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How to Send Long/Large Videos on Discord with Mobile or PC

Author by Oswald

Updated on May 21, 2021

Discord has a strict restriction on video file size when sharing: 8MB for average users, and 50MB for Nitro users, which costs $99.99 for one-year subscription. It’s fairly common that we come across the situation where we fancy to share with our friends a video that exceeds that file size limit. On this post, I’ve summed up the more effective ways to send long or large videos on Discord, no matter you’re using Discord on a PC or a mobile phone, I’m sure you’ll find a reliable solution here.

1. Send Long/Large Videos on Discord with a Mobile Phone

To bypass discord file size limit on a mobile phone, you can first upload your videos to the video hosting platforms with larger file size limits like YouTube, Google Drive or Dropbox. Then you can share the large/long videos with your friends on Discord by sending them a shareable link generated by the video hosting services.

To do so, we suggest you download and install the corresponding apps of the services since uploading videos from your mobile phone to a mobile webpage can be tedious and painful.

To demonstrate, I’ll use YouTube app to send a large screen recording on my phone to a friend on Discord.

Step 1. Launch YouTube app, log in with your account. Register one if you haven’t had one already, and you have to verify your YouTube account to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

Step 2. Hit the video icon from the upper-right side of the interface, allow access to your photos, if prompted. Then choose from your phone the video that you want to share to upload.

Step 3. There you can trim out the unwanted frames to shorten the video. Then hit Upload from the upper-right side.

Step 4. Wait for your video to upload. When it’s done, hit on the triple dots button on the right side of its information bar, and hit Share.

Upload video to YouTube

Step 5. Hit Copy link, and the shareable link of the video will be copied to your clipboard.

Step 6. Then launch Discord, open up the chat with your friend, and send him/her the shareable link. Voila, video sent! And the other end can preview it right from the chat frame.

Share video link to friends on Discord

2. Send Long/Large Videos on Discord with PC

PC users have it much easier, the introduced methods for mobile can also apply to PC, and PC users can take the advantage of discord video compressor and cutter program to modify your videos to fit for Discord sharing.

Now, I’d like to present: WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, the one-stop solution to all your problems on sending videos on discord. It’s a dedicated video converter program that can fast convert your videos to Discord-friendly video formats, automatically enhance video quality, and significantly compress them without too conspicuous quality loss. Additionally, it has been integrated with an all-in-one toolkit for you to cut/merge/crop videos and even convert them to GIF with ease.

It was specifically developed and optimized for converting videos for effective sharing on popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Messenger, Discord, etc. With the help of it, not only can you convert your videos to be perfectly supported to share, but also share them with your friends in the best visual quality. Free trial awaits you, give it a shot!

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How to Trim and Compress Videos Using HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Step 1. Load the Video You Want to Share into the Converter

Launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, click to enter the Converter module. Click Add Files button on the upper-left side or drag and drop the video to the program to load the video(s) you intend to share on Discord into the converter.

Load videos into the converter

Step 2. Trim the Overlength Video

If needed, click on the scissor icon on the video information bar to cut a clip of your video for sharing. Move the sliders from two sides and click Trim to trim the video, then click OK to save your changes. You can preview the trimmed video from the screen above.

Trim your video

Step 3. Choose a Discord Compatible Video Format

Click on the output format section on the right side to choose the output format for your video. Discord supports MP4, WebM and MOV video formats, and we suggest you convert videos to MP4, which is the industrial video format that is compatible with all mainstream platforms including Discord.

So select MP4 from the Video category.

Choose output format

Step 4. Compress the Oversized Video and Start Conversion

Slide from Quick Settings to quick adjust video quality, as you can see from the video information bar, the lower the quality, the smaller the file size.

For experienced users, you can click the Parameter settings button to customize video encoder, resolution, bitrate, etc. to reduce video size or enhance video quality on your own. When ready, hit Run button to start the conversion.

Your videos won't be too powerful for Discord after the conversion, happy sharing!

Compress video and start conversion

Best Video Converter that Remarkably Facilitates Video Sharing

Best Video Converter that Remarkably Facilitates Video Sharing

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

• Convert any video to 500+ formats and devices for any-device playback

• Convert videos to YouTube upload spec to avoid quality loss

• Fast download videos from YouTube and 300+ websites in original quality

• Fast compress videos with no quality loss

• Automatically enhance video quality, upscale SD videos to HD

• Integrated with a handy toolkit for, screen recording, video editing, gif creating, ringtone making and more

• Edit video soundtrack, subtitles and metadata with ease

Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro

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