How to Compress Video Files from GB to MB?

Updated on Mar 9, 2022
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  • 1. Import large video files into the video compressor;
  • 2. Choose an output format;
  • 3. Set a compression ratio;
  • 4. Start compression.
Convert 1GB Video to 10MB
1. Use Advanced Encoder (High Quality Preserved)
2. Downscale Resolution
3. Lower Video Bitrate
4. Reduce Frame Rates
5. Remove Unwanted Parts (High Quality Preserved)

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Got a rather large video file and want to compress it to save more space? Here are five simple methods to help you shrink video files at the fastest speed. Without further ado, let’s see how to compress video files from GB to MB below.

How to Compress Video Files from GB to MB?

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the software we will use to compress our video files. It is an all-purpose program with a video converter, a downloader, a screen recorder, a GIF maker, and a mini toolbox. And the video converter tool allows you to shrink video files at a super-fast speed. Most importantly, it is extremely easy to use even if you have zero video editing and conversion experience. The following parts will show you how to reduce video file size with this software in five ways.

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Method 1. Compress Video from GB to MB with Advanced Encoder (High Quality Preserved)

Compared with some old codecs (e.g. XviD, DivX, MPEG2, MPEG4, and H264), H265 (HEVC) and VP9 are the more advanced video codecs that can encode a video to a much smaller-size file while preserving the quality. And you can take advantage of these two encoders to compress GB video to MB without compromising quality. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and open the Converter. Then, click + Add Files or drag your video(s) into the program directly.

Step 2. Click the right-side format image to unfold the output format list. Under the Video category, choose one format from either H265 for MP4 (recommend), or H265 for MKV, or VP9.

Step 3. Hit Run to start the compression.

Method 2. Compress 1GB Video to 10MB by Downscaling Resolution

One of the most direct ways to condense a video is by reducing the video resolution. But that will lead to a quality drop to some degree. We suggest that you change the resolution from a high-quality video (e.g. 4K/2K/1080p video) so you can get a small-size video file with decent output quality. Here is how to reduce MB of video by downscaling resolution:

Step 1. Open HD Video Converter Factory Pro and select Converter. Next, click + Add Files to load your video(s). Or you can drag and drop the file(s) into the program directly.

Step 2. Unfold the right-side output format list and select one output profile. You can choose the same format as the original file uses.

Step 3. Go to the Quick setting below and drag the bar to your preferred resolution. You can also open the Parameter settings to find more resolution options (or customize resolution) for your video.

Step 4. Hit Run to start the compression.

Method 3. Compress 1GB Video to 10MB through Lowering Bitrate

Video bitrate is one of the determinants of video file size. In general, the higher the bitrate, the larger the file size. So, to compress video files, you can try to lower the video bitrate. Follow the steps below to convert high MB to low MB by changing bitrate.

Note: This method will also cause the video to lose quality. Hence it is advisable that you use it on video at a higher bitrate.

Step 1. Open HD Video Converter and load your video file(s).

Step 2. Select one output format from the right-side format library.

Step 3. Click the bottom compression button and drag the slider to the right to adjust the compression ratio. (Note: The slider is more the right; the video size is smaller.) Alternatively, you can customize a specific video bitrate in the Parameter settings.

Step 4. Press Run to start video compression.

Method 4. Compress 1GB Video to 10MB by Reducing Frame Rates

Another effective way to compress video from GB to MB is by reducing frame rates. If your video is shot in 50fps or 60fps, you can change the frame rates to 23.97fps or 25fps to reduce video file size. Let’s see how to compress movie files by converting frame rates.

Note: Frame rates dropped under 20fps will cause visible inconsistency in the video playback.

Step 1. Run the software and import your video into the HD Video Converter.

Step 2. Hit the right-side format image and select your preferred output format.

Step 3. Go to Parameter settings. Under the Video Settings, select an option from the Frame rate drop-down list, or you can customize another frame rate.

Step 4. Click Run to start compression.

Method 5. Compress GB Video to MB via Cutting Unnecessary Parts (High Quality Preserved)

If there are ads or black bars around your video, you can remove these unwanted parts to reduce the file size. Here is how:

Step 1. Run the software and select Converter. Next, drag and drop your video file(s) into the converter.

Step 2. In the video taskbar, select the scissor icon to trim/cut the unnecessary parts and leave the clips you want to save. You could further use the crop tool to customize the video playing area.

Step 3. Select an output format from the right-side format library. It is suggested that you choose the same format as the original video file.

Step 4. Finally, click Run to start the conversion.


These ways to shrink video files do not contradict each other. You can apply one or more of the methods simultaneously to achieve better video compression.

That’s all for how to compress video files from GB to MB with the best video compressor. If you have any questions during the compression process, you can let me know on Twitter, and I’ll do my best to help. Thanks for reading.

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