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How to Reduce MP4 File Size with the Best Video Resizer

A large MP4 video file is inconvenient to store, transfer, and even play back. This article shares a step-by-step guide on how to reduce MP4 file size with the best MP4 size reducer. Learn more details below.

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Updated on Feb 28, 2023

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Three Ways to Reduce MP4 File Size

Reduce MP4 movie size

Reduce MP4 movie size

Before we go to the tutorial, we should first know the general ways to make MP4 file smaller.

Method 1. Reduce MP4 Size by Changing Bitrate, Framerate, or Resolution

There are many factors that influence the size of a video file, such as resolution, bit rate, and frame rate. Needless to say, the higher value these factors are, the better a video is. But it certainly comes with a price. So, an effective way to  reduce MP4 file size is to decrease the value of the parameters above.

Method 2. Shrink MP4 File Size by Using an Advanced Encoding Method

You can convert MP4 to smaller file size by changing the codec. Nowadays, MP4 usually contains three kinds of video codec - MPEG-4, H264, and H.265. Under the same bitrate, H264 has a 1.5~2 larger compression ratio than MPEG-4, while H.265 makes a video half the size of H.264 one with the same video quality. Therefore, compressing MP4 size by altering its codec makes sense.

Method 3. Reduce Size of MP4 File by Cutting Out Unnecessary Parts

Strictly speaking, I do not think it can be called a method because there are few people who are willing to do it. Trimming to edit your video file - clipping it to a shorter content or cropping to remove some extra areas such as black bars helps to reduce size of MP4 to some extent while it might make the video look unnatural.

Now, we can try one of the methods to compress MP4 file. And the MP4 video size reducer we can use is WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It is the best choice for MP4 compression with the ability to reduce 50% the size of a video at the fastest speed with the least quality loss. Free Download the best video size reducer to compress your MP4 file!

How to Reduce MP4 Size with the Best MP4 Resizer

Step 1: Load MP4 Files into MP4 File Size Reducer

Launch the program, enter Converter window and click on "Add Files" on the upper left side of the interface and choose the MP4 file you want to compress, and also, you can directly drag it from your folder onto the interface. Then, at the bottom, preset a output path for the video by clicking on the folder icon.

Tips: Batch conversion and hardware acceleration are available as well.

Add your MP4 files

Add your MP4 files

Step 2: Start to Reduce MP4 File Size

There are two ways to change the parameters for smaller MP4 size. The first one is to drag the slide bar on the right and move it from high resolution like 4K and 1080p to 720P and 480P. Or, you can click on "Parameter settings" below the slide bar to enter the parameter page where you can downscale resolution, change frame rate and bit rate - Decrease the values of them to get smaller MP4 video size.

(Optional) You can change MP4 to H.265 since H.265 is the latest video compression standard for smaller size. Just go to the right side of the interface, click below the two words "Output Formats". In the new page, choose Video section and then you will find the icon of H.265 for MP4.

compress mp4 without losing quality

Changing parameters to compress MP4

Tips: Decrease the parameters according to your own need, if resolution and bit rate are not high enough, the output image will get blurred. For example, to transfer a 4K video to your iPhone, you do not need to change the resolution into 480P as 1080P should be the best choice.

Step 3 Finish All Settings

Go to the main page, click on "Run" on the lower right side to start compression. Wait for several seconds before a 100MB MP4 video file gets completely compressed.

how to make mp4 smaller

Start Compression

Use the Software as a Simple Convenient YouTube Video Downloader

 Download YouTube video

Download YouTube video

More than a simple video compressor to reduce mp4 file size, HD Video Converter Factory Pro also performs as an outstanding YouTube video downloader. Here I am going to briefly explain how to download a YouTube video with it.

Enter the Downloader window, press +New Download on the top and paste URL to analyze. After that, select an output format and click OK. Next, choose the file path for video you are going to download. At last click on "Download All" to start.

Now, please download the HD Video Converter Factory Pro to complete your jobs.

More Special Features on HD Video Converter Factory Pro

  • Compressing your MP4 video files to free up storage space
  • An audio compressor to save space for your portable MP3 player
  • Best video downloader helping you download videos from main-stream websites
  • A video editor to help you modify your video by trimming
  • A ringtone maker to help you create enchanting ringtone music
  • Enhancing your video by changing bit rate, frame rate, and resolution
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