the video quality. But a video with higher resolution generally has a better quality, because cameras always record video at a higher bit rate for the larger resolution. You know what, 8MB is far from enough for a couple seconds of good quality video.

Downscale Video Resolution to Reduce Video Size to 8MB

Option 5. Decrease Frame Rate

If your video files were shot in 60fps or higher, after you choose a desired export format, open "Parameter settings" and lower the frame rate to 24fps or 30fps, which is also helpful to resize video to 8MB although the final effect is not that obvious.

Compress MP4 to 8MB

Option 6. Trim Desired Moments

Choose a desired export format, then click "Scissors-shaped" icon on the editing toolbar to open "Trim" window. Cut a video clip or split the video to under 8MB.

Trim Video to Make Video Less than 8MB

Step 3 - Start Compressing Video to Under 8MB

Once you choose any option (sometimes you can also make use of a combination of those options), make sure the estimated output file size is under 8MB. Then specify an output folder on the bottom by clicking on the inverted triangle icon. Finally, hit "Run" button to compress video to less than 8MB at a fully hardware-accelerated speed.

Start Compressing Video to 8MB

The Quality Comparison after Resizing Video to 8MB

Below is the comparison screenshot between a GoPro source video (Codec: H.264, Duration: 1 min 22s, file size: 294MB, resolution: 1920x1080) and the compressed 7.82MB file (1920x1080 HEVC video) using a combination of Option 1 and Option 2. It would be even better if the video is less than a minute.

Quality Comparison after Resizing Video to 8MB

Method 2: Using an Online 8MB Video Compressor

If you don't want to install an additional application on your PC, 8MB.Video seems a great option for you. It's a web-based service not affiliated with Discord that provides a straightforward way to compress video to 8MB, 50MB or 100MB. Here's the walkthrough.

Step 1. Open the online 8MB video compressor in your browser: You'll see a pretty clean webpage without any ads, redirects or pop-ups.

Step 2. Click "Browse" button or just drag & drop a video file from your computer or other devices to the green dotted box area. It even allows you to upload a video file using an existing online URL.

Step 3. Select "8MB" option for Discord free account, "50MB" for Nitro Classic or "100MB" for Nitro.

Step 4. Press the green button to upload, transcode and reduce video size to under 8MB.

Step 5. When the process is complete, click on the download link to save the 8MB file to local drive.

Optional. Before you start to compress MP4 to 8MB, it also offers some practical options for further need:
- Remove all sound (MUTE)
- Extra quality (slower)
- Skip the first and the last seconds (Trim)
- Play a sound when done
- Auto download when done

Compress Video to 8MB Online

Drawbacks of the Online Service

You're not allowed to upload a video over 2GB and longer than 5 minutes. Because the current maximum file size limit is 2000MB, and compressing a long video to 8MB won't come out very good. You're recommend to use the "skip seconds" option to trim the video to a shorter file and try again.

8MB.Video requires you have a stable network connection, otherwise, it may crash or get no responding during the video uploading and transcoding. In addition, it doesn't well support those video files encoded with some rare codecs like VP9, AV1, ProRes, etc., and you may get an audio-only file after download.

Drawbacks of the Video Compressor to 8MB

What's the Quality Like of the 8MB Video Compressor?

I bet most people care about the output video quality. Here is my test result of the online 8MB video compressor below for the same source file, which is barely acceptable after compressed to 7.11MB (1280x720 H.264 video). Videos under a minute look good and quality gradually decreases the longer the video is.

Quality of Online 8MB Video Compressor

Is the 8MB Video Compressor Safe to Use?

Another question many people want to know is, "Is 8MB video trustworthy?" Yes! As you can see, the whole webpage is very clean and plain. And the official promises that all videos are permanently deleted from the server after 20 minutes, or after being downloaded the first time, whichever occurs first. But just in case, you had better not upload any sensitive and privacy video.


Q1: What is the 8MB limit on Discord?

A: Discord's free accounts have an 8MB limit on video uploads. Exceeding this limit will result in upload failures. Nitro subscribers can upload higher sizes up to 100MB.

Q2: Is it possible to compress a video to exactly 8MB?

A: Most compressors target 8MB but the output size may be slightly below or above. Minor differences up to 0.5MB are usually acceptable.

Q3: Can I compress videos to under 8MB on my phone?

A: Yes, there are plenty of apps available for Android and iOS that allow compressing videos to 8MB on your smartphone.

Final Words...

That's all I want to share with you how to compress video to 8MB for Discord with 2 simple methods, which should be the simplest solutions to 8MB video compression. Now you can upload and send videos on Discord without getting any error message. If you're still not pleased with the quality of the 8MB video, there are ways to share videos into Discord without running into limits like uploading your videos to YouTube or Google Drive for links sharing.

To summarize, for a temporary compression need, the online 8MB video compressor is recommended. But if you prefer a more reliable, flexible and robust solution, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is second to none without any limit. Free downloadFree download and experience it yourself. More practical features are waiting for your exploration.

Hopefully, this post is of great help to you guys. Your thoughts would be appreciated if there is any better solution to compressing video to 8MB. Thanks for reading!

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