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If you occasionally find a video file in .rmvb extension that won't play normally, a reliable solution is to convert RMVB to MP4 or other widely-used video formats.

Download the recommended free RMVB converter to convert RMVB to MP4, AVI, etc.



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Updated on Sep 13, 2022

Preparation for Converting RMVB to MP4

How to convert RMVB to MP4? To this end, a right RMVB to MP4 converter is necessary. I know some people are more inclined to use online video converters. Indeed, online service is convenient without software installation and registration required. But at the same time, the disadvantages are also obvious, such as limited file size and conversion time, fewer formats and devices supported, and network problem, etc. Fed up with these issues? Free HD Video Converter Factory is an awesome helper to wipe out all these troubles for you. It's a fully free video/audio converter which enables you to convert RMVB to MP4, RMVB to AVI, RMVB to MKV, or RMVB to MOV, and other 500+ formats and devices at a faster conversion speed. Besides, you're allowed to download YouTube videos including 1080P/4K/360-degree/VR/music videos.

Download and install this miraculous free RMVB to MP4 converter on your PC, then let's get started.

Free HD Video Converter Factory is a free and user-friendly program providing hundreds of format and device presets with optimal solution to RMVB to MP4 conversion with ease. Learn more >

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3 Simple Steps to Convert RMVB Video to MP4 Format

Before start, get this best RMVB to MP4 converter free download first. And, this RMVB file converter works perfectly on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista...

Step 1 - Add RMVB Video File

Launch this free RMVB to MP4 converter, go to "Converter" and click "Add Files" button on the Video Converter interface to import your RMVB video file, or simply make a drag-and-drop for convenience.

Add RMVB Video into this Freeware

Add RMVB Video into this Freeware

Step 2 - Select MP4 as Export Format

Extend the Output Format list on the right side and then choose MP4 under Video Tab. Equally, there are 500+ built-in optimized presets for your need. Just click on it without concerning about setting issues since this smart software has set a “Smart Fit” for all output formats and devices.

Select MP4 as Export Format

Select MP4 as Export Format

Optional - For advanced users, this freeware empowers you to set detailed parameters for output video. Head to “Parameter Settings” button underneath the format profile, you can change video resolution, change aspect ratio, adjust frame rate, encoder, bitrate, etc.

Modify Video Parameters

Modify Video Parameters

Step 3 - Start the RMVB to MP4 Conversion

After everything is set, specify your output folder path and hit "Run" button to convert RMVB to MP4 automatically.

The whole process will be finished in the shortest possible time. Amazing, huh? But wait, this freeware is equipped with many more flexible and powerful functions, like video editing. When there’s no subtitle on the video, it can add subtitles to video; if you feel the video is too long, just take this program to cut video to several clips; also, you are allowed to merge multiple videos into a single one; and deinterlacing video is supported as well...Woh oh, I'm talking too much, go ahead and download it to explore more by yourself.

Do You Know RMVB?

Have you ever come across the problem that the RMVB files in your video library are failed to open? Why this happens and how to fix it? First, you should learn more about it. RMVB, a variable bitrate extension of the RealMedia multimedia digital container format developed by RealNetworks, Inc, is the abbreviation of RealMedia Variable Bitrate. Compared with other video formats, RMVB is not widely used by the public. However, a few years earlier, RMVB format is pretty welcomed for distributing videos and movies on the web due to its smaller file size and decent image quality, especially for those Asian animes or television episodes.

Three Reasons You Have to Convert RMVB to MP4

Despite the good performance, RMVB is still deemed to be inferior to the well-known MP4, AVI, MKV and more. It mainly embodies three aspects below:

1. Except for RealPlayer, RMVB has a bad compatibility with some media players as RMVB playback issue is  somehow occurs.

2. RMVB is not well supported by most devices, programs, web video standards like smartphones, tablets, TVs, game consoles, HTML5 video standard, YouTube video specs, etc.

3. With the advent of Advanced Video Coding - H.264, people have a higher demand and better choice for video image quality.

Based on the three reasons above, most people prefer to convert RMVB to MP4 since the MP4 format is the most versatile format and supported by nearly all devices.

Further Reading - Brief Explanation of Real Media Family

RA: Real Audio, for audio-only files.

RV: Real Video, for video files (with or without audio).

RM: Real Media, a container format used for streaming content in CBR (constant bitrate).

RMVB: Real Media Variable Bitrate, developed on the basis of RM for streaming content in VBR.

RMHD: Real Media HD, a successor to RMVB, delivers exceptional HD/UHD quality experience (up to 8K).

RAM: Real Audio Metadata file, a small text file that contains one or more URLs of RealAudio or RealMedia streams that exist on the Internet servers.

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Free RMVB to MP4 Converter

RMVB to MP4 Converter

Perfectly convert RMVB files to MP4 and 500+ configured presets with a few clicks, free of charge. Also equipped with a handy toolbar for entry-level video editing.

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    This program was able to convert an hour-long video in few minutes and produced high-quality results.
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    It offers an acceptable selection of both file formats and device-optimization profile and produces very high quality results.
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    This freeware has incredibly fast conversion speed and makes frequent movie conversion much easier.
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    Really free and easy to use.Does so may formats forwards and backwards Includes HD as well as standard. No ads, no signup, no arrogant taking over your...
    by Brokenit
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