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Best HEVC Converter - Convert Any Video to H.265/HEVC and Vice Versa
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Best HEVC Converter - Convert Any Video to H.265/HEVC and Vice Versa

Author by Vita

Updated on May 25, 2021

Want to encode H.265/HEVC to H.264, MP4, MKV and other encoders and formats, or vice verse? I'd like to share with you a simple solution for HEVC/H.265 encoding and decoding with the help of the best HEVC converter for Windows 10. Now download this HEVC, H265 converter here to convert your videos to HEVC/H.265:

What is HEVC/H.265?

Before we start, you may be interested in High Efficiency Video Coding. HEVC, developed by the Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding (JCT-VC), stands for High Efficiency Video Coding (well known as H.265). It is an advanced video compression standard and a successor of the widely adopted H.264 (aka MPEG-4 Part 10, Advanced Video Coding or MPEG-4 AVC).

How Does HEVC/H.265 Work?

Nearly Twice Compression Ratio than BeforeNearly Twice Compression Ratio than Before

HEVC aims to encode video at the lowest possible bit rate by using a tool like CTU (Coding tree unit) to save around 50% of the bitrate while maintaining a high level of video quality in transmission with lower bandwidth utilization ratio. To put it simply, compared with H.264 video, H.265 video offers a smaller video size at the same level of video quality, and enhances video quality at the same bitrate. Furthermore, this new video compression standard greatly improves the bit-stream so users can take less time to stream videos and save more room as such videos are compressed at a smaller size but with good quality.

Meanwhile, HEVC supports resolutions from 240P (320x240) up to 8K UHD 4320p (7680x4320). It means we are able to directly play 4K, and 8K UHD videos online on smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. HEVC has already been integrated into more and more consumer products and services like TVs, mobile devices, Netflix, especially the 4K Ultra HD TV in 2020 like Sony's A8G series, Samsung The Frame 4K QLED TV, etc. HEVC will become a mainstream trend in the near future.

How to Convert HEVC to MP4 and Any Other Video Formats or Encoders?

Sometimes, you may find HEVC/H.265 video won't play or unacceptable. That's because many applications and devices still need some time to support the new codec. But for now, this best HEVC video converter - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, empowers you to convert HEVC videos to any format you need. It's not only an HEVC to MP4 converter for HEVC MP4 conversion, but also works as an H265 video converter that can handle HEVC to MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc. Let’s see how to get HEVC convert to any formats with this video converter H.265.

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Three Steps to Convert HEVC to MP4, MKV and Other Formats

Video Converter H.265 to Other Formats

Before start, get this H.265 HEVC converter free downloadfree download here. Then install this HEVC video converter on your Windows OS computer and run it. Select Converter on the startup window.

Video Converter H.265 to Other Formats

Step 1. Load H265 Source Video

Import your H.265 video into this HEVC H.265 converter by clicking "Add Files" or "Add Video Folder". You can also directly drag HEVC files into the software.

Step 2. Convert the HEVC Video to Any Video Format.

Open the output format list and select one format/encoder. This HEVC to MKV converter allows you to convert HEVC to MKV and you can also convert it to H.264 video, VP9 video, WebM video, HTML5 video as well as other popular formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV and so forth.

Step 3. Then Press "Run" to Start the Whole Conversion.

Do you get the gist of how to convert HEVC to MKV, MP4, and more now? It's worth mentioning that as the best HEVC video converter, you're allowed to play any HEVC/H.265 video with the built-in media player. Amazing, isn't it?

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If you're an advanced user, you can adjust video parameters by clicking Settings button after you select the format, such as change video resolution, aspect ratio, remove or increase volume, etc.

Why Do You Need to Convert Video to HEVC?

1. Reduce Video Size without Quality Loss

If you record or shot videos with some HD camcorders, the output video is always with large file size. It's a better choice to convert videos to HEVC for keeping the original quality with a half file size.

2. Make Video Easier to Store or Transmit

Converting video to HEVC is the perfect solution to compress video for saving storage space and bandwidth consumption.

Have you ever thought of how to convert to HEVC/H265? Actually, you can also use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro as an MKV, MOV, AVI, WMV and MP4 to HEVC converter and convert any video format to HEVC/H265 at one go. As a versatile and powerful HEVC file converter, HEVC decoder (H.265 decoder), HEVC encoder, it can help you to convert any video to H.265 standard with the simplest way. For example, let's convert MP4 to HEVC/H.265.

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How to Convert Video to H.265/HEVC with the HEVC Converter?

The best H.265 converter interface

Step 1. Add Video to the HEVC Video Converter

Simply click "Add Files" or "Add Video Folder" button or drag any video into this H.265 video converter. Also, you are allowed to download HEVC movies and even download 4K video by using the Video Downloader tool of HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

Convert Any Video to HEVC with This H  265 Video Converter 

Step 2. Set Output Format

Open the output format drop-down list on the right. You'll find 300+ various formats and devices here. Choose "H.265 for MP4 " under the Video tab to convert video to H.265.

Tips: This video codec converter allows you to convert H265 to H264(convert X265 to X264). Just choose H.264 as the output format.

Step 3. Run the Conversion

Set output folder and hit the Run button. The program will convert videos to HEVC format immediately.

Moreover, the HEVC/H 265 converter can be used as a 4K video converter and compressor, even simple video editor, which enables you not only to compress and convert 4K video, but also to split/join videos, rotate video, add special video effect. Compared with online HEVC converters, it doesn’t have the limits of input size or formats, and never embed watermarks. Let the best HEVC converter to help you convert HEVC videos now.

Time For Conversion

Please feel free to share this tutorial if you think it is helpful!

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Best Solution to Convert DVD to HEVC

Convert DVD to HEVC

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Troubled with a massive DVD collection? Let DVD Ripper Pro help you copy and convert DVD to HEVC with small size and original quality.

Free Download DVD Ripper Pro Free Download DVD Ripper Pro

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