How to Compress Videos for Discord?

Discord file size limit has become a problem for all. Here we’ll introduce a dedicated video compressor for Discord and show you how to make videos smaller for Discord with easy steps. Get the Discord video compressor and follow our guide below.

Michelle | Updated on May 6, 2022

Discord as an instant messaging application has attracted millions of users since its launch in 2015. Yet, due to the expanding user base, Discord has capped the file upload size to 8MB for average users and 50MB for Nitro users. Your image, audio or video cannot exceed that limit or you’ll get an error message ‘Your Files are Too Powerful.’

Unfortunately, a ten-second HD video today usually takes more than 8MB and even 50MB, not to mention longer videos. People hence want to know how to send videos that are too big for Discord. The answer is simple. You can use a Discord video compressor to make videos smaller for Discord. But choose no random tool. You need a proper video compressor for Discord that really delivers the service. We’ll share a truly amazing Discord video converter below and show you how to convert video to Discord size effectively. Keep reading.

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Best 8MB Video Compressor for Discord in 2022

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an all-in-one video processing toolkit with an advanced video resizer, which can easily downsize large videos to extremely small files (less than 8MB) while keeping a decent quality. It can also batch compress videos if you have more than one file. With hardware acceleration support, the compressing speed is very fast as well. Moreover, this software has no complex interface and features and is suitable for users of all levels. We regard it as a perfect video compressor for Discord.

Tips. Besides the compressing feature, the built-in video editor it ships also allows you to cut long video into small clips or trim unnecessary parts from the video to bypass the Discord size restrictions. Then you can send long/large videos on Discord successfully.

Now, get the Discord video compressor and see the following tutorial to compress for Discord.

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How to Compress Videos for Discord?

Before start, please free download free download the recommended video compressor for Discord and install it on your PC.

Step 1. Import Videos into the Discord Video Compressor

Run the 8MB video converter for Discord and enter the Converter module. Click the center big + button to add your videos to the program. You can also drag and drop the files into the conversion list directly.

You can click the bottom triangle button (circled in the screenshot) to set an output folder or leave it as default.

Step 2. Make Videos Smaller for Discord

Before the compression step, click the right-side format image and select an output format. You can keep the same format as the source video or choose a Discord-compatible format like MP4.

Then return to the converter interface. Head to the bottom compression button and click on it. A progress bar will appear on the left. Drag the slider to the right to set a compression ratio. You can see the real-time output file size as you drag the slider. The higher the compression ratio, the smaller the file size. When you reach the discord size, click the Run button to start the compression at once.

Note: The output video won’t look great if you set the compression ratio too high. If you don’t want to sacrifice your video quality too much, you can use an advanced video encoder like H265 to re-encode the video to a smaller size file. You can open the output format list and find the H265 output profile (H265 for MP4, H265 for MKV). Generally speaking, it can downsize the video by half or even greater.

However, if you don’t care much about the quality, you can also lower the resolution through the Quick setting or the Parameter settings to further compress the file. For more detailed info about these compression methods, please refer to 6 Effective Methods to Compress Large Video Files.

Optional Step. Trim Unnecessary Parts or Spilt Video into Small Clips

If the compressed file is still too big for Discord, you can remove the unnecessary parts from the video or clip the video into multiple small parts to create video files small enough for Discord. The Discord file compressor used earlier also features a handy video editor that lets you do that. Here is how:

After you imported your video into the converter program, you can click the scissor icon to open the video trimmer. Then drag the slider to select one or multiple parts you want to save and click Trim to add them to the trim task below. When you are done, click the OK button and save the changes. Then, go to the Parameter settings on the right side of the program and keep the video bitrate as original. Finally, press the Run button to start generating the final videos.


In addition to the above methods, you can also upload your video to YouTube or Google Drive first and then share the link.

Now, that’s the whole process of how to compress videos for Discord with a powerful Discord video converter. Hope you’ll find this post helpful. Thanks for reading.

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