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How to Upload Videos to YoTube without Quality Loss
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How to Upload Video to YouTube without Quality Loss

Author by Vita

Update at Dec 8, 2017

The video quality is bad after uploading to YouTube. How to upload video on YouTube without losing quality? Here is the easy solution – All you need is a free video converter for YouTube upload. Let’s download this upload video converter here

The Common Problems When Uploading Video to YouTube

Most people have encountered the problems that video quality is pretty poor after uploading to YouTube. Besides, when you record or shot some videos with Apple series product, camera, camcorder and some smart phones, the output video is mostly saved as MOV and AVCHD files. You try to share it via YouTube but the thing doesn’t go smoothly.

YouTube failed to convert video fileYouTube failed to convert video file

Q1: The web page just says “video has failed to process” when I upload MOV to YouTube and I changed video format to mp4 but still not works.

Q2: After uploaded QuickTime video to YouTube, the sharpness and color balance of original video are kinds of bad, IDK, why?

Q3: I want to keep the high definition video image and broadcast AVCHD video on YouTube. How to upload YouTube videos faster without losing quality? I really need a tool to help me.

There are many reasons for we can't upload video to YouTube, but sums up, the main factors are video format, resolution, duration, file size, bit-rate, frame rate. If you want to solve this problem, you can take advantage of a YouTube video format converter.

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Tips about Best Format for YouTube and Recommend Settings

To avoid YouTube video quality loss after uploading, you may want to know more about the best formats and settings for YouTube. Read this part to get the useful information and you can also directly skip to the tutorial on how to upload high quality videos to YouTube.

1.The Formats Supported by YouTube:

• MP4 | AVI | FLV | WMV | MOV

• WebM | MPEG4 | MPEGPS | 3GPP

YouTube file converterYouTube file converter

2. The Recommended Upload Encoding Settings

• Container: MP4

• Audio codec: AAC-LC

• Video codec: H.264. Sometimes you can’t upload MOV videos if they don’t contain H.264 and AAC audio codec.

• Frame rate: The videos should be deinterlaced. When frame rate is 30 per second, the videos can be well-supported.

•Resolution: Follow 1080p:1920x1080; 720p:1280x720, 480p:854x480, etc to encode Videos.

•Aspect ratio: 16:9 is the best file aspect ratio. If your video isn’t 16:9 files, it will be preceded by pillar boxes and letter boxes.

•Time and Size limit: Up to 15 minutes and within 2 GB file.

Based on information mentioned above, you can upload MOV to YouTube; upload MTS to YouTube and more. Compared with those “YouTube MOV converter” or “free video converter” on your search engine, which can only handle with problems like “can't upload video to YouTube” but it is not enough these days. WonderFox Free Video Converter can not only convert video for YouTube but also help you to cut video clip, compress video size, change resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio to satisfy everything of uploading videos to YouTube.  It helps you to upload video to Facebook as well. Now follow the tutorial below to do this task.

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Free Download Free Download

How to Upload Video to YouTube Flawlessly with the Best Video Converter for YouTube Uploading

Convert video to YouTube format free

Before starting this process, you can free downloadfree download the free video to YouTube converter on your computer, install and open it now. Here I take how to upload MKV to YouTube as an example.

Step 1. Add the Videos You Want to Avoid YouTube Upload Quality Loss

Press the “Add Video” button or drag your video files to this tool after the main interface shows up.

Convert videos for YouTube

Step 2. Choose Output Format as YouTube MP4

Click “Output Format” option on the right side of the main interface. A format list interface shows up, now click the “Web” item and choose “YouTube MP4”.

Note: You can not only upload MKV to YouTube for fixing how to upload to YouTube without quality loss; in fact, you can also use this tool as YouTube to video converter too! With fast speed and simple operation, this tool supports downloading 4K video and 360-degree video easily. More features of supported web video format include html5 video, Facebook, Yahoo etc.

MP4 uploads to YouTube

Step 3. Start the Conversion Process So You Can Upload Video without Losing Quality

Now, click the blue “Run” button. After a few seconds, you can get the well-supported YouTube files. How to upload videos to YouTube faster without losing quality? You must get the gist now.

The whole process is done! Just click “Open Folder” to find your video and ready to uploading MOV, MKV, MP4, etc. to YouTube. This tool is more than a free video to YouTube converter, it can help you solve video problem like audio out of sync before uploading and help you with certain video format, like converting WLMP to video. You can also download YouTube videos and subtitles just in few minutes!


Free HD Video Converter Factory can handle almost all video/audio conversion as it supports 300+ video formats and hot devices. Want to convert audio to video for YouTube, as well? Why not let this tool help you!

Free Download Free Download

Batch Converting Videos to YouTube and Enhance Video Quality to HD/4K

HD Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

If you have many lovely videos and want to convert them all to the video format or video size supported by YouTube simultaneously, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the right choice for you. It can also enhance your videos to high quality for the better visual experience.

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