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How to Convert RM to MP4 with the Most Convenient Video Converter

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Updated on Sep 23, 2020

If you want to convert RM to MP4 to have a better video output, you must have a good video conversion program. In this article, I will introduce a simple and multifunctional video converter in details and teach you how to convert RM files step by step.

The Relation between RM and RMVB

How to play RM videosHow to play RM videos

RM stands for RealMedia, a proprietary multimedia container format developed by RealNetworks, which is commonly used for streaming content in CBR (constant bitrate) over the Internet, while RMVB (RealMedia Variable Bitrate) is an upgraded video format developed on the basis of RM. Just as its name says, it holds streaming media encoded at Variable Bitrate (VBR). It makes use of bit rate in a more reasonable way so that it has a better video quality and a higher video compression ratio than RM.

Why Should We Convert RM to MP4

As far as we are concerned, it has been 10 years since RM's release. Nowadays, this video format is becoming less popular. There are 5 major causes which lead to the fading of RM:

1. The encoding speed is too slow. The Hyper Threading-CPU cannot even exert itself due to the disregarded optimization of RealMedia.

2. The RM size is too big because of its low video compression ratio which disappoints its users . RM has been far behind its counterparts like H264 and other encoders.

3. RealMedia is developed for commercial use, not an open source and free use.

4. RM is hard to decode so that there are only a few players, video editors, and mobile devices supporting it.

5. The bad output quality can no longer satisfy the users' demands.

The Best Software to Convert RM to MP4

Since RM has so many defects, you will need a powerful video converter to change RM to MP4 and other more compatible video formats. HD Video Converter Factory Pro - the safest and most convenient video conversion program - supports more than 300 formats and codecs for conversion. In this case, you can convert RM to MP3, MP4, AVI, MKV and other pop formats within several simple steps. This powerful RM movie converter also has a batch conversion mode allowing you to convert several RM videos simultaneously which saves you a lot of time. Free from bundled software and virus attack, your computer's safety can be 100% guaranteed. Download it and have a try!

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How to Convert RM to MP4 within 3 Steps

Add video files

Before start, please free downloadfree download the most efficient RM file converter to convert RM files to MP4 for a smooth playback.

Step 1. First of all, launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Go to "Converter". Then click on "Add Files" and choose the videos you want to convert in the corresponding folders. Or in a more direct way, just drag the videos' icons to the interface. Don't forget to preset an output folder at the bottom.

Choose MP4 as the output format

Step 2. Click below "Output Format" on the upper left. In the opened page, check under the video tag and press MP4 icon as the output.

Start conversion

Step 3. Click on "Run" to start to convert RM to MP4. Within a short time, you can find the output video in the folder you preset before. Now, carry on and have a try!

As I have mentioned above, HD Video Converter Factory is multifunctional. More than RM conversion, you can also convert other rare video formats with it, for example, RMVB to MP4 and TREC to AVI, etc. Moreover, in a batch conversion, you can merge the videos together.

TIPS-Use this RM movie converter's built-in RM video player to directly play .rm videos. Click on "Preview" on the left to play. To convert RM to AVI, convert RM to WMV, convert WM to MP3 and to other devices are also supported

Other Special Features of This Powerful Video Converter

1. Making enchanting ringtones for mobile phones based on Android and IOS.

2. Adding or removing video subtitles.

3. Changing audio channels.

4. Trimming video by clipping and cropping.

5. Download videos from mainstream sites.

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