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The Best Hardware-accelerated NVENC Encoder – Making Conversion Speed a Higher Level

Author by Annie

Updated on Jan 13, 2023

More and more high quality videos appear in our life, but the higher the quality, the larger the size. So, the speed of video encoding seems to be quite low. But with the hardware-accelerated technology - Nvidia NVENC encoder, the low speed of video conversion will never bother you again.

Here, a wonderful NVENC encoder software is introduced to help you convert videos at an ultrafast speed.

Slow Video Conversion Speed? CPU Overloaded? No Worry Now!

With the ever-growing request for the video quality, more and more HD devices are emerging, and the bit rate & resolution of videos are getting higher and higher. However, in this circumstance, some problems arise when converting video formats. The main problem is CPU usage 100%, which not only makes the converting speed become super low, but slows down the computer system running speed, even makes PC crash or get stuck. Now, NVIDIA NVENC hardware acceleration technology is coming to help you. It can relieve the burden of CPU, so as to make the PC perform fully-accelerated video encoding using the GPU of the NVIDIA graphics card. In other words, an extraordinary hardware-accelerated NVENC encoder software can dramatically multiply the H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC video encoding speed, saving your time and allaying your worries.

Is My Graphics Card Qualified for NVENC Hardware Acceleration

Doesn’t the Nvidia NVENC H.264/H.265 encoder sound great? However, not every Nvidia graphics card has NVENC support. The first thing is to check if your Nvidia graphics card supports NVENC H.265/H.264 Video Encoding. Hardware accelerated encoding is supported on NVIDIA GeForce, Quadro, Tesla, and GRID products with Fermi, Kepler, Maxwell and Pascal generation GPUs. You can learn more on its official website:

Recommended NVENC Encoder - HD Video Converter Factory Pro

If your graphics card supports NVENC GPU acceleration and you've updated the driver to the latest version, then, you are almost done to the final goal: to achieve the high-speed videos conversion. Now, all you need is a reliable video converter with NVENC acceleration support. Although there are lots of video converters on the market claiming that they support NVENC H.264 and NVENC H.265 encoding, most of them are deceptive, or the converting speed is not that high. So, here, we sincerely recommend to you one practical and effective NVENC video converter: HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It embeds Nvidia NVENC acceleration technology, which can surely get the conversion speed to a higher level.

Now, free downloadfree download the NVENC video converter and follow the steps to go on the NVENC H.264, NVENC H.265 encoding process.

More than a Simple NVENC Video Converter
HD Video Converter Factory Pro
  • 1. Convert video to H.264/HEVC with Nvidia Nvenc encoder.
  • 2. 500+ configured presets available for fast conversion.
  • 3. Compress large videos with minimal quality loss.
  • 4. Fix any video or audio codec not supported problem.
  • 5. Modify video parameters like resolution, bitrate, etc at will.
  • 6. Trim, merge, flip, crop, rotate, watermark video easily.
  • 7. Download HD/FHD/UHD videos from 1000+ websites.
  • 8. Record live streams, gameplay, video call, etc. with ease.
  • 9. Add/extract subtitles, make animated GIFs and more...
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Download Free Download
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Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 Windows, 100% Clean!

2 Steps to Accelerate Video Conversion Speed

Before we start the process, just free downloadfree download HD Video Converter Factory Pro and install it on our computer.

Turn on the GPU Acceleration Function

Step 1. Turn on the GPU Acceleration Function

Launch the NVENC encoder and open "Converter" module. To turn on the GPU acceleration function, press the "Hardware acceleration" button on the right side. Then check "Enable Hardware Acceleration Technology" option and click OK.

Actually, when you open the program for the first time, this NVENC encoder software will detect whether your graphics card supports NVENC H.265/H.264 video encoding, and automatically activate it by default.

Begin to Convert H.264 and H.265 Videos

Step 2. Import the Videos and Begin to Convert

Click “Add Files” to add videos to the program, or you can just drag and drop them to the main interface. Then, click the Output Format window on the right of the main interface and select H.264 for NVENC H.264 conversion or “H.265 for MP4” for NVENC H.265 conversion under the Video tab. After choosing the output format, just click RUN button and waiting for the Nvidia NVENC HEVC/AVC conversion finished. Moreover, as you can see from the picture, HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports converting videos and audio to more than 500 formats and devices, meeting all your video conversion needs at the maximum extent. For example, it can convert MP4 to WMV, convert WAV to MP3, and even extract audio from video files.

Convert Video without/with Nvidia H.265 & H.264 Encoder

To make you get a better understanding of how much does the conversion speed increases, let’s take NVENC H.264 conversion as an example. We will convert the same video. One is with Nvidia NVENC encoder, the other is not. And our computer configuration is Windows 10 Pro, I7-4790, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 750.

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What is Nvidia NVENC

Nvidia NVENC is GPU hardware accelerator engine for video encoding, developed by Nvidia. It is a feature in its graphics cards that performs video encoding, offloading the compute-intensive task from the CPU. With encoding offloaded, the graphics engine and the CPU are free for other operations. In recent years, H.264 is the most popular video compression format, for its lower bit rate requirement and higher compression rate. And H.265, as the successor to the widely-used H.264, is also gradually gaining its position on the market. What if we use NVENC H.264 encoder to convert videos? As we can imagine, the converting speed would become much higher.

The Powerful Video Converter – Combine Converting, Compressing and Downloading Features into One

In addition to the GPU acceleration to make video converting speed faster, HD Video Converter Factory Pro can also compress audio or videos to a smaller size without any quality loss, and even provide downloading function. With HD Video Converter Factory Pro, we can easily download videos and audio from over 1000 popular websites, such as download YouTube videos, download Tumblr audio.

Free Download Free Download

Hardware-Accelerated DVD Ripper – Your Almighty DVD Assistant

 Your Almighty DVD Assistant

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

The most rapid DVD ripping software also embeds Nvidia NVENC acceleration technology, which allows you to rip your DVD collections to digital formats at a fully hardware-accelerated speed. So, it becomes convenient for us to store and watch DVDs. Moreover, if you want to keep your DVD the same as much as possible when backing up your DVDs, DVD Ripper Pro can also help you. It can copy your DVD with flawless 1:1 quality - DVD to ISO image and DVD folder. Just free download the NVENC H.264/NVENC H.265 DVD ripper and have a try now.

Free Download DVD Ripper Pro Free Download DVD Ripper Pro

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